International Craft Awards – NOMINATION TIME!

International Craft Awards – NOMINATION TIME!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

I have a favour to ask you. It’s nomination time again for the International Craft Awards. There are two different sets of awards, and this set is quite prestigious. There are lots of categories, and we would be chuffed to bits to even just get on the nominees list!

Would you mind ? I mean, obviously only if you think we’re worthy of an award! Here are the products which we have launched during the past year….

Fresh Cut Dies

 Botanical Aperture Dies

New Stamps

Three-way overlay stamps

Fine-line stamps

New Groovi

Groovi 123 Plates

Groovi Parchlets


 Several ii-books & Multi-needle Tool Guide


Pergamano Blending Pen

Card & Paper

Designer Parchment

Designer Card

We’re a pretty industrious little outfit when you stack it all up like that! No wonder we’re cream-crackered!!


SO . Here’s the link to nominate us. That isn’t the vote for the award, mind – that’s just to be in the game at all!



How did we do last year?

Well, we received Highly Commended for :

Best Craft Blog

Best Workshops/Courses

Best Customer Service

Favourite paper Range – Northern Lights.

Love & Hugs,



24 thoughts on “International Craft Awards – NOMINATION TIME!

  1. I spotted this a few days ago and nominated Clarity in every vaguely possible category as well as the obvious ones. If there is any justice, Clarity should do brilliantly. xxx Maggie

  2. Put some comfy shoes on for award night as you will be up and down from your chair so much much with all the awards you are going to get that you’ll need them

  3. I put my votes in earlier, you need to find a posh frock to collect all those awards and a big bag to carry them all in…….best if luck!! Not that I think you’ll need it xx

  4. I put my vote in a few days ago for everything I could see. You and Clarity will do brilliantly. xxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barb,
    Votes cast in every conceivable category ( obviously for Clarity). If there is any justice in the world, Clarity should be walking away with an awful lot of awards this year( you might need a shopping trolley to cart them all away!) Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  6. Contacted about this around ten days ago and nominated Clarity et al in all possible categories. ;~}

  7. Voted for everything possible, can’ t see you not winning, your products and customer service are second to none. Your design team are brilliant as are all your tv presenters. xx

  8. nominating done, good luck to all the team. we will have to watch out for when the nominations are declared so we can get our votes in.

  9. Hello Barb, I will certainly vote, and I think there are so many categories that Clarity and the team should be winners in. Bx

  10. Well, obviously Clarity are getting all of my votes! They are so well deserved! Brilliant products, brilliant company, brilliant Barbara! Wxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Just off to vote, fingers crossed you will be on the nomination list, always a good place to start.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. As always, I shall vote for you in every possible category. With the effort you put into your blog every single day, you should win hands down, so I hope you gets tons of votes.
    I hope this post flies from Italy, as the last couple of days my comments have disappeared. Mind you, it is 35 degrees today here in Matera, so maybe my heat addled brain pressed the wrong key. 😳 Annette X

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