Congratulations and Celebrations!

Congratulations and Celebrations!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in!

Well, it’s pretty chaotic here now.

About 12 people in the garden having breakfast, so I thought I’d just slope off to my little hidey hole and chat to you before we head off to the Wedding venue.

We’re having a little crazy treat for the kids today. More will be revealed…

In the meantime, here was I this morning, stamping up the last of the wedding favour bags (last!!!)

Then my knight in shining armour arrived and took over. Who says I can’t delegate?!?!

We will have to save the opening of all the lovely messages until we return; ran out of time.

There was so much to do!!!

It was decided that we should open them all when we get back.

But there was one which I want to share with you. Shelagh, lovely Shelagh Metselaar sent us the quirkiest,

most creative little gramaphone!

It even plays a tune!!

All together now…

Love and Hugs and much excitement,



138 thoughts on “Congratulations and Celebrations!

  1. Have a wonderful time. Really exp e tee someone else to be writing g your blog today, if it got written at all….. Shows what I know! Lovely work Shelagh, wish some of your talent had rubbed off on me when we sat together at the retreat

  2. Congratulations, Barbara and Dave! Look at the sun shining for you. What a fantastic day – have fun and enjoy every minute. xx

  3. Congratulations to you both wishing you a long and happy life together love Ann Mansell (Perth Australia 🇦🇺) xx

  4. Ooh I bet you are all soooo excited now – I wish for you a superb day surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I shall be there in spirit and shall raise a glass to your future happiness. Much love. Xxx

  5. Congratulations Barbara and Dave, have a great day and will be watching for you back on Hochanda when you have been away

  6. Congratulations to you both. Have a wonderful day with your family & friends and the sun is shining xxx

  7. Congratulations to you Barbara and David have a wonderful day lovely lady and many happy healthy years together.

  8. Wow, the little gramaphone is amazing. Your love and excitement overflows from your blog. Thank you for sharing. Barbara and Dave have a lovely day with family and friends, congratulations and best wishes to you both, xxx

  9. Having recently attended my Grandsons wedding.(Wonderfully querky on the Nth York Moors Railway) I hope your day is as blessed as ours was. X

  10. Having recently attended my grandsons untraditional but wonderful wedding which was held on the Nth York Moors Railway, I hope your day is as blessed as ours was. X

  11. Have a wonderful time. Sun will be shining (God shines on the righteous!)
    You have something blue to open for good luck for tomorrow!
    Cannot send messages for a week or more as I am going into hiding with my husband. Take care – have a ball
    Lots of love xxx

  12. Congratulations on this your very special day. Hope the sun is shining it is here on and off here in Lincolnshire. Enjoy your day

  13. Congratulations on this your very special day. Hope the sun is shining it is here (on and off) in Lincolnshire. Enjoy your day

  14. So excited for you!
    Today we are celebrating my in law’s golden wedding with a family gathering this afternoon.
    My parents celebrated their 56th anniversary this week so it is a time to celebrate love and family.

  15. Geoffrey and I wish you all the luck, love and happiness tomorrow and forever. Love from Geoffrey and Elizabeth xxxx🍾🥂

  16. What a fab gramaphone, how did Shelagh come up with that, I’m going in for a close up in a minute! Have a lovely weekend all of you and how lucky with the weather ! Ah I feel another song coming on….. Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! xxxx

  17. Thank you for taking the time to blog for us when you must have other things to do. I wish you and Dave all the very best and hope you enjoy your special day.
    Love xx

  18. Awww, have the most amazing day, love, best wishes and congratulations !!!!!
    Hope EVERY moment makes a wonderful memory for you both xxx 😘😘😘

  19. Have a fantastic time, there will be so many of us there with you in thoughts, you’ll be walking on air with all the good thoughts and love coming your way. xxx

  20. Thank you for finding the time to blog today, but the rest of tbe weekend is for you and Dave and the family. I love the sweet and beautifully made gramophone from Sheila, and able to play a little tune too, how wonderful! Cliff’s Congratulations is just perfect, and I’m singing along. x

  21. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and I hope everything goes fabulously.
    Much love and congratulaions

  22. Congratulations Barbara an Dave for ur wedding day tomorrow hope u have a wonderfully day an doth enjoy it day xxx

  23. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, look forward to seeing the pics. Wishing you both every happiness for the future. Will raise a (non alcoholic) glass to you both tomorrow.

