Flowers to DIE for!

Flowers to DIE for!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Well, the count down is definitely on now, and the list of things to do is tick-a-licking along nicely.

I spent the entire day making up the wedding favours. I’m pretty certain there IS an easier, softer way, but hey! All done now.

On Saturday, our dear friend Wendy Thorburn presented me with a bunch of paper flowers. Really lovely. And made entirely with the Square nested dies and our  Designer papers – sprinkled with a little Perga Glitter.

Check these out!!!

How delightful!

And apparently, Wendy says they’re really easy to make….

Wendy, if you’re reading this, please could you do a blog, to show us mere mortals HOW!!!!

Thanks for the beautiful forever flowers though.

6 more sleeps.

Time for supper.

Love & Hugs,



42 thoughts on “Flowers to DIE for!

  1. What beautiful flowers! Definitely need a blog for those! Glad you’re getting through your to do list ! X

  2. Wow they are stunning Barbara – I agree Wendy you need to do a blog post to show these “easy” flowers!! 😉😉 I am sure it will all go swimmingly on Sunday Barbara – not long to go before the ‘kids’ arrive either. Happy mummy time. Xxxxxxx

  3. Made some ages ago at a class. If only i could remember how! These are beautiful in the designer paper would love to have another go xxxx

  4. I look forward to seeing a blog about how to do those. So beautiful. Don’t stress too much about what there is to do. The most important thing is to turn up and say “I do” at the right moment x

  5. You are very welcome Barbara, lovely flowers for a lovely lady! I will write some instructions, but you might need to put them on your blog. Sunday will be perfect whatever happens. Wxx

  6. I saw those flowers and thought how lovely they were. Well done, Wendy. I look forward to seeing how you made them. It sounds as though things are getting more exciting by the minute. xxx Maggie

  7. I love these flowers and have always thought they looked really difficult to make. But I’ve just googled Kusudama and seen the video and it’s easy peasy! Thanks, Wendy! (And Judith) 🙂 All the best for Sunday Barbara. You’ll be awesome, as usual! xx

  8. Made some of these flowers ages ago but not as nice as these – Wendy’s are stunning! Weather looks good for Sunday, not too hot, not too cool. I am sure you will both have a spectacular day.

  9. Beautiful flowers Well done Wendy. I have made these flowers, quite easy but all depends on choice of paper and what better than the designer papers. fabulous. xx

  10. Hi Barbara and everyone, yes these flowers are beautiful made in the designer papers .
    It would be good to have instructions to show how they are made.
    Love the look of the new fresh dies, you lucky people with a die cutting machine they will look amazing when cut out.
    Hope everyone has had a good day, hugs to all.
    Lynn xxx

  11. I made some of these following instructions from Debbi Moore, but it was ages ago, so a reminder would be great. I must say that these are way beyond anything I made and look beautiful.
    How exciting to be down to single figure sleeps to go. I am getting excited for you and I can’t imagine how giddy you will be when Grace and Mark arrive!
    Enjoy every moment. Hugs Annette X

  12. They are really wonderful flowers. Please do some instructions for them Wendy!
    I’m quite sure that Sunday will be just the best day ever! You must try and relax a little this week so you’re not tired although it’s hard to if you have things to do! Also Gracie and Mark coming home will add to your excitement too!… Oh it’s all absolutely bangin!
    Love and hugs xxx

  13. Remember Scottie showing us how to make flowers like that would be great to have a reminder of how !! Really is exciting the day is finally getting nearer your and Daves special day and of cause your children it’s 💕💕💞💞

  14. Hello Barbara – please could you do a you tube Tuesday on these beautiful flowers. Seen these done before but can’t remember how to make them. Big day getting nearer, but make sure you relax and make time for you. Lots of love Donna X

  15. I love making these. There are good instructions on Pinterest if anyone wants them -just look at paper flowers -they are very popular. What a good idea using the square dies and your papers. I uses to use square dies 9or punches) for teabag folding and I think I might try and do some with your papers -they’d be lovely.

  16. Stunning flowers, thanks for sharing them a blog would be good. Barbara & Dave have a fabulous time on Sunday, enjoy the day x

  17. The flowers are just beautiful Barbara. What a lovely gift for you! Your big day is getting nearer and I bet you can’t wait! Soon Grace and Mark will be over too. So all perfect and it’s going to be just wonderful! Xx

  18. Hello Barb, beautiful flowers from Wendy, I do hope we will get a tutorial, as I would love to try them. I am sure you are your usual organised self and are ticking off boxes. It will no doubt be a beautiful day. Bx

  19. So you see, there ARE a lot of us who haven’t seen these before, and DON’t know how they are made. And I know that Wendy will gladly share what she knows with us. xxx

  20. My grandson bought me some of these flowers 2 years ago and they still look like new. Not glittery, done on complimentary papers and I love them . Will try to show them on in the group. Will involve assistance of grandson no2 after school x

  21. Hi Barbara
    Aren’t the flowers beautiful, they look fabulous in your designer papers. Now I bought a lit to make a ball out of these flowers years ago and loved making them. Gave a kit to my friend and she ended up making these flowers for her daughters wedding, bouquet, button holes p, table decorations the little! You can imagine the time it took. Wendy I think you’ve started a new crazy!
    Love Diane xxx

  22. These are lovely and yes easy to make. I made a Christmas wreath last christmas, and out pearl button in the middle.

  23. Gorgeous xxx
    And they are easy to make. U tube has instructional videos they are called
    Origami Kusudama flower

  24. I made hundreds of these flowers for our daughter’s wedding last summer. I even have a tutorial on my blog on how to make them. It is a shame you can’t post pictures. They are easy by the way. Take care. Hugs xxx

  25. As soon as I saw you holding the flowers Barb, I needed a closer look! The thing that struck me was that, not only are they beautiful but also very robust! Normally, when you get paper flowers, they are flimsy and only last a day, but these ones are solid and will last a life time! Your new designer papers are perfect for them as each one will be different. I can’t wait to try the technique. Love always Rx

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