Special Day Parchlets One Day Special

Special Day Parchlets One Day Special

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

It’s a Big Clarity Day on Hochanda today!

2-4 stamping with yours truly.

Then at 6pm Tina launches a sublime collection of baby parchlet plates, designed by her good self. The parchlet idea was something Tina started last year, encouraging people who were new to the world of parchment art to start small, to build up their skillsets and confidence on smaller, bite-size art pieces. In fact, there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to parchlet art!

She taught us how to construct smaller pieces by drawing on all our existing Groovi plates. And we did! Then earlier this year, I asked her whether she couldn’t kind of pre-design a few parchlet size plates for the likes of me, who either don’t have the time or the vision to build little art pieces.

And of course, she could. And did!!!

There are 12 altogether. 3 with a square inside, 3 with a circle inside, and 6 miscellaneous inside shapes: oval, heart star etc.

Let’s get in a little closer, so that you can see the beautiful detail. They are exquisite!

If  you are a trad parcher, these little creations will be ideal for adding whitework, gridwork and lacework.

If you are a Groovi parcher, these little plates are perfect for working on your whitework, gridwork and lacework!

If you make cards for charity or to sell, then these little plates are perfect.

If you run classes, you’ve got 12 different plates to play with at a great price.

And if you want to make a larger sampler-like panel card, you can mix and match these parchlet plates beautifully.

In other words, these lovely baby plates are what I consider to be a new Groovi staple. Hundreds of interchangeable little elements, already laid out perfectly and ready to go!


I will leave you with a few lovely art samples from the ever clever Clarity team….

Amanda Williams

Louise Goldin

Carole Pankzstelo

Becca Kempster


Glynis Whitehead

Karen Jackson

My guess is these will fly. So be sure to tune in at 6pm and take advantage of the special 24 hour offer.

SKY 673 (24/7) . FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM) FREESAT 817 (24/7)

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21 thoughts on “Special Day Parchlets One Day Special

  1. Hello Barbara – oh my, I love these lovely plates, will certainly be buying these, although husband will probably cry – more crafty spending. Love the designs from the design team, have you thought about putting all their wonderful creations in a huge book so we can have them at home? More often than not I love them all and would love to do them at home. Going now for lunch then settle in to watch the shows. Lots of love Donna x

  2. What do I get! The new 3 way stamps or the parchlets? Or shall I get them both? Decisions, decisions – if I get them both I will have to try and come up with recipes for baked beans and try to explain to my hubby why I just can’t live with out my latest purchases! Got to go – guess what has just started on Channel 673?

  3. Beautiful work from Tina and these will fly equally as quickly as the stamps this afternoon Barbara. Have been enjoying watching you, wonderful inspiration as usual. x

  4. Wow!! didn’t the stamps go quickly!!! Anticipate the parchlet plates will do as well. Beautiful samples – the team are a credit to you. Getting ready to put my feet up now and watch the evening shows to complete a very relaxing day.

  5. Well Barb – what an amazing day for team Clarity! I loved watching you demo these amazing stamps and as for Tina’s Parchlet plates – I adore them all. I knew that I would. They have almost sold out – no surprise there!
    Have a safe journey home. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – no doubt you have been enjoying the shows – how many of you have ordered?!
      Alison – I shall be disappointed if you haven’t, and it’s not often that I say this to you!
      I hope that the physios have been treating you well today – and that you will soon be able to go home.
      Yes – I do love my Gemini Junior – it is so much easier than trying to wind a handle round!
      Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  6. Great stamping shows today full of lots of tips and demos. Love the mix of stamping and Gelli at the end. Tina did so well and her ODS plates are beautiful. Can’t wait to see the shows tomorrow, already set my recorder so I can watch them when I get back from work. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, did you all order? I lasted about 30 seconds! Not that I ever thought about not placing an order! The angel on my shoulder is definitely gagged during Clarity shows. Xx

  8. Hello Barb, well I am not sure you expected such a quick sell out on the stamps? Great show, the stamps are beautiful, and you can do so much with them. Have not watched Tina’s show yet, but the plates look beautiful and the creations by the team are gorgeous. Take care all. Bx

  9. Beautiful work, haven’t caught up with the shows yet what with Stamp Magic and the cricket but sounds like a great to look forward to

  10. Well you and Tina have done it again, fabulous stamps and parchlets. I think some of them may be coming to my home sometime soon. The design team have produced some gorgeous samples yet again. Just can’t believe how quickly everything sells out. It just goes to show that you know what we want before we know we want it! Haven’t watched everything yet but it’s all been recorded. xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    I haven’t watched the shows yet, that is my treat for this morning, but by the sounds of it they were a huge success and you had sell out. I’m not suprised, the stamps are beautiful and these plates look gorgeous. Great design team samples again, they do work their magic don’t they.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Me again – bought both the stamps and parchlets. Had a wonderful day yesterday – indulged in all things Groovi. When I spring cleaned the conservatory, aka the art room, I found 2 ready cut mount boards with 9 varied shaped apertures on each, one board edged dark green the other burgundy. These small plates together with Linda’s rounds will fit very well. If I can source more of these boards I will do a couple with the new stamps too.

  13. Please, please. please how did Karen Jackson manage to do her beautiful card. I just cannot make out how she set it all out and has the central heart in the right place. I think the middle heart has to be done first because it needs to be to the front.

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