Youtube Tuesday Chromo-Stencil-Art

Youtube Tuesday Chromo-Stencil-Art

Hi there.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday is here and that can only mean one thing…

YouTube Tuesday.

Filmed just last Thursday, we’ve been busy getting this one ready in time for today’s midday release.

So, here it goes.

 In this week’s video, I get the alcohol inks and Gel Press Plate out and have a little play on Chromo card, with our beautiful, very useful floral friends stencils.

I hope you enjoy it.

I tried it in various colours after the camera stopped. I really enjoyed it!

Now, time for this week’s YouTube offers.

As always, we offer 20 percent off all the products listed below on our website – until next week’s video.

Gel Press Printing Plate 6 x 6 Inch

Gel Press Plate


Each of these stencils is included with the 3-way overlay stampsets which have taken the world by storm. But I thought that perhaps you would like to be able to get the stencils on their own. And even if you have got the stampsets, you could really do with a duplicate of these stencils if you’re getting into mixed media and alcohol ink with them.

Floral Friends Stencils

Clarity Mega Mount 7" x 7"

7 x 7 Mega Mount

Artistry Ink Blending Tool

Artistry Ink - Blending Foam Pack

Artistry Ink Blending Foam

Chromo Card A5 x50

50 Pack Chromo Card


Alcohol Ink YouTube Bundle 1

 Alcohol Ink YouTube Bundle 2

If you’d rather see all the discounted products in one place, why not head over to our dedicated YouTube page on our website here.




22 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday Chromo-Stencil-Art

  1. Brilliant, must have a play, not done much with my alcohol inks since I bought them. Really enjoying the you tube videos. xx

  2. Oooooooo and again I say oooooooo!! I love this technique and I will be giving this a try. I have a little box of alcohol inks that are crying out to be used. Thank you. Xx

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, nearly at the midweek point! Hope everyone has avoided the showers we have had today! Always just as the children are leaving. Xx

  4. As you say “blimin marvellous” What fun watching the child at play! Sorry the mega artist at work. Really, really enjoyed the youtube
    Thank you xx

  5. Excellent video Barbara, you do make me laugh, loved the ta-dah moment. Haven’t user my alcohol inks for ages, another technique to go on my to try list xx

  6. What a brilliant video Barbara. Can’t wait to try this technique. You certainly looked like you were having fun!

  7. Fantastic! Love this SO much. Apparently it’s going to be a stormy wet day on Thursday, guess what I’ll be doing?! xx

  8. Fantastic! Clever you Barbara and such a pretty result with a great mix of colours. I bought some alcohol inks over a week ago and they arrived so quickly, so I may now try this technique myself. x

  9. Hi Barb, fantastic demo today, really must get the stencils just the right size, for the smaller cards. just one question how do you clean the stencil after using the alcohol inks? keep the u tube’s coming so informative.

  10. I absolutely loved this demo and it has gone to the top of my list to play with. I need a good inky session and this is so pretty. One for the retreats? xxx Maggie

  11. Hi Barb,
    Just managed to watch the video which I have to say I loved! The finished piece is gorgeous and it looks relatively easy to produce ( even for me!) . I think I will definitely have to give this a go once I can find my chromo card which is put in a very safe place ( only where!) .
    Thank you for yet more fabulous inspiration. Bet you’re all gearing up for the weekend now and hope the wedding boxes are nearly all ticked. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well, had some friends come to visit yesterday which was lovely of them, but quite tiring. I’ve got a busy day today with District Nurse visit and also physio – I have a feeling I might get told off there for not having enough bend , but I’m only doing what I can and not going to push it to be in a lot of pain ( a little I can cope with!) . It will come eventually ( I hope). Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

      1. Hi Alison I hope you get on ok today. There a fine line between just the right amount of exercise and overdoing it. Sending hugs xx

  12. Great demo. I too bad a disaster when I didn’t use enough blending solution i had to soak the stencil.overnight to remove the card and still haven’t got the stencil clean! But I love the results when it comes out right, beautiful x

  13. Hi Barbara
    What a great video, I’ve gig the Chromo card, got the gel press, got the inks, got the blending solutiin (somewhere safe!) but I don’t have the stencils, yet! I must give this a go with a stencil I’ve already got and get round to ordering one of the stamp sets as they are rather lovely aren’t they. I can see why you went on to play, this looks quite fun doesn’t it.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Hello Barb, what a fabulous video, glad it is on Youtube for reference, to go back to time and again. Love your example. Bx

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