Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just stepping down from all the excitement here over the past few days. Just enjoying the quiet in my little artroom before the next ride. Wow. Need to digest it all really. I gathered up all the cards, envelopes, boxes, gifts, flowers and cakes which kind customers and friends gave us yesterday, and put them safe in the living room – all ready for next weekend. Astounding generosity. Thank you xxx

First thing we did when we got up this morning was check the weather forecast for NEXT SUNDAY!! Checked several weather sites till I found the best one, and yippee!! It is going to be sunny and perfect!

Waved bye bye to LindaWilliams and her hubby Rob, and then trundled over to Medway, to have a cuppa with Mum and Dad – it being Father’s Day and all that.

So we sat together and chewed the cud, had a chuckle, ate cherries, and then I trundled back to Crowborough, so that they could settle down to watch the football.

Tired now though. Very grateful too – and much to be grateful for.

There is a German expression which comes up every so often in my mind.

Wunschlos glücklich.

Let’s have a German pronunciation lesson, shall we? Say Lunch,  but as if you came from oop north. Now say northern lunch, but with a V. Vunch.

vunch-lows (as in high and lows) . Say it out loud….Perfect. But hiss a bit on the S at the end. Vunchlos. Good. Hold that thought.

Next word. Glücklich. mmmmm. challenging

Say Gluck. Now we need to change the vowel a little. Pucker up your lips and change the luck  to sound more like lick. That’ll do.

Glicklick. That’ll do nicely. Now bunch them all together, and we’ve got vunchlos glicklick. Brilliant. Well done. Didn’t know you could speak German, did you!

What does it mean? Ah. Now that’s the loveliness. Wunsch = Wish. Wunschlos = wishless. Glücklich = happy. So wunschlos glücklich actually means wishlessly happy.

I have no wish that could possible improve my happy state of mind. Do you get that? I feel wunschlos glücklich very, very occasionally. And today is just such an occasion. Is there a word in English to describe that level of utter contentment? Can you think of one?

I am going to sort out the beds now, for the kids. They fly in Thursday and Friday. Now that makes me even more wunschlos glücklich!!


Love and hugs,



22 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Thanks for the lesson. In Yorkshire we are “happy as a pig in muck” but that doesn’t sound quite so romantic.

  2. Ich wünsche Dir , dass es lange so bleibt!!!
    Mit den besten Wünschen für ein langes glückliches Eheleben, Freude an der Familie und Gesundheit!

  3. We got back home about half one today, motorways were very kind and we had a good journey. An hour later our kids all started arriving to see their dad and have just left. It has been chaotic but wonderful. Hope you get a little rest now before your next wonderful weekend. Can I just say a big thank-you as well for arranging such a fantastic discount for us all at the Spa hotel, we were looked after exceptionally well as usual. xx

  4. Hi Barbara…. A very mancunian phrase would be “Oh that’s bangin'”. Language and dialect is a very strange thing.
    And just think….this time next week you’ll be married! Wonderful!
    Have a lovely evening! Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. Well Barbara I can’t think of an English equivalent but that photo of the kitten looks very very
    Wunschlos Glucklich
    Have a lovely evening xxx

  6. So very pleased for you Barb – and richly deserved! The only thing that I can come up with is – blissfully happy!
    Which – let’s face it – a fantastic feeling too! So pleased that you could spend some precious time with both your Mum and Dad today. Now just enjoy everything! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – not such a pleasant day here again, but it could have been worse. I hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend and have a good week ahead.
      Alison – thank you for your comment that you will be thinking of me at Leyburn in September, as you have lots of fun with buying your goodies.
      You have got me thinking about the Groovi workshop – I was sure that I had read somewhere that it will be on Sunday in Leyburn, following the Open Day. It might have been on FB if you didn’t see it here on the Blog. Hopefully someone else will read this and let us know!
      Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  7. So happy it all went off so well. I have read many a happy post from Open Day visitors so it would seem that everyone had a fabulous time. I guess the cupcakes were just the icing on a very happy busy cake. (Pardon the pun). Would have loved to have been there but it is not an option for me right now. We had a busy afternoon with our daughter and her gorgeous family. The garden was full of outdoor toys for the boys – I have never played out in the drizzle as much as I did today and we had a ball. Enjoy the run up to the weekend and fingers crossed for fabulous weather for a fabulous couple. Xxxxx

