CupCake Heaven

CupCake Heaven

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

I am typing extra fast, because the heat is on in the kitchen!!

We are gearing up here in Crowborough for what is the best and busiest weekend in the Clarity Calendar –


The whole team is fired up here, making, picking, packing, loading the van. It’s all go, I can tell you!! And if you could see my dining room table and the chaos that is WEDDING PREP, you would honestly say, “Yikes”. Added to the fact that all my Helper Arty mates are just about to descend on the town too – Maria, Linda, Dee, Tina, Sam, Heather. Fish n Chips and Pizza in the garden is about as good as it’s gonna get girls!!!

But in another kitchen, over in Rochester, there’s a whole lot more activity!! You know I often speak fondly of my good friend Ruth Dalton? Samuel’s Mum?

Well her sister makes cakes. So I asked whether she would help us out with some boutique cupcakes for the Open Days – it being a celebration and all that.

Why of course! she said, no problem. So today, while we are running round like headless chickens over here in Edenbridge, there’s a whole lotta action in a kitchen in Rochester too! Ruth, her sister AND her Mum are in mass production…

I asked for flowers and lace…

I asked for pink and cream…

And I asked for B and D…

And how many did I ask for?

400 !!! That’s one for every visitor, and one for each of the Open Days Clarity Team…


And what do I think? I think it’s blimming brilliant! If they taste as good as they look, we are in for a BIG TREAT!

So Ruthie. I doubt you’ll have time to read this blog today. But hats off to you and your family. Respect. And gratitude.

People like you and yours are the salt of the earth, the backbone of the world.

Love & Hugs,



51 thoughts on “CupCake Heaven

  1. They look fab … only sorry I’ll miss out ! Isn’t it great to have such good and talented friends ! Enjoy xx

  2. Wow Barbara, that was some order and they are doing you proud. It is wonderful that you are still thinking of others whilst so busy yourself. I am looking forward to Saturday, it is going to be a special day, I can just feel it.
    I watched Maria on Hochanda, she packs so much in to her hour and is so full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Will have to watch the next show on rewind. xx

  3. Barbara, I am in tears reading this, I wish I was nearer I would help you out – even if it was just sitting packing. However, I will see you on Friday, and oh my word what a day we will have, the cakes are really out of this word, they look too good to eat. See you soon xxxxx

  4. I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and those cakes look delicious for Friday and Saturday. What a lot of cakes to make and what a clever lady to produce them. Excited now!! xxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barb, of course I have time to read the blog but today, I had to read it out loud so Mum & Alex could hear it too. Can’t wait for the weekend and to see everyone. Enjoy the rest of the week, love all, from Ruth, Alex & Jan xxxxxx

  6. looking forward to Saturday, glad I could change my tickets from Friday to Saturday ” thank you Clarity “

  7. YAY!!!! Have a great time.


    Maggie (Yorkite – not to be confused with any other Maggie’s)

  8. Wow don’t those cakes look fabulous going to go down well wishcould make it but Bobs working so cannot make it hopefully next year as he retires then all systems go for you busy week with open day then your wedding hasn’t itcome around quick would have loved to help you with prep if only lived nearer. Sure both weekends will be fantastic, was going to say you can slow down but it’s not long to retreat so more preparation for that looking forward to catching up there xxx

  9. So looking forward to Saturday… Never been before so no idea what to expect. The cakes are absolutely stunning…. They have really taken the brief and run with it… Talented people! Hope the weather is as nice as today but sure it’ll be a great day whatever!

  10. Oh how I wish I could be there. I am sure it will be very exciting , and everyone will have a fantastic time, learn a lot. Don’t know if this will print haven’t been able to for such a long time. Xxx

  11. Those cupcakes really do look yummy! What a great and talented lady (and her team, of course!) And how lovely of you to share your happiness with us! Really looking forward to Saturday but oh, better hide my credit card as that wishlist is getting longer 😉 And I can see some more items getting on that list after I’ve watched Maria’s shows today on Rewind. 😜
    See you on Saturday xxx

  12. Amazing cakes, from the little I know from my sister who does cakes the warm weather does not play well with the cupcake toppers so I will hope for nice weather but not a heat wave for the weekend. Have fun with the DT when they get to you. XX

  13. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone has had fun today watching Maria on TV. I am just off to catch up with the shows. XX

  14. Wow! What a lot of fantastic looking cakes friend Ruth and family have made and I’m sure the open days will be a big success. I am away at a family party this weekend so no hope of getting to either of them, but maybe next time. x

  15. They look gorgeous Barbara. Too beautiful to eat. Watched your u tube video today. Brilliant as usual also caught up with Maria from last week. Great as I bought the pastes last

    1. Hi Pam – I think that I read that you will be going to the Open Days! If I have got this right – have a wonderful time, I really wish that Neill and I could be with you and Pete. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  16. Wow,I’m already salivating in anticipation, can’t wait until Friday and I am bringing a friend who’s always admired you but never been to any of your great Open Days, Barbara. She’s in for a treat! Good luck with all the preparations.