  24. Oh my gosh I can almost feel the excitement from here! Only one more sleep. Have fun today and enjoy everything tomorrow. Sending much love to you and Dave XX

  25. Talking if last! Just adding finishing touches to your card whilst travelling South! Dave requested a particular Wedding Card off my desk last week! In the bag I thought till I read the DT “How To” instructions on the back!!!! Ooh nooo! Ever made a card in the car? Xxxx

  26. Wonderful, Shelagh. I feel so excited for you, Barbara and Dave. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Look forward to seeing the photos. Xx

  27. Have a wonderful time on your special day with family and friends – ‘Let the Sun Shine In!’ Enjoy and cherish each and every moment together. I bought the musical mechanism in The Hague nearly three years ago, setting it aside for this occasion. Just sorry we cannot be there to join in. Looking forward to the photos.x ;~}

    1. Shelagh, your little gramaphone is so adorable and so very clever. Wow! I love it. I am just like you and will buy and keep something I know is just right for a special person or occasion. You did well to know where it was after 3 years though. What a wonderful gift for Barbara and Dave, something to treasure for always and to play for many years in the future to remind them of their special day. Such a shame that you can not join them too. Jeanette x

      1. Thank you Jeanette. I knew where I wanted to go with it but getting there was interesting. And if you saw my workroom you would doubly wonder that I knew where it was!x ;~}

  28. Have a fantastic day, the weather is just perfect, looking forward to seeing the pictures, I bet they will be amazing, you deserve all the happiness in the world, lots of love to you both xxx

  29. Gramophone is amazing we are thinking of you all tomorrow specially you and Dave Barbara sending you so much love and blessings on your special day a start of a new adventure. Pray your wedding day be as you panes and even more blessing to two amazing people we love 💖 wonderful memories to treasure for ever. Paul post us some pictures be waiting to see them and Barbara’s amazing dress lots love from Bob , Joy and Katie xxx 💕💕💕

  30. Huge congratulations to you both, Barbara and Dave! I’m feeling very excited for you. I love the little gramaphone from Shelagh. How very clever she is, it’s adorable. I wish you both the most happiest of days tomorrow … for with happiness and love nothing can spoil the day. May sunshine always be in your hearts. Enjoy your special day surrounded by your family and friends. Love and hugs. Jeanette xxxx

  31. Congratulations to a very special couple. Enjoy every moment of your day (and what a super day it is)! Wishing you a long, happy healthy marriage, you deserve it. Xxx

  32. How fantastic is that – Shelagh comes up with the most amazing and original designs! Hope the kids enjoy their special treat today and hope you get some sleep tonight with all the excitement about tomorrow x

  33. Congratulations!!!! All
    Thank you for sharing your journey and your joy 😃
    Your truly Blessed. Wishing you every best thing now and always 💝🙏🏽💝🙏🏽💝

  34. Sending you Barbara and Dave lots of love and congratulations for you very special day .
    hope every thing goes like a dream

    All my love to you both

  35. Isn’t Cliff ageing well? Lovely card Shelagh – such talent.
    I hope everybody has a fantastic day and the youngsters enjoy their ‘treat’.
    Wishing you sunshine all the way Barbara and Dave – tomorrow will be amazing. xx

  36. Congratulations. Always last minute things to do for a wedding. Get off to the venue now and relax and enjoy the experience. Shelagh is one amazing lady, her talent is never ending, looking froward to catching up with her again at the reteat. xx

  37. Congratulations to you both hope the kids love their crazy day treats .its wonderful that you still have time to blog to us the gramophone is stunning love and wedding hugs xxx

  38. Congratulations to you both. May you both enjoy the day and make beautiful memories for the future.

  39. Just popping in to wish you and Dave as well as all the gathered family and friends a wonderful, happy, unforgettable day. Many congratulations.

