A Cornflower Appetizer…

A Cornflower Appetizer…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It has been a great morning so far.

So let me see…firstly, we were in Tunbridge Wells by 8.30, in good time for an early morning coffee with some good friends.

Then, we went to the jewellers to collect the rings (You know what for!)

Then we went to the organic farmshop and bought some healthy food.

Then we went to a local pottery Open Day, and I signed up for a pottery class starting in September.

And all before 12 noon !!

That’s the thing. If you don’t do it, it won’t happen, right? If I don’t get up, make a plan and stick to it, there’s the chance I will fritter away another day of my precious life, thinking, thinking, thinking about stuff I can’t change.

Look! It’s only 2.30! There’s still plenty of time to go for a walk and find that perfect old branch I need for a little creation I have in mind….

But before I drag Dave into the woods (Oooerrr! This could be his lucky day!!!), let me blog one of the demos I have lined up for TV tomorrow. Dave says it’s his favourite. I think he’s just humouring me….

I know I keep going about about these new 3-way overlay stamps – but honestly! They are blimming brilliant!!!!

Ready? Here goes…

Stamp the Cornflower & Friends outline stamp on Northern Lights Designer card using Cobalt Blue Archival ink.

Add the Mini Congratulations Word Chain Stamp. I curved it on the mount to go with the flow.

Use the Inner fill stamp now, to fill the image using the same Archival blue ink.

Here’s where we’re at now….

Now it’s time to do some colouring in… Perga Liners, blended a little with the Dorso Oil on the new blending nibs. Great for getting into tight areas!!!

Once the lowlights are in, it’s time for the highlights! This Pergamano Gel Pen certainly does the trick.

Quick edging trick with the black Sharpie pen and then mount on a white piece which has been brushed lightly down one side with a little Artistry Golden Turmeric.

Let’s get in a little closer, shall we? See the white dotting? I think it brings out the cornflower nicely, don’t you?

There you go! That’s it. Just a little taster of tomorrow’s show.

If there’s time I will do this one of course, but if not, here it is!!


So that’s me, Stampy Barb 2-4pm tomorrow on HOCHANDA.

But the MAIN EVENT, a Groovi Extravaganza,  is actually at 6pm! Tina Cox is launching a superb set of parchlet plates, which are just sublime. They are PERFECT for those of us who just want the ready-steady-go frame, the outline, the design in place. These little plates are delightful. Just superb. But what else would you expect from Tina Cox? Shall I show you? Just a peep then….

Yep. Imagine the number of combination possibilities !

Great Launch price too. But more of all that tomorrow morning, here.

Hahahaha. Yes, actually, thinking about it, the 2-4 show is the warm up, the support band!!

But fear not! The warm up band is usually full of beans and energy too!

Love & Hugs,



SKY 673 (24/7)  FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)      FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Or: www.hochanda.com

40 thoughts on “A Cornflower Appetizer…

  1. I have been playing with my square ones and loving them so the round ones are certain to fall into my basket! The cornflower art work from today is lovely. Xx

  2. Afternoon bloggy friends, happy Saturday! Looking forward to the shows, lots of tempting new things. Xx

  3. Wow Barb! Sounds like a wonderful day – and, as you say, plenty more time to enjoy with Dave too! Enjoy your time in the woods!!??
    These stamps look amazing and you have (as usual) produced a wonderful piece of art.
    Really looking forward to the next couple of days – watching the shows and demos.
    I love, love Tina’s new parchlet plates and I do really want – no, make that NEED them!! Yes Alison – do go ahead and order them, I have to wait because not only did I buy the set of Clarity dies (which are amazing), but also bought a Gemini Junior machine to use too.
    Safe journey tomorrow Barb, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I’m sure that you are all looking forward to the next couple of days, watching the shows. I know that I am – even though they will have to go onto my wish list, as I am currently on a budget after my recent Clarity spending! It’s not all bad, as I am really enjoying making some die-cut cards. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx
      Alison – I hope that the sickness has gone away today – enjoy the shows and your spending – you certainly deserve it. Love and hugs from us both, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly, long time no speak. I’ve been trying to reign myself in a bit but I think the new Groovi plates will be sneaking in my basket – I’m back at work temporarily and very part time so I’ll have to spend it on something ! I think hubby thinks otherwise ! LOL. Hope you’re both well xx

      2. Hi Gill,
        Great that I’ve got your approval to spend more money, yes they will fall into my basket!! Hope you like your new Gemini machine. The dies are fabulous aren’t they? Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. Love the stamps and the blog. Groovi plates look a must I think. My blending pen and catalogue arrived this morning, not had a chance to look as we went off early too, bought some plants which are now 90% potted in this sweltering sun this afternoon – I must be mad. Just had to have a shower to pull myself together! The rest can wait till tomorrow. Also bought some beautiful raspberries on market, which I’m eating as I go. Forgot we’ve got a rhubarb crumble in the fridge ! Looking forward to to the shows tomorrow. X

    1. Jackie – I totally understand that you will be buying these gorgeous new plates. We have both been quite unwell, but thankfully it’s much better now. Ooh rhubarb crumble – my favourite xx

  5. I have got to make a list of things to buy at the retreat and I think these are going on it! Beautiful!

  6. Hope you don’t mind me asking but what size are the new groovi plate size coming out tomorrow. Think they are amazing and a must have.

