A Sell Out on Telly – and Gracie’s home!

A Sell Out on Telly – and Gracie’s home!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Don’t know what I’m more excited about – Paul’s blazing a new trail on telly today with the Art Nouveau Fresh Cut dies, or Grace flying in from New York for the wedding. Nah. Sorry Paul. I love you, but Grace gets the Excited-Of-Edenbridge prize today!

…and she brought her new fella to the party too. What a nice guy! Name’s Mark, so that could  be interesting…

Mind you, it has to be said. Paul did do a cracking job on the One Day Special on Hochanda! He’s on again one more time at 5pm, and we have extended the extended stock, just to keep him going!!!

So if you want to take advantage of the excellent introductory launch offer, then tune in to HOCHANDA

  • SKY 673 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)


Here’s what’s on offer….

A superb set of 4 Art Nouveau, very Rennie Mackintoshesque Dies by Clarity.

Plus the book.

and the beautiful little ii-book.


Here are a few samples from the ever-clever Clarity Team too.

Dee Paramour

Dee Paramour

Shelagh Metselaar

Dee Paramour

Wendy Thorburn

Dee Paramour


Great designs, great art!

But now I am off to spend some time with my little girl and her man.

Mark and his lovely lady fly in from San Francisco tomorrow.

Yep. That’s what it’s all about for me. Family.

Love & Hugs,



50 thoughts on “A Sell Out on Telly – and Gracie’s home!

  1. I. Be only just started Groovy and the club and your blog so I don’t know your family yet. But good luck for Sunday. Xxxx

  2. I know how you feel Barbara,my family arrive from Oz on Sun and I am soon excited…..just can’t wait to see them.
    I wish you wonderful weekend for your wedding, hope the sun shines for you and you have a fabulous time, sending my very best wishes to you both xxxxx

  3. Well done to Paul! And hello to Grace! It’s good to have your girl home…and your boy tomorrow! Then it’s not long at all to THE day! Bet the excitement -o-meter is nearly off the scale! Enjoy!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Glad to hear one of your kiddies has arrived safely. Such an exciting time for you all. Wishing you all the best. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  5. Aww Grace looks wonderful
    Excitement or nerves kicking in yet for a Sunday
    Have a fantastic day sorounded by all those you love.
    As for Paul wow didn’t he do well and yep had to have the one day special ordered last night on launch brilliant offer and added the nested rectangles in just for good measure lol
    Enjoy your family time hugs xx

  6. Oh Barbara what have you done to my poor bank account. Credit card is hiding under the dresser whimpering. 😂
    Good to have your family around you indeed. My granddaughters are having a surprise sleepover at Grannies tonight.
    Might need a fair bit of caffeine tonight.
    Enjoy every minute of your special weekend.
    Can’t wait to see all the photos.
    Lots of love,
    Linda xx

  7. Its strange how we double up on names within the family. In ours we have 2 Ian’s & 2 Barbara’s !! all on the same side of the family to. Enjoy your family time.
    The team at Clarity Towers are busy bees as I have already had my email to say my dies are on their way !!
    I have been to Bromsgrove this afternoon for our fortnightly get together to play with our Groovi plates & swop ideas also catching up with what went on at the Open Days from Maggie. I will have to catch up with Paul’s 1pm show, just time before the 5pm one. The week is flying by can’t believe its Thursday already, just 3 sleeps left.

  8. Hello Barbara – Paul’s done a wonderful job, I bought the dies and rectangle ones too. The excitement must be sky high at your home, Grace home, Mark tomorrow, everything complete once he walks in the door. lots of love to you, Dave and all the family. Donna X

  9. Did we ever doubt Paul???
    All the wedding planning is now sorting itself out – won’t be long now? OOOOOOOOO…
    I wish you both all the very best for the future.
    Maggie (Yorkite) – the ONLY Maggie

  10. It doesn’t matter where you go in life…..
    What you do …..
    or how much you have…..
    It is all about who you have beside you…..and you and Dave are
    well blessed…..
    Have a wonderful day Barbara….Love Audrey J x

  11. Wishing you both every happiness for the weekend, and lovely to have your family back, enjoy, I am a family person to so I know how you feel. congratulations and very best wishes