  40. Wishing you both much happiness and joy. I’ll be raising a glass to you both tomorrow 💝👰🏼🤵💍🎉🍰🍾🥂

  41. Congratulations Barbara and Dave, wishing you both every happiness tomorrow and in the future. Have a fantastic time making amazing memories Jean

  42. I wish we could bottle all the love and positivity that there is on this blog! It warms my heart every day, to read lovely messages, rather than the griping and bad news that there is elsewhere.
    I know that everyone is excited for Barbara and Dave, but it is always such happy blog and this wonderful event just adds to the joy.
    Thank you to all the bloggers for making me smile each day. I bless the day that I found Clarity.
    Happy weekend all. Annette X

  43. Have a wonderful happy sunny day! All good wishes, looking forward to seeing some photos. Congratulations. Happy days!!

  44. Sending love and all good wishes for a wonderful day followed by a life of health, wealth and happiness xxx

  45. Sending every good wish to a lovely couple, have a wonderful day and enjoy a fantastic lifetime together.

  46. Many many congratulations Barbara and Dave hope therell be tears…….of pure joy and happinesd and I bet something today will fire your inspiration and creative juices you cant take the crafty out of a crafter even on her wedding day please post some pics xxx

  47. Congratulations! Have a wonderful day. I wish you every happiness for the future. Thanks for sharing all the joy and excitement.

  48. Many many congratulations Barbara and Dave hope therell be tears…….of pure joy and happiness and I bet something today will fire your inspiration and creative juices you cant take the crafty out of a crafter even on her wedding day please post some pics xxx

  49. And breathe!
    You’ve put so much thought and planning into your big day, but now it’s time to relax and go with the flow – you’re surrounded by people who love you, so the day is sure to be just perfect, however it plays out. So put work, and us your bloggy family, out of your mind and enjoy your big day. Much happiness xx

  50. Wishing you both a long, healthy and happy life together.
    You deserve it. Have a fabulous day tomorrow.

  51. Congratulations Barbara and Dave. I hope you are having a wonderful day and best wish for the future.

  52. Alison and i wish you both the best of luck, the best of health and all the happiness in the world. (We’ll be doing it ourselves next summer, so any tips……)

  53. Congratulations & the very best of wishes to you both.
    Hope you have a great day & enjoy every minute xx

  54. Congratulations to you and Dave, Barbara. Hope you have the most wonderful day and that the sun shines for you. Enjoy every minute with your beautiful family! Love and best wishes for a long and happy life together.
    Catherine xx

  55. Hi Barbara and Dave ,
    Wishing you both a wonderful day for tomorrow.
    I am sure it will be the most wonderful day you will ever experience together.
    All my love 💘 and best wishes to an amazing couple.
    Lynn xx

  56. Hi Barb,
    That little gramophone is absolutely gorgeous – well done Shelagh.
    Congratulations to you and Dave . I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow surrounded by your family and friends and a very long and happy life together – you both deserve it. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi Alison – I hope that all is going well for you now, after one or two annoying setbacks. Take it easy and don’t overdo it. Love and hugs from us both xxx

  57. Congratulations to you and Dave. Love you both. Enjoying at your wonderful wedding 👰🎩. Love Vivienne 😘

  58. Congratulations to you both on your special day. Hope you have a day filled with love laughter and joy tomorrow and always. Lx

  59. Hi Barbara

    We just wanted to leave a message for both Dave and yourself to wish you a most exciting and memorable day tomorrow.

    You both deserve every happiness for your future years together that we are sure your marriage will bring you.

    Love & Hugs
    Penny & Mary

  60. Barbara and Dave
    Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow and that the sun shines on you both. Enjoy your day with all your family and friends and wishing you every happiness for the future. Carol xx

  61. Fantastic look into all of the excitement today – thanks for sharing it with us. Bless Paul for being your Shining Knight. An amazing gift from the super talented Shelagh . I hope that today has been wonderful for you all. We look forward to seeing the photos – maybe your Shining Knight will do that for you! I saw this poem and thought it was very apt for you both!
    A Realistic Wedding Poem
    Marriage is a journey, not just a destination
    That goes far beyond this wedding, this public celebration.
    This is just the beginning of the path we’ll travel together
    With obstacles we’ll overcome, and possible storms to weather.
    One day we’ll sit side by side, with hands withered and bent
    Thinking back over the years, the good times we have spent.
    We’ll remember the laughs. We’ll recall special places
    And look far beyond the grey hairs and softly lined faces.
    So let’s take it all in and cherish each day
    No matter what happens, no matter what’s thrown our way.
    We’re both realistic. Every day won’t be a dream
    But we’re in this together, because we make a cracking team.
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      That’s lovely! I’m doing ok thanks, still very stiff and doesn’t want to bend much but is getting better! Love and hugs to you and Neill xx