  8. Hello Barbara – may sound daft but I call what you are feeling a potter moment. This came about when a few years ago I went to the local book store at seven in the morning to pick up a reserved copy of the latest Harry Potter book. It was a beautiful summers day, blue skies, bees humming etc, and spent a wonderful day in the garden with family and of course reading. These perfect days do not come along very often, a day when from the moment you wake up everything is absolutely perfect. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day Barbara. Lots of love Donna X

  9. Like Lynne and Fred, I had a pretty good journey home with both motorways playing quite nicely and gathering up an enthusiastic dog on the way. He is now sound asleep and I am not far off joining him. Hope you and Dave get time to put your feet up a little before everyone flies in and the excitement really kicks in. xxx Maggie

  10. We got back from Italy at 1.15am today. Landed Kate at Heathrow and the M25 was closed for roadworks, so a circuitous route home. I read your blog every day and tried to comment, but they didn’t appear for some reason.
    Anyway, I am so pleased that all went well with the Open Days and hope to join you one day. Now you have a wonderful week of anticipation before your wedding. You must be beside yourself with excitement, with your kids arriving for the big day as well. I thought you were getting married on Saturday, and I am gutted, as I put the date on your card, so I do apologise for that.
    Have a wonderful and hopefully relaxed week. Annette X

  11. Sorry, I didn’t personally land a plane called Kate! It should have read ‘late’. I hate predictive text 😡

    1. Your predictive text made me smile, Annette. Fancy landing your own, named plane! I hope you put Kate away safely before you rushed home to groove or stamp!

  12. We had a wonderful day church this morning started to go back haven’t really been since we lost Sandie felt to painful but needing to get ourselves back, home to Hannah Lee and girls cooking the barbecue food Rebecca Craig and boys followed us in lovely afternoon with are are wonderful family we are blessed but still find it hard with one missing but getting there don’t think ever will get any better but love them all and are wonderful grandchildren . Looking forward to you wedding and photos next weekend. Also had paper work about retreatyesterday so excited about that cannot wait lots love xxx

  13. Hi Barbara and everyone, glad everyone had a great weekend, & that the open day’s went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.
    Well by this time next weekend you will be Mrs Barbara !!! Sorry must be me but I don’t seem to know Dave’s surname.
    Enjoy your day with your family ,as it goes so quickly
    All my very best wishes to you both , and an exciting future together ❤ .

  14. Glad that everything in your world is perfect at present Barbara. Someone above used a piggy quote, and I think the one I have heard is as happy as a pig in straw. Once Mark and Grace arrive it will truly feel as though the big day is just a step away! x

  15. Hi Barbara
    It’s good to hear you are happy and content, I hope poldark was the finishing touch tonight 😊. What an exciting week to come, once the kids arrive the party can really start.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barb, sorry but it is me again. I am so upset with myself, as I have just realised that you wrote about getting married on Sunday and I thought it was Saturday. I made and sent you a card with the date 23rd June on the front and I am gutted that it is the wrong date. I am so sorry! There isn’t time to do another one now.
    As Tina would say, perhaps you can stick a 🦋 over it!
    Annette X

  17. Hello Barb, what a lovely expression, and with everything happening this week, I am sure you are very happy. Once the kids arrive, I bet the atmosphere will be one of total happiness and anticipation. Enjoy! Take care all. Bx

  18. I hope your state of bliss will last the whole week and way beyond Sunday! I’m getting really excited for you and Dave and the whole family, and it’s not even my wedding x

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