  7. Cor that’s fantastic artwork today! Mind you it always is! I reckon these will be very popular!
    And if you’re the support band I wish all support bands were as good!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. Hello Barbara – what is going on in your head? Remember mindfulness and the old saying don’t sweat the small stuff, anything out of your control, let it go. Had to learn that in my own life. Funny how thoughts can take over. Glad you had a good day though. Will be watching the shows tomorrow, so enjoy and have a good one. Lots of love Donna X

  9. Sounds like getting there for big day Rings ticked of. Sounds like a good morning very productive like days like that when feel got a lot done . Really looking forward to shows tomorrow. And new stamps do look special . Save travelling xxx

  10. Oh boy! I am so glad that I haven’t been tempted into stamping and just admire your beautiful work, as I am drooling over the new plates and can’t even buy those at the moment. I am so looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow and did the planting I needed to do today, so that I can relax and watch. I love the first Sunday of each month and even cooked a leg of lamb today, so that I can make a shepherds pie in advance tomorrow and just heat it up. How is that for being organised?! Safe travels tomorrow and enjoy the shows. Annette X

      1. Hi Sheila – I hope that your pain is bearable at the moment. We are both going to love these baby plates of Tina’s! Sending you love and gentle hugs, Gilly xxx

  11. Hi Barbara and everyone, you remind me of my self doing one job and the brain is three in front for the next job.
    Love your artwork today beautiful, but I am just loving the new groovi plates they are my style so a couple could be on my next order .
    Looking forward to all the shows , husband has had football on today , it’s my turn tomorrow watching Clarity shows.
    Have a good journey to the studios and back home.
    Another sell out coming !!!!! More 🌙 night shifts !!!!.
    Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Hope you are ok and that your pain is under control now. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barn,
    You have been a busy bee today! Loving the look of the stamps and the Groovi plates. The plates will definitely be in my basket if I can get my phone to behave! Love the artwork you’ve produced for us – cornflakes are one of my favourite flowers. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’re all ok. Been a long tiring day today. Didn’t get any sleep last night as the poor lady in the next bed was so poorly – we didn’t think she was going to last bless her. Eventually early this morning she was taken into ITU. So we were shattered!! Then the torturers arrived ( physio!). Managed to progress from zimmer frame to sticks and to be able to get to loo on my own. Just got to get the bend sorted and I can hopefully get home on Monday! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx x

      1. Hi Alison, I did laugh reading your post with Barn and cornflakes! Hope you get a better nights rest, that poor lady too. Good luck with the bending, just put the phone on the floor and you will do lots of bending to put your order through. Sending get well hugs. XX

        1. Donna you are naughty, poor Alison! Hope you get a better nights sleep Alison and you make the progress you need to get home. They don’t gang around getting you moving do they. Hope you manage to watch the shows. Sending hugs xxx

      2. What a shame 😂 I was looking forward to planting some and them going out to pick breakfast!
        Hope you are soon ‘up and running’. Annette 🙂

  13. Oh Barbara – more wonderful products. Got all my jobs done today, looked in my wardrobe and decided I didn’t need anything new this year so I plan to have a good spend on Clarity instead. The catalogues arrived today and I look forward to ticking off my stash between the shows. Hubby is cooking tomorrow, so I am going to indulge myself and just relax. Looking forward to the fantastic demos.

  14. Hi Barbara
    Love the new stamps, cornflowers are one of my favourite flowers. The artwork is lovely, they sit so well on the parchment or paper don’t they. Love the look of Tina’s new plates too, I think they will both fly off the shelves. Hope your walk was good this afternoon, you were busy this morning. I think you are going to enjoy pottery classes, looking forward to seeing what you make. Gave a safe journey down.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barb, got my catalogues today and ticked off all the stencils I already have-and it’s a LOT!! When looking through the extra sheets in the catalogues I must say I love the new Christmas designs. Hope it’s not too long until they are featured in their own show. I’ll definitely have to have them. Hope the rest of your day went well and have a safe journey to and from Peterborough xx

  16. Fabulous artwork using one of the 3- way stamps, and adore the Northern Lights background for it, and glad you have been having a great day and with lots more still to come. You will now have finished with your day and hope you have a good journey to Peterborough and I look forward to seeing you on TV tomorrow, and Tina later of course. Those parchlets look wonderful. x

  17. A fabulous blog today. I’m smitten by your overlay stamps and totally in love with Tina’s new Groovi’s. ❣️🌹❣️
    I was hoping to save some ‘budget’ for your open days 😃 but better NOW than wait 2 weeks 😃😃😃😃

  18. This is just lovely. I’ll be out in the park for the Big Lunch for volunteers week helping a colleague so my recorder is set to watch the shows later. First I have to bake some cakes so I’d best get up and get going!

  19. Hello Barb, well that was certainly a busy morning. Love the humor you inject into your blog posts. Looking forward to the shows for the inspiration and good company. Take care all. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara,
    that´s a stunning artwork.
    Good luck for the shows today. I will watch.
    (Even if I´m tired from watching the Life Ball from Vienna last night)
    Rolf xxx

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