All back at the table

All back at the table

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

What a lovely day we have had! And it ain’t over yet either!

First of all, whilst we were having breakfast, who should turn up at the kitchen door but our darling friends Debby and Gill from Texas! Well, you can imagine the delight and excitement at seeing our dear pals after so long!

Then Mark and Alex landed from San Francisco – and the party can start!!!

So we went for a long walk through the woods and had a good old catch up.

I can’t stop long this evening either. Got to pack!

Did you see the picture that Mel drew for us? The animal friends? Check this out!

An absolute masterpiece. You stare and stare at it, and you see more and more little friends.

It is such a treasure trove!

The photos aren’t up to much, I’m afraid. They certainly don’t do the original any justice. But I wanted to share this with you.

Now, if you will excuse me, there is something we want to do too….

There’ a Letter Box in the living room full of as yet unopened envelopes and boxes. Dave and I want to settle down for an hour, and enjoy all the good wishes and generosity which our dear customers and friends have sent our way.

Love & Hugs,



32 thoughts on “All back at the table

  1. Only an hour??? I suspect that you might need longer than that, and a couple of boxes of tissues. Meanwhile, you have the joy of spending this special time with all your lovely family. Only two more sleeps! Have a great day tomorrow in preparation for the big day on Sunday. xxx Maggie

  2. Open the box Barbara and Dave – full of surprises. Give our love to Debby and Gill please, how lovely to have them over. Have a wonderful weekend and an even better wedding day. Off for some R & R ourselves. x

  3. Greetings from Moscow and the World Cup. Just to wish you and Dave all the best for Sunday – I will be thinking of you. Enjoy and savour the day it will go so quickly.
    Lots of love to you both. Nikki 😘❌⚽️❌😘

  4. Awww WOW Barbara, enjoy such a wonderful and exciting time. You are a lovely genuine lady who is so full of life and a beautiful generous heart ♥. Dave is a lucky man to have you as his wife and your a very loving Mother too. All the best for yours and Dave’s wedding 💒 and a happy life together. Xx

  5. Your joy just shines out of your message Barb and I send you, Dave and all your family lots of love. Your mum and dad must be so happy at the upcoming celebrations and having you all together.
    I wish you a wonderful day on Sunday and a long and happy life together.
    Enjoy opening all the exciting surprises awaiting you and again, apologies for the error on the date of my card! Lots of love and very best wishes. Annette X

  6. What lovely surprise seeing them both there. Glad Marc arrived safely too enjoy your evening and a in. Post box sure more to come lots love joy xxx

  7. Mel’s artwork is fab, what a wonderful wedding keepsake. Lovely pic of Grace and Mark plus their ‘other halves’ walking in the woods.

    I’ll bet you have some lovely surprises, fab cards and heartfelt messages in the box, but reckon it’ll definitely take longer than an hour! Anyhoo, enjoy the next couple of days with your loved ones and don’t stress, it’ll all be fine on the day…and if something doesnt go quite according to plan…well that’s what makes the day uniquely yours! xx

  8. Hi Barbara & Dave just to say have a wonderful day and all my very best wishes for your future together.
    To a lady and gentleman who deserve the best of everything life can bring.
    Love 💘to you both xxx

  9. Enjoy My lovelies Have a wonderful wedding day Will be thinking of you on the day .
    I wish you both all you wish yourselves
    Love Gail xx

  10. Oh happy days! Just enjoy it all….every moment. There will be lots of very happy memories made this weekend that’s for sure!
    Love you lots! See you soon! Xxxx

  11. Sending lots of love to you all. I’m sure some amazing memories will be made this weekend, and you must all be so excited for the big day! x

  12. A beautiful picture. So clever. Have a wonderful day on Sunday both of you. You make such a lovely couple. With love and wishing you lots of happiness in the future. Xxxx

  13. What talent Mel has and what an inspiring gift for you both.
    How wonderful all the family are with you now and your good friends have travelled from Texas. Fun and laughter all round.
    I hope you have a decent sleep and just let things wash over you for a change.