  12. Paul has been doing an amazing job flying the Clarity flag, those dies are fabulous. I love Art Nouveau . Welcome home Grace and hello to your handsome young man. xx

  13. Glad Grace has arrived safely, lots of excitement I’m sure. Paul has done such a good job, my order was placed after about 10 seconds! Xx

  14. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone has been enjoying the shows today. Just watching the 5 pm show. Xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Paul has done a wonderful job with the ODS and congratulations on yet another sell out. I put my order in from Clarity last night and had an email to say they have been dispatched already. Brilliant service as ever.
    Bet you’re so pleased that Grace is home ( she looks really happy) along with her Mark and then tomorrow the family will be complete ready for the big day. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been a better day here today, we’ve actually seen the sun, but still a really chilly wind which spoils it. Stirred myself to do some baking today – a cheese, bacon and leek quiche – which even if I say so myself was rather nice! Also made a lovely thank you card using the Casablanca Lilies die – really pleased with that too! Sending love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  16. Nothing beats having your kids home no matter how old they are. Enjoy your time together and make happy memories x

  17. Didn’t he do well?!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new dies. Have put them on my wish list as about to go on holiday, so have to save the pennies (was very hard!)
    It’s strange how names double up in families. My mum and her sister both married men called Terry who had birthdays on August 5th.
    Enjoy your time with your lovely family. x

  18. Well sure I wrote on her earlier so we’re that gone so welcome home Grace made one Mum very happy and welcome to Mark 2. Hope Marc has safe journey too lots love to you Dave and family as your wedding celebrations are starting and all your family are home hugs from us xxx

  19. How lovely for you.
    Managed to catch the 1pm show, paul was a star , will catchup with the other shows later xx

  20. SO very pleased for you Barbara – gosh the excitement there must be SO VERY high! I couldn’t be more pleased for you all. Enjoy every moment – we all wish you and Dave a huge amount of happiness on The Great Day! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx
    P.S. Paul did a fantastic job, not caught up with all of the programmes yet, but I will! x

  21. Hi bloggy friends – had a couple of very busy and at times exhausting couple of days. Been helping out a very dear friend and our neighbours – as she had a nasty fall and as her husband isn’t able to drive anymore, we have been taking to and collecting from hospital and doing shopping for them too. Bless them – they didn’t want to be any bother, and didn’t want to call an ambulance when it happened.
    Sorry that I can’t reply to each of you, as I really need to rest now. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx
    P.S. I hope that you are all as well as can be.

    1. Hi Barbara and everyone, well Barbara the great day will soon be here . It’s good to have all your family in one place to celebrate your marriage to Dave.
      Wishing you and Dave a wonderful life together, enjoy your special day as it will go so quickly.
      Paul was brilliant , watched all his shows and learned such a lot.
      As I do not have a die cutting machine, Paul made all the instructions look very easy to understand , the ii book looks amazing also. It looks like I could buy one of these machines very soon.
      All my best for your special day.
      Lynn xx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      What lovely neighbours and friends you are, I’m sure you’re greatly appreciated ( I know what it means to have people like you around me at the moment) . Make sure you don’t do too much though, you need to think of yourselves as well. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxxx

  22. Your house must be positively buzzing with excitement and I am so happy for you all. Glad that Grace and her man arrived safely and tomorrow you will have a full set and it will be all systems go!
    I am just about to watch a re-run of paul’s Shows, as I have been out all day. It will be just a drool and wishful thinking, I am afraid, but they will be on the wish list.
    Only 3 more sleeps🤗 Love to all. Annette X

  23. Those dies are amazing, added to my wish list. So easy to make a really beautiful card or piece of art. Glad you have your gorgeous daughter home safe and sound, I know you will enjoy every minute of her company. It’s good to have your family all together. I have had the company of my 2 1/2 year old grandson today so will have to catch up with Paul’s shows this evening, Paw Patrol etc has been in demand today and lots of Lego and drawing.
    Very best wishes for your wedding , look forward to seeing the photos xx

