… And then they were all gone again…

… And then they were all gone again…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

So that’s how it is…

Months of nobody here except Dave and myself. Then a week of everybody here and wonderful craziness. Then, one by one, they all start leaving the nest again. Back to peace and quiet and months of nobody here except Dave and myself.

Grace’s fella Mark left yesterday. Had to get back to work. What a charming and lovely young man he is! First time we had met him. Talk about trial by fire. Welcome to the family – THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Then lovely Grace left this afternoon. Had to get back to work too.

Our Mark and his gorgeous girl Alex are leaving tomorrow, too.

And then it will be just Dave and I again….

But what oh what a week we have had. Been too busy to even digest all the magic really.

But we shall, as soon as the last child leaves.

Not dwelling on their leaving – celebrating their being here for such an amazing, superb, exciting, different, joyous and happy occasion. All the planning and prep paid off; everything went swimmingly.

Dear precious friends and family all together.

No hitches, no upsets, nothing but laughter, love and harmony.

When my darling friend Carron – aka Maid of Honour, Hairdresser and Photographer – gives me all the photos, I shall compile a little storybook and share it with you if you like?

Until then, I have ample pictures and memories in my mind (to last me for a lifetime ).

I’ll get back in the Clarity saddle properly on Monday. Just want to savour the celebration this week.


Love & Hugs



52 thoughts on “… And then they were all gone again…

  1. So glad everything went according to plan and that you had such a lovely time with all your family and friends. Would love to see the photos
    when you have time.
    Don’t worry about Clarity Towers, you have such a great team who will have everything in hand. x

  2. And so you should – savour away, and thank you for an extended private peek this week. It looks like you had an amazing time, and you both really deserve all the happiness and great memories that life is bringing you! xxx

  3. What a fabulous time you’ve all had. Thanks for the little story and photos Barbara. Your heart ♥ must be bursting with joy and precious memories. So glad you ALL had such a wonderful time with each other and everything went to plan. Now to enjoy the rest of your lives together and make more fantastic memories. Much love Di x

  4. Sorry to here Grace has gone today and Marc tomorrow but what a week really sounds magical a dream wedding know some time for you and your wonderful husband Dave to enjoy each other’s company think back on you special wedding and when you get all photos back will be able to sit back and relive you amazing day and me for one would love to see more pictures and here more enjoy your week lots love xxx

  5. Thank you for sharing such a special time. How lovely it must have been to have your whole family around you this week. Your beautiful Grace and her fella really do look quite alike and make a handsome couple!
    Do enjoy the rest of the week with Dave and savour each moment. Hugs Annette X

  6. Wow what a week! So, so happy for you and Dave. A perfect wedding full of family and friends, lots of lovely memories. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. XX

  7. Hello Barbara – what a great week your having, continue to enjoy every second, create wonderful memories, let others take the strain, work will always be there. Was thinking about you and your family all day Sunday, so it is really lovely to see your photos. Thankyou. Lots of love Donna X

  8. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has been staying cool. Did a bit of crafting tonight. My new Clarity dies arrived the other day and so I gave them a whirl. Stunning. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Really, really hot here! I’ve been playing with my new dies today too – great minds eh? Have to say, I really,really love them. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Lovely to read about your big day especially as it was the same date we got married on 45 years ago. That was also a very hot day. We celebrated our anniversary in the Coltswolds for a few days which was lovely. Enjoy the rest of your time off together. Congratulations once again.

  10. Hi Barbara & Dave ,what a wonderful week you have had
    With your expert planning just new it would all go to plan. Have a great rest of this week and I am sure we would all love to see more photos when you have time.
    Paul, and your team are doing a wonderful job , so no worries on that front.
    Lots of love to you both.
    Lynn xxx

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful week with us all . Clarity is such an extended family. Wonderful to see you both so happy.xxxx

  12. What a lovely time you all had – photos fantastic. Sad that family can’t stay around longer but they will be back.
    Enjoy the rest of the week when you can spend time together without any stress.

  13. Can’t wait to see all the photos Barb. So glad it all went well, you look extremely happy. See you in Leyburn in September.

  14. Hi Barbara & Dave, it’s been so good to share it all with you and your family from a distance ! The photos so far have been lovely, I think the giraffes tried to steal the show ! It looked a beautiful day for you all (not forgetting the weather of course) and something to remember for everyone. Enjoy your week and, of course, it will be great to see more photos when you get the chance xx

  15. Would love to see your photos & feel part of your wonderful day. For now though just relax & enjoy the warm glow of happiness & love. Goodnight xx