  14. What a fantastic piece of art! A very special keepsake!
    I think that you and Dave will be sitting there for quite a while – just enjoy that and every moment of the ‘lead up’ to Sunday. It is SO exciting – love and hugs to you all xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    How wonderful to have Mark , Grace plus other halves all together now with Debbie and Gill as well. Mel is such a talent and her picture is stunning. You’ll get so much pleasure looking at that for many years I’m sure. You and Dave will have a really lovely time opening the Letter Box ,but I agree with others that I bet it takes longer than an hour! I’m sure you will feel the love for you and Dave pouring out and you both deserve it. Enjoy the rest of the night and tomorrow and then be ready for The Day itself on Sunday, which I’m sure will be absolutely fabulous. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxx

  16. Awwww, thanks for sharing so much of your exciting plans & dreams with us. It’s been a lovely walk with you on your journey so far. It’s obvs not over by any stretch of the imagination so here’s wishing you a smashing life together with upteem opportunities to share the love with those closest to you. Stay close to those you love & who love you…… always. XxXxX

  17. Hello all the best for your great day on sunday. Have an amazing Time with the family and all your Friends and make it a day you always will remember !!
    Gisela from germany

  18. Stunning work of art so much love has gone in to making it .have a wonderful time with mark grace and their partners and your dear friends too .sending lots of love to you all xxx

  19. Liebe Barbara und Dave,
    ich komme von der “Rocky Horror Picture Show” und bin zu müde, um in englisch zu schreiben…
    Ich wünsche Euch eine wundervolle Hochzeitsfeier umgeben von allen Euren Lieben.
    ganz liebe Grüße

  20. A wonderful picture from Mel – so much to see. Enjoy the prelude to your big day with all friends and family. ;~}

  21. I love the picture Barb. Samuel used to have something similar painted on his bedroom wall at my old house but it was nowhere near as good. The pandas looked like one panda with two heads and the elephant looked like he had been clubbing all night 🤣😂🤣😂.
    I can’t believe your big day is almost here! I am so excited for you both.
    Heartwarming photo of Mark & Alex, Grace & Mark. So wonderful to have them home for the wedding.
    Love always
    Ruth & Samuel xxx

  22. Beautiful card, beautiful photo and wishing you and Dave a beautiful day and a wonderful life together.

    With love, hugs and best wishes to you and all your family

  23. What a fantastic picture Mel has done so cleverly bringing all the animals together. The family is complete now and love the photo. Beautiful weather for a lovely walk and catch up too. Now all you have to do is enjoy it and store it all up in the memory to bring out and savour again in the years to come. Enjoy opening your gifts and cards, and I suspect an hour will not be enough. x

  24. What a stunning picture. Hope that you have a really Special weekend and enjoy every minute of your big day Many congratulations and best wishes for the future Barbara and Dave xxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    What a great photo of all the family together again and what a lovely suprise to see Gill and Debbie too, now I wonder if they mentioned die cutting to you 😀. Meals artwork is absolutely stunning, what a great keepsake. You have to keep looking at it to see all the different clarity stamps you’ve produced over the years. Isn’t sad clever. Hope you had a fantastic evening opening all your cards and gifts, I’m sure it lasted most of the evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  26. Enjoy having your family and friends around you at this special time. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time on Sunday and make a great deal of special memories to enjoy in the future. xxx

  27. Hi Barbara, and sending you lots of good wishes and Congratulations. Looks like the weather is going to be really nice for you too. Becky is my daughter in law, so I’ve heard all about the flowers! She really is so talented at this sort of thing.
    Have a wonderful day, having all your family & friends there will make it extra special.
    Hugs, Shaz XxX

  28. Hello Barb, the drawing is beautiful, and so is the photo of Grace and Mark with their partners. I hope you and Dave enjoyed opening all the envelopes and boxes. You are loved and it shows. Bx

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