  17. Hello Barbara – wow, those cakes are stunning, words here do not do them justice. Wishing you a wonderful 2 days at Crowborough. Really wanted to come but couldn’t get time off work, and was not able to make Saturday. Perhaps next year. Lots of love Donna x

  18. Hi Barbara and everyone, cakes look fabulous .
    I am sure you will all have a wonderful time.
    Would love to come one day but I am sure we will see some pictures of the event at a later stage.
    Have a great time everyone.
    Barbara it will a blast as normal, good wishes to you all enjoy.
    Lynn xxx

  19. Gosh Barbara – I can totally understand just how busy you all are. Those cakes look amazing! You must be a very happy bunny! I only wish that we could be there to celebrate with you all, and enjoy a cake too, of course! Mind you – I think that I just heard my credit card give a huge sigh of relief! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  20. Hats off to Ruth & co, beautiful cakes, lots of work. You are a lucky lady to have such friends. Have a successful weekend with favourable weather.

  21. Hi bloggy friends – things are very busy down here in ‘Operation Cottage’! Our lovely painters are on track to finish painting the outside of the cottage – due to the kind weather this week. Neill has been busy sanding the floorboards in the lounge and I have been packing up some more things and also getting rid of ‘stuff’ too!
    Alison – I hope that your visit from the physio and nurse has gone well and that they are pleased with the bend that you have achieved. Neill had more difficulty with achieving this with the second knee. Specialist said no 2 knees are the same. Don’t overdo it. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly
      Had a bit of a set back, but will get there ( read my comment further down) love to you and Neill,Alison xx

  22. Wow! They’ve certainly done you proud. Spectacular array! Enjoy the weekend all. One of these times I’ll be there with you. Jan x

  23. Hello Barbara and all at Clarity Towers,

    Karen and I are getting very excited. We are travelling tomorrow and looking forward to seeing everyone.


  24. Hi Barb,
    Oh those cakes look absolutely fabulous – wish I was coming to Crowborough, but certainly too far for me this year. I’m sure everything will be perfect and brilliant. Off to watch Maria on catch up now, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a disappointing day today. Went for my physio this morning and got told off for doing too much walking. Have to focus on the bend and she said it would take longer than before as it was a much more severe operation. She was pleased with what I’ve done so far. District Nurse came this afternoon to change dressing. When she did one of the strips it started bleeding and she was concerned that if she took them all off the wound might split! Must admit I was a bit concerned too. Anyway they took off every other one and put proper steri strips across and told me not to do the exercises until they came back on Friday! So I’m a bit disappointed but better to be safe than sorry! Sorry if this was a bit graphic! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

      1. Oh Alison, so very sorry to read this, no wonder you are feeling disappointed. Try to just stay patient and focus on resting it for a couple of days. This will build up your strength to start on your exercises again, when you are able to do so.
        It is a pity that we can’t join Pam at the Open Days – and celebrate with one of those delightful cupcakes too! Ooh I think that I just heard your credit card sigh with relief too! Never mind we can both be there in spirit. Love and hugs from Neill and myself xxx

        1. Oh Alison that’s such a shame, I hope Friday brings improvement. Rest for you I think, perhaps a few films on tv. Sending hugs xxx

  25. Those look absolutely fantastic. I hope they are all delicious and wish I was there to help celebrate with you. I will join you in a celebration from afar x

  26. They look amazing – you must be running on adrenaline
    at the moment Barbara. Try an find time to BREATHE now and again won’t you. X

  27. Hi Barbara
    What fantastic cakes, well done Ruth and family. What a lovely treat for your visitors this year, I’ve been making wedding cakes today too, 4 down, 2 more to do. I’m really sorry I’m not joining you this year, it’s such a fantastic day out and I know you will have a great time.
    Love Diane xxx

  28. Hello Barb, what beautiful cupcakes, artistry in baking, artistry in stamping, groovi and stencils. What more could the people attending the open days want. Well done Ruth and family, they are beautiful. Enjoy everyone. Bx

  29. Hi

    those cupcakes look delicious! Just wishing you all the best for the open days and for the wedding. off on holiday tomorrow, no internet access. Good luck to both Dave and yourself. Lots of love xx

  30. Blimey! I cannot wait for tomorrow. I have heard such amazing things about the event – now to learn we have cup cakes too…. Thank you. So excited. Xx

  31. Those cupcakes are true works of art. My favorite is the shimmery pink ones and I don’t usually like pink.

    If I ever get to England, I will plan my trip around one of your Open Days. They sound wonderful.

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