You Tube Tuesday – Time to get Fresh!

You Tube Tuesday – Time to get Fresh!

Hi there.

Paul here, I hope you are all well.

I’m taking over the blog for the day whilst Barbara & Dave have a family day in London. So it gives me the opportunity to introduce to you, my very first YouTube!

You would think that I would be used to being in front of a camera, but filming a YouTube video is very different!

So much so, that you will notice I keep repeating the word “so”.

Soooooooo for a bit of fun, count how many times I say the word “so”, leave a comment under the YouTube video and I will choose a winner next Tuesday.

The winner will receive the card I made.

In this week’s video, I introduce you to the very first collection of Fresh Cut Aperture Dies and show you how you can make a very quick and easy card.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you like the card I made in the video, then we have put a selection of the products on the YouTube Offers section of the website.

I went with the Chinese Lanterns, but all of the other designs will work exactly the same.

Fresh Cut Botanical Aperture Dies

Nested Square Dies


Designer Paper Pack (All 8″ x 8″)

8″ x 8″ Designer Paper & Parchment Folder

Card Blanks (All Sizes)

Adhesive Sheets

Or, if you’d prefer to see all of this week’s YouTube offers in one place, we have created a page here.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

50 thoughts on “You Tube Tuesday – Time to get Fresh!

  1. We all do it Paul, sooooooo don’t worry. Off now to watch the video, got socks off to help with the counting lol!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Well done on the video but I didn’t count the “so’s” because it would drive me mad.
    Love the dies I have and the ii book that came with the botanicals and look forward to seeing a demo on the art deco set. My conservatory/art & craft space is currently 107 degrees fahrenheit thus my crafting is on hold temporarily.

  3. Brilliant, Paul. I feel an order coming on!! Lost count of the so’s. Started counting but didn’t finish as I wasn’t really noticing them. You did a good job.

  4. Will need to watch several times to concentrate on the so’s but enjoyed the demonstration regardless. Looking forward to having a go myself. Will have to get some perga glitter, it looks lovely and so good it doesn’t stick every where. Thank you Paul I’m so glad you Tube Tuesday has been re-instated

  5. Hi Paul. Excellent tutorial and what a clever way to make sure we watch it too – counting “so’s”!!!!!!! Well, I only heard “so” 64 times…….. now I’ve got to watch it again to make sure I’ve seen/heard everything else!!!!! Thankyou Paul

  6. Well, when you’re set a challenge, you have to don’t you….so I counted …..then i realised there were subtitles, so I counted again. Must say the subtitles didn’t always match but the interpretations were hilarious! Anyway I counted 74….great video Paul! 🙂

  7. Will watch later add comment it’s funny how we all have words we repeat a lot or action it’s not until we see are selves or have a toddler who copies us in the action it all good fun. Hope they have a lovely day our inlondon picked a hot one for it . Thanks for sharing xxx

  8. Everyone seems to start their sentences with SO now. It’s one of my pet hates! I didn’t count them, but I really enjoyed the video. I have both sets of dies and love them. Thank you Clarity.

  9. So Paul I counted 66 – fabulous presentation and the entertainment value was second to none !!
    Luv Anne7 from Calne

  10. Great Youtube demo, watched the first time without reading the comment and can’t say I noticed an over use of the word. Went back and counted…it was rather high! You did a great job though, sooooo my number was 76! XX

    1. Hi Donna – it’s been hot here too, but very lovely looking out to sea. We are very lucky as we have some breeze coming in from the sea too. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  11. Hi Paul, I counted 67 Soooooo’s .
    Have got to watch you tube again and concentrate on what you were saying.!!!!! 😉xx

  12. Lovely to watch your first YTT Paul and I counted 73 sooo’s. The new dies are beautiful and the papers complement them perfectly. Thank you for standing in for Barbara today and I hope she is having a smashing day in London with the family. x

  13. Love the dies. Almost gave up but make it 73 s o’s . Must be so hard to demonstrate and remember what you have said, think all at Clarity do a great job (including those behind the scenes)

  14. Well done Paul, I won’t be watching today, but it looks like you are turning into a ‘so and so’. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of nerves – so (did you see what I did there?) don’t let it bother you. You will certainly be more aware of it now – it will be harder NOT to say it I reckon. It won’t stop you being Mr Pergaman the genius.
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie!!