  16. Thank you for sharing your celebrations with us all – it has felt like being a part of it. It sounds as though it just couldn’t have been better – so very pleased for you and Dave, you both deserve it.
    Mull over to your heart’s content and yes please we would love to see more photos and hear your stories about it all, when you have time.
    Sending you and your husband (haha) love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Gosh that week has flown by hasn’t it. Sorry to hear the kids are flying off again and it will just be you two and lots of happy memories. The photos so far have been fantastic, you all look so happy and yes please a story book would be wonderful. Good to hear everything went smoothly, we all knew it would.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Sorry that Grace and Mark have left already and that Mark and Alex are leaving tomorrow. It’s a shame they couldn’t have stayed a little longer but to lovely that they came. The photos are lovely – just full of love. I can’t wait to see the others that you are willing to share with us. I certainly don’t begrudge you taking time off from work this week , in fact I would have been very surprised if you had gone to work!! Enjoy the rest of the week with your lovely husband. Sending lots of love to you and Dave, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are coping better than me with this heat! Way too hot for me!!Had physio session today and for once wasn’t told off. In fact I was praised!! Had one to one work with the head physio and then a student who was lovely. The head physio was really pleased with my progress since last week and if my wound has healed sufficiently when I go back next week, she will give me the go ahead to go swimming again. I can’t wait for that! So needless to say, I came away feeling really good for once. Came home and played for an hour with my Art Nouveau dies under my parasol in the garden. Absolutely love them – I can recommend them to you all. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  19. We would love to see more photos. You all looked gorgeous and very happy. Barbara, would love to see a photo of all your dress ( full length shot ). It’s beautiful xx

  20. What a great time you all have had! So pleased everything went well and you have stored away such wonderful memories…take time to savour them.
    I’m sure we’d all love to see more photographs when you have time xx

  21. How fast has the last week gone but so many memories made in the process. Would love to see more photos when you have had chance to look at them yourselves. The ones we have seen makes it look as if you all had a wonderful time which is as it should be. Enjoy the rest of the week with Dave as Monday will come soon enough.
    Looking forward to the shows with Tina, Paul & Linda over the next few days but whether my bank card will is a different matter. Its hard to think Christmas when its so hot. x

  22. Aww thank you so much for sharing your special day with us all I have loved following the build up and the big day pics are wonderful
    Another of your favourite saying comes to mind
    Fail to prepare Then prepare to fail
    Glad all your prep provided you with a perfect day. X

  23. Savour those beautiful memories Barb and make the most of your days off, anyway after all the planning and preparation and Open Days etc you must both be shattered. When you recover and have time we would love to see all the photos. The ones we have seen are gorgeous. You all looked amazing. xxx

  24. Hiya Barbara! What an amazing week you’ve had and you only need to look at your face in the photos to know how much pleasure it’s brought you! And all your family and friends enjoyed it too! There have been so many happy memories made over the weekend!
    Your Grace and Mark know how much love you have for them and that’s why they love to come home! But it also is what gives them the confidence to make a life of their own and make you proud of them!
    And before you know it you’ll be back in the thick of all things Clarity… So enjoy your few days off reflecting on your wonderful wedding!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  25. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather. A bit too hot for me but mustn’t grumble.xxx

  26. Savour these next few days before you rejoin the treadmill of life and work. Time is the most precious commodity for you and Dave and we hope that it goes nice and slow to enable you to reflect and relive all those special moments spent with family, friends and each other.
    Take care of each other, much love xxxx

  27. So pleased it was all so perfect Barbara and after all the planning it is all over, but as you say you have all those wonderful memories and of course photos to look at which will make it happen all over again in your imagination. We would love to see some photos of you all celebrating in style. Its a shame Mark and Grace couldn’t stay longer but you will see them again soon I’m sure. You just sit back and take it easy for a few days. x

  28. Just sending you much love, joy and happiness always 💝 and of course still more and many congratulations 🥂🍾🥂

  29. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures and memories with us. And the children and their partners have to leave to come back again. Looking forward to more photos. Love the family photo. Bx

  30. What a very special time you have shared with your family, even the weather has been good for you all.
    Continued love and happiness xx

  31. Thank you for sharing your day with us. So pleased it all went so well and you shared a great time with the family. Have a lovely week. Clarity is in safe hands I am sure til you return xx

  32. I am so glad everything went”swimmingly”. It certainly looks like everyone was enjoying the occasion. Precious moments to savour and recall and so wonderful to spend time with all the family and great friends. Congratulations to you both once again and enjoy the peace and reflection before you return to your other family on Monday. Love and Hugs right back. Xx

  33. ohhh it all looked so beautiful. lovely weather and of course friends and family from all over the world. so meny loving memory’s were made that day you all will be remembering for a long time to come. enjoy the break both of you
    Fran xx

  34. Definitely love to see more of your fabulous day – yes please…
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie

  35. The photo’s you have shown so far are all gorgeous,,..so glad all went well and you had an amazing day , with lots of love , fun , good memories to treasure,,,. You looked beautiful to , a gorgeous dress,, .
    Wishing you and Dave many happy years together,,.
    Love Annie ,,,xxxxx

  36. I second everyone else’s comments, Barbara, so many happy memories to reflect on over the years. Need you ask if we would like to see a story book? Of course we would!! Enjoy the rest of your free time with Dave.xxx

  37. Looking forward to more pics and hope the ‘kids’ have a good trip home. Oh how I have serious Hat Envy, not sure which one I want most, yours or Grace’s. They are both stunning. Enjoy the rest of the week, loving the Deco dies too, fantastic, I wonder if there may be a few Christmas Floral dies on the horizon…….I do hope so. (My credit card has other opinions on this matter)

  38. So pleased everything went well. Loved the photos you have shown so far and will look forward to seeing the rest. Many congratulations xx

  39. So so happy for you. Many years of happiness to come. It’s our anniversary today – 17 happy years. xx

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