You Tube Tuesday and a Big Surprise

You Tube Tuesday and a Big Surprise

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Sat here in my office, having a quiet moment, reflecting on the morning.
Honestly, you would never believe what was waiting for us when we came into work this morning. 
Very emotional. I blimming love this team. 
Simon took a load of photos, is editing them as we speak, and I will load them in tomorrow’s blog.
Today I will stick to our bloggy plan, and launch You Tube Tuesday. Maria is here to show you a cracking Stained Glass Window trick with the Art Nouveau stamps.

Bed of Roses & Poppy Fields
Snowdrops and Tulips
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Particularly appropriate this week, because tomorrow, our Paul Church is launching a superb collection of 4 Art Nouveau dies plus a rectangular nested seton telly, (
This is the first time Paul is actually launching, (about time says I!!!) so do be sure to tune in and cheer!
5 sleeps….
Love & Hugs

24 thoughts on “You Tube Tuesday and a Big Surprise

  1. Sounds intriguing ! Even more intriguing when I was I was wondering what a ‘nested seton telly’ was till I got it, still laughing now duh! Sounds as though you’re having a lovely build up to the main event ! You deserve it, both of you. Xx

  2. Looking forward to the reveal of the Big Surprise & ODS with Paul tomorrow. The Team will keep the wheels of Clarity Towers running smoothly for you so just sit back & enjoy the week as no doubt there are more exciting things going on behind your back that will gradually be revealed to you both over the next few days. Just 3 sleeps until Grace & Mark arrive !!

  3. Just a quick comment to say we really enjoyed the open days. Yesterday’s flowers are beautiful. Looks similar to the ones on the tables in the cafe at Crafters Companion in Evesham. Be lovely to have a step by step for them. Won’t be long now

  4. I really love the art nouveau stamps and I am looking forward to seeing what Paul is doing tomorrow.
    Art nouveau is very close to my heart as I love the “Glasgow style” a lot and this week we are mourning the fire at the Art school just after the 150th anniversary of McIntosh ‘s birth. So sad to see the iconic building devastated again by fire along side the ABC venue next door.
    I am looking forward to getting these stamps to create beautiful cards to say thanks to all my amazing friends who have helped me while I recover from breaking my humerus at my shoulder.

    1. Hope you are on the road to recovery Fiona, it’s been a long haul hasn’t it. Yes so sad to see that lovely building going up in flames agai. Take care xx

    2. I agree Fiona. It really upset me to see such a beautiful building devasted by fire again, and this time much worse. X

      1. Hi Fiona,
        Hope you are well on the way to a full recovery now. Friends are wonderful aren’t they and you soon find out who are real ones! I was really upset about the school of art – such an iconic building. I had the pleasure of visiting it a few years ago and was just overwhelmed by it. Take care, love Alison xxxx

  5. Our Maria is a very clever lady! Love todays you tube!
    And can’t wait to watch Paul tomorrow! He’s another very clever person!
    So glad you’re enjoying your week. I daresay there may be a few more surprises over the next few days. Just enjoy every moment! looking forward to seeing what happened today!
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  6. Looking forward to seeing Paul tomorrow evening on Tv he will rock I’m sure must go set record. And counting exciting 💏💕💕💕💝

  7. Ooooo can’t wait to see these new dies. I feel another Clarity sell out on the horizon. Just off to watch the video, I am really enjoying these YouTube Tuesday demos, thank you. Xx

      1. Hi Donna,
        You must have our sun because it hadn’t made an appearance here! I’m so fed up of being cold. I’ve never been really hot since I came out of hospital and have had to put the heating on a few times ( today included) . I agree with you about the dies too, definitely a sell out! Love and hugs Alison xx

  8. Oh boy – now I have a number of YouTubes to catch up on. No time today, but I’m sure Maria will have something clever and inspiring up her sleeve x

  9. Hi Barbara
    Looking forward to seeing the photos tomorrow, it sounds like you’ve had a fun day. Looking forward to seeing Paul tomorrow, I think I will need to rest my leg when he’s on, well that’s my excuse. I’m off to watch Maria, Clarity YouTube is much better than football!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      I will definitely have to rest my leg when Paul is on!!! I know the dies are going to fall into my basket as well!. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. I have the Groovi plates, so look forward to seeing Paul launch the matching dies. I do love Art Nouveau and am a great fan of CRM.
    Dying to see what the surprise was today, but knowing your team, it would have been amazing. Well deserved too!
    I added a message to the end of the Sunday blog for you, so I hope you saw it, as I feel such a ‘plonker’!
    Annette X

  11. Hi Barb,
    Really looking forward to Paul’s shows and know he will be brilliant. Can’t wait for the dies to be released as I NEED them!! Have the plates, stamps and stencils so the dies will complete the set. Also looking forward to hearing and seeing what the big surprise is. I’m sure there will be more before the weekend- enjoy every minute. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Another cold day here today although dry – well until half an hour ago. Hope everyone is ok. Had a funny experience today – I bought a Swiss Ball ( yoga ball, the massive plastic ones) as the physio uses one to encourage the bend of the knee. Well I pumped it up yesterday partially as told to and then pumped it up to its full size today. Well I wanted to use it in the dining room but it was in the lounge so I picked it up and hobbled to the door of the dining room and the flaming ball was too big to go through the doorway!! What a dipstick I felt! I had to deflate it a bit and then pump it back up to size again. Honestly it is massive- it is the size the physio recommended. Anyway had a go and I think I’ve now got the bend to 90 degrees which I’m chuffed to bits about. Still a way to go but at least it’s getting there – another physio session tomorrow morning( ouch!) . Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. I am intrigued now to know what happened at work this morning Barbara, but will find out tomorrow I know. Maria’s YTT was great and am looking forward to seeing Paul tomorrow. x

  13. Looking forward to seeing the lovely new dies with Paul, am going to have to resist tho’ as I need to get a new printer. Happy bunny in another way as have booked our tickets for Leyburn… really looking forward to another fab day out there! The wedding clock is definitely ticking faster now, don’t forget we need to see the pics. Hugs to one and all x

  14. Hello Barb, looking forward to seeing the photos, it must have been something very special based on your reaction. Also looking forward to Paul’s shows, he is another very creative and inspiring being. And the countdown continues… Take care all. Bx

  15. Great video Maria. Can’t wait to see the photos. Have booked tickets for Leyburn, let’s hope we make it this year third time lucky I guess……

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