  15. Hello Paul – you did a great job on the video, was concentrating on the demo and didn’t notice the sooo’s. Have the dies and recently did this technique, loved it so much couldn’t stop doing it, everyone should give it a go. Enjoy the rest of your evening, lots of love Donna X

  16. Hi Paul. I won’t get the chance to watch the video tonight, but will catch it tomorrow. I shall have to watch it twice, as I can’t concentrate and count at the same time! 😂
    Glad to hear that Barbara and Dave are having a fun day with the family and thanks for covering. It is always good to see you on the blog or the tele.
    Cheers for now. Annette x

  17. Will watch the video tomorrow -I look forward to it as I have the dies and have not used them yet. I find the instruction book a bit confusing with the items needed (some, but not all of them) listed at the back, so your video will be helpful.
    ‘So’ seems to have taken over from ‘like’ as the latest fashionable ‘filler word’ I’ve noticed recently. I’ll count yours!!

  18. Hi Paul. Love the demo. Think I will have to take advantage of Youtube tuesday discount and treat myself. As for the ‘so’ count, I counted 70. hope Barbara and family had a good day in London and didn’t get too hot.

  19. Hello what a wonderful Card you Made Today…..just Thinking which dies i would like to have for myself…..
    All your sosos were perfect and i did not really realize them …. best wishes and please do it again…..Gisela

  20. What a pretty card, i will get round to gpgaving a go with these dies, i hope. Counted 76 so’s. And not a like so in sight. Loverly demo Paul xxxx

  21. Great card and demo. This blog builds people up, so I decline absolutely to count ‘so’ or anything similar. I’ll leave Barbara to sort out giving prizes for unjustified self criticism. You did well. Be proud.

  22. Hi Paul – not had chance to watch the video yet, but I will tomorrow. I have been using these dies today and I LOVE the cards that I have produced. Going to finish 2 more tomorrow – a Wedding Card and a Golden Wedding Anniversary Card. I have been using the Indian Summer paper with them today and it is my favourite. I LOVE the way that you can use the back of one paper and it will coordinate with the front of a different one (in the same colour spectrum). I loved watching you demo these dies on tv, so I know that I will enjoy the YouTube video. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – as you can see I have been a very busy bee today, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. These dies are a joy to use and produce such beautiful and different cards. Alison – thanks for suggesting the Gemini Junior Machine. I LOVE it and these dies are the very best I have ever used. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly
        You see I do have my uses!! Pleased you like your Junior. I love mine and tend to use it more than the big one. I really like the Fresh Cut dies and am making a selection so I always have cards handy for when I need them for different occasions. If I get a chance today I’m going to have a play with the new Art Nouveau ones. Bet you’re pleased you’ve got a sea breeze – it’s red hot here!!! Love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison x xx

      2. Hi Gilly, glad you are getting on well with your Gemini.
        I have now looked at buying one ,it would be the small one so it is nice to hear you can use the fresh cut dies with this model.
        I know it may restrict some dies which I would be able to use but these are the things I have to think about when I buy one.
        Sorry to go on but thank you for your comments on this product .
        Lynn xx

  23. Loved your “YouTube Tuesday” Paul. You were a natural in front of the camera.
    I’m thinking every craft room needs a Paul Church…….as I clear space on my craft table. 😉

  24. Hi Paul, great video, not counted properly yet, so off to watch it again. Love the dies, unfortunately will have to wait a while to buy some of them. Bx

  25. Followed your blog and made a beautiful card. Hope to see more of your videos. So well explained!

  26. Loved the card and the video. I wouldn’t have noticed the “so”s if you hadn’t mentioned it but found myself listening out for them. Too hot to count! xx

  27. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stepping in to do the blog.sorry didn’t comment last night but was shattered. The YouTube video was great – well done, but never got round to counting how many times you said so! It reminded me of when I was doing a teaching practice and having an observation from my tutor. She told me off for starting sentences with ‘ right’. She then told me to say ‘ right’s in my head and then speak the rest of the sentence out loud. This surprisingly worked! Maybe you could try to wean yourself off ‘so’ by doing the same! Love Alison xx

  28. Really great YouTube introduction Paul – keep it up! I only counted 70 so’s, and had to watch twice, as I forgot to keep counting the first time! If you hadn’t pointed it out I wouldn’t have noticed though. I remember watching myself back on a video and being amazed at how much I nodded my head when I talked – all you could see were my earrings dangling away merrily!!!

  29. Hi Paul
    Loved the demo so so so much! I counted 76 so’s 😁
    I’m sure I would have done the same!! X

  30. So Paul I think it is 75. Great card. Love these dies. Have also just got the deco ones, brilliant. Look forward to seeing your demos with these. Dx 😀

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