  24. I hope Grace has a large bag to keep near her on the day. I reckon she will need to carry a couple of large boxes of tissues and plenty of make up to repair the damage caused by such joy. I know you will have a wonderful weekend with all your family around you to share this wonderful time. Paul did a great job with those lovely dies as we knew he would. xxx Maggie

  25. Paul did a sterling job. Great demos.
    Glad the family are with/coming to you
    Remember – something blue – IT IS IN THE BOX!!!!
    Love and very best wishes for the special day x

  26. Ordered my dies and other bits from Clarity before 6pm yesterday but didn’t get a confirmation e-mail, so checked my account and it is on the order list. The team was obviously very busy. Can’t wait to start working with these new dies.
    Watched all of Paul’s progs yesterday and today and learned a lot – he is so good at explaining things.
    What a beautiful daughter (and handsome beau) you must be so chuffed to have them here for THE BIG DAY!!!

  27. Hi Barbara
    How lovely fir you to have Grace home to share the wedding prep excitement with you. Doesn’t her new man look handsome, they make a lovely couple. Managed to watch one of Paul’s shows today, didn’t he do well, mind you the new Dies are beautiful. I’ve just finished icing 3 wedding cakes ready for Saturday, just finishing touches to do tomorrow, so I’m rather shattered. Might just spend some of the money they will pay me on a few Clarity goodies 😀.
    Live Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Oh, all of that hard work will be worth it then – think of the fun you will have with new crafty goodies. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  28. Welcome back Grace, I bet you are really excited for Sunday!
    Barb, Paul did an amazing job with the shows. I only missed one and that’s recorded! Well done team on the samples. You really did show the versatility of the dies. My favourite was one in browns and creams. I think it was one of Dee’s. I am very excited that Clarity has branched out to die cutting – something I can do that isn’t too shabby 😂🤣😂🤣 xxx

  29. Paul did well, as ever. Dee’s samples are impressive, I wish I knew how she has done them.
    You must be stretching the manufacturers somewhat with the extended, extended ODS but so generous of you Barbara as always.
    Grace looks very relaxed and what a handsome young man she has. Enjoy all the family especially once Mark and his lady friend arrive. I hope your parents are well Barbara and looking forward to the big day. xx

  30. Well done Paul – never in any doubt really 😊😊 Welcome home to Grace and hello to Mark. Just one more day to go and the family reunion will be complete and then it is on to the final countdown to Sunday. I so hope the weather is good to you. Xxx

  31. Good to know Grace (and her man) have arrived safe and sound, Mark and his girl arriving tomorrow so can only imagine that the excitement is gaining momentum and the noise levels are increasing too!

    Paul’s done a fab job and much as I’d have liked to have the dies I’ve had to forgo them in favour of a new printer….boo hoo! Never mind Leyburn isn’t too far off and hopefully by then I’ll have saved up a little.

  32. All the best for this week and the happy day, Barbara. Hope you relax and enjoy the day.
    I’ve been playing with my new Queen Anne’s Lace die and it is fab!
    Was devastated to miss your open Day in Crowborough but an ill husband really has to come first!

  33. Maybe this will be the first of a series of weddings in your family? I’m sure you’ll all have a fabulous time, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the sun shines for you. Well done Paul for doing a superb job on all the shows and fantastic samples from the DT too! x

  34. What great photos of Grace and her man Mark, and more excitement tomorrow when Mark arrives Barbara. Paul did really well with the ODS and love those dies, definitely on my wish list as couldn’t afford them at present. The weather is set fair for the weekend which is excellent news….only two more sleeps!! x

  35. Very best wishes to you and Dave for Sunday and enjoy the time with your extended family and friends and don’t stress over the small stuff x

  36. Enjoy a great family reunion before the big day.
    Lovely to see the photo of grace and the one with Mark.

    Wishing you and Dave a magical day on Sunday and a
    long and healthy life together.


  37. Amazing ods ordered xxx
    Have an amazing day on Sunday huge congratulations
    And I totally agree family is what life is about x

  38. Hello Barb, playing catch up, as have been away for work and the internet/wifi was dire, so could not get connected. Loved the shows that I watched with Paul on. The dies are beautiful, and the samples are just amazing. Bx

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