  62. In just a few hours, two will become one. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Roe.
    Have a fabulous day tomorrow.
    I will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
    Wanda xx

  63. Very many congratulations to you both. Have a fabulous happy day with all your friends and family.
    Be thinking about you tomorrow

    Hilary x x

  64. I hope you have a fabulous day as the two of you are married. Wishing you a day full of happiness that will become very special life long memories

  65. Congratulations Barbara and Dave. I hope you have a fantastic day and a happy healthy rest of your lives. With love Anne x

  66. Very best wishes to you both. Have a fantastic day and a wonderful life together. Enjoy every precious moment. Dx

  67. Congratulations to the two of you. Hope tomorrow is a magical, memorable start to the rest of your lives together. 💖

  68. Very best wishes to both of you. Have a fantastic day. Enjoy every precious moment together. Dx ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Well my dear friends, your special day is almost here! I am so very happy for you both. I thought of you today when I was listening to my all time favourite group blasting away in the car! I had a little chuckle to myself about the Clarity link in the title 🤣. Guess which song it was? I will post it on your Facebook page, if it will let me! Although I can’t be with you tomorrow, I will be there in spirit as you finally share your vows. Love you lots, like jelly tots Rx

  70. Congratulations to you both. Have a fabulous day tomorrow. Your blog has been a source of inspiration, love, pain and hope. Thank you

  71. On this very special day of your marriage, I wish you both good health, happiness and beautiful memories to share together forever. Xx

  72. Hi Barbara
    Hope you’ve had a lovely day with the kids and they enjoyed their treat. Have fun with the family and enjoy your day tomorrow. It’s so exciting isn’t it. Oh wow Shelagh isn’t that amazing. What a fabulous keepsake to keep and cherish.
    Love Diane xxx

  73. Hello Barbara – my family and I want to wish you and Dave our love and best wishes for a long and happy life together. Have a wonderful day. Lots of love Donna X

  74. Writing this Sunday morning and have heard the weather forecast. Sunny, sunny, sunny.
    Have a wonderful day.

  75. The sun is shining here so it’s a great start to a most wonderful, memorable wedding day. All the very very best to you both and look forward to seeing your dress Barbara. Congratulations xx

  76. I was thinking of you both a lot yesterday, and I hope you had the most splendid day you can possibly imagine. You are both amazing people, a very special couple, and I wish you every continued happiness for many long years to come. Claire x

  77. Meinen ALLERHERZLICHSTEN GLÜCKWUNSCH an Euch beide!!!!!!!
    Laßt Euch schön feiern an Eurem schönsten Tag!!!!
    Rolf xxx

  78. Well, the special day is here and I can’t wait to see the photos.

    My wishes for you both are straightforward and simple..

    Wish you the best of health, happiness, love, fun and laughter; not just for the day, but the years ever after.

    Have a wonderful day creating very happy, very special memores as you become husband and wife together.

    Love and hugs
    Su xx

  79. Congratultions to you both and hope that you are having a lovely day. It’s our 40th Anniversary today. Be happy.
    Best Wishes,

  80. Dear Barbara and Dave . I saw this blog as I went to bed and no internet up stairs, couldn’t find it until now. Have been thinking of you all day. I am sure it is all going wonderfully. Have sent a few wishes in different places . Look forward to seeing photos.
    Love and best wishes Josie. Xxxx
    Met you in port sunlight years ago. !!!!!

  81. Congratulations Barb and Dave on your Wedding Day, what a lovely day to have a wedding.
    I wish you lots of Joy and Happiness on this special day and look forward to seeing all the news of the event.

    Best wishes
    from Moya in Somerset

  82. Congratulations Barbara and Dave, hope you have had a fantastic day and wishing you all the very best for your future together, May God Bless You xxx

  83. Many Congratulations to you both. Hope it all went without a hitch and that you’ve had a fabulous day.

  84. Congratulations Barbara and Dave. May you have a long, happy, healthy marriage, enjoying life to the full.

  85. What a beautiful and creative gift from Shelagh, and good for Paul, stepping in and helping. Congratulations on your wedding. Bx

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