…And relax…

…And relax…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in, although it is rather late to be blogging this evening.

I’ve been so focussed on the TV shows this weekend, that I took my eye off the wedding ball, so to speak.

And now it’s really time to be ticking some boxes !! Yikes !!

Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!! It will all be alright on the day….

And there’s not much I can do at 10 o’clock at night, now is there ?!

This calls for some distraction, before I get anxious and can’t sleep, so let’s think about work again!

Firstly, thank you for once again supporting and watching and for sure buying this weekend! What a resounding success the Clarity weekend was  –  yet again. Didn’t Tina do a great job of the Groovi Parchlet One Day Special?!? I love those little plates! And what she did with them was enlightening and inspiring. I learned so much! If you missed the shows, they are available to watch on Catch Up on the HOCHANDA website. The best way to find the shows is to go to the TV Schedule, click that, find the hours you want to watch – and click WATCH SHOW. Simples.

I was also happy that you clearly liked the new 3-way overlay stamps as much as me – they sold out very quickly too. I must tell you, we really really do offer substantial stock levels – as much as we can physically, realistically make and supply. So it was all go at Clarity Towers this morning, I can tell you! I was in that building with Dave by 8am, and we were all making a strategic dispatch plan for the week before the kettle had even boiled!

Anyway, I will leave you with a pic of one of the demos I had planned, which got away. So we are going to have a You Tube recording session this week. There are a few things on my list of things to record, and I will just add this…..

Mmmm…. velly intelesting….

More will be revealed next week on YouTube Tuesday!

In the meantime, Maria’s got a great youtube lined up for you tomorrow.

Time to kick back and switch off. NOT.

Love & Hugs,



15 thoughts on “…And relax…

  1. Amazing weekend, well done to you all! Watched Tina launch the special and have managed 30 mins of your 2 hours. Will be catching the rest, love the beautiful results you guys make. Truly inspiring. x

  2. Didn’t she do well?!!!!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed your shows yesterday Barbara. Have definitely put the stamps on my wish list. Hope you can switch off and get a good nights rest

  3. Great shows yesterday and the ones I have seen from today were great too. Can’t wait for my stamps to arrive they all look so tempting it will be hard to decide which one to use first. Thank you team Clarity for all your hard work. Xx

  4. Evening bloggy friends, hope you all had a good Monday. So excited to get my new stamps, might start following the postman to see if he has my parcel. Xx

  5. Another great 2 days of Clarity. The escapee demo looks interesting so look forward to a future YouTube Tuesday for that one. Hope you manage to switch off & get a good nights sleep so you can be ready for another day at Clarity Towers. Now to decide what needs to go on my wish list or on my need list !!

  6. It is so easy to start thinking of things at a time of day when realistically there is nothing you can do about them so I hope you manage to get a good night’s sleep Barbara. I look forward to seeing Maria’s You Tube Tuesday tomorrow too. I did see Tina today and she did do well with those very pretty plates and hope things aren’t too manic for the next week fulfilling the orders from the weekend. I actually ordered some alcohol inks today with them being such a great price until tomorrow. Thanks for that too. x

  7. So enjoyed all the shows Barbara, I don’t know how you fit everything in as well as plan your wedding in a few weeks time but don’t panic everything will come together. Have a good nights sleep. Love Zena xxx.

  8. This is a stunning piece of artwork Barb; I love it. Looking forward to next week’s masterclass. I totally get how hard it can be to switch off, but knowing you I’m sure you’ve thought of everything! Love to you and Dave xxx

  9. Just loved the new stamps haven’t ordered yet but after a very expensive trip to optitions last week Both needing new glasses costing a fortune craft bits have to wait soon as spare pennies dies and the new stamps both top of list night night xxx

  10. Hi Barbara! Great shows from you and Tina! Totally inspirational!
    As for the wedding, it’ll all be OK on the day I’m sure! So sleep well and no stressing!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  11. Hi Barbara, nor been able to watch any of the shows as currently in Germany anfor having boyfriend over. So out and about a lot and catching up with family and friends here. But back in the UK tonight so will be catching up on Rewind. The new stamps look fabulous! Definite must haves!
    Hope you managed to relax and get some sleep. Xxx

  12. Hello Barb, Tina is so talented and explains the smallest detail (excuse the pun), but really her demo’s were superb. And I think now you need to take a small step back (you will never stop I know), but you have to concentrate on that very special day. Take care all. Bx

  13. Watched your shows how love the stamps haven’t caught up with Tinas yet, some brilliant samples I am in awe

  14. I loved your shows and obviously I NEEDED the overlay stamps so – order placed!! I love this project but then it is in purples so why would ‘t I? Lol. Can anyone else see the little face peering over a purple cloud at the flowers??? Or is it just me?? Lol. Hope you slept ok – the wedding will be perfect I am certain of it. Can’t wait to see the photos. Xxx

  15. I loved all the shows, so thanks to you and Tina for all the inspiration.
    Try to relax and enjoy the build up to the big day! Annette X

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