Youtube Tuesday – and some action!

Youtube Tuesday – and some action!

Hi everyone.
Thanks for dropping in.
 It’s that time again, time for this week’s instalment of YouTube Tuesday.
In this week’s YouTube Tuesday video, Maria will be showing you a great little stamping demo, full of great techniques, including embossing and colouring.

As ever, we have taken 20% off products used in this week’s video, and those lower prices will stay low until the next video.
Lily of the Valley Stamp Set
Lace Swatch

Heart Shaped Stencil

Wow! Embossing powders
We have a few other products that are included in this week’s offers too:
Shenandoah Designer Card
Indian Summer Designer Paper
Wink of Stella Brush
Perga Liners
Radiance Black Out Inkpad
Heart Shape Stencil
Spot on Sponges
Alternatively, to makes things a bit easier, you can view all this week’s YouTube offers here.
That’s it from me today.
I had a smashing day off, and the best is yet to come!
Gemma and I are going line-dancing!
Weyhey! The boots and hat are at the door – and I can’t wait!
I love a dance and I love a laugh. And something tells me there will be plenty of both this evening!
Ask me whether I’ve ever been line-dancing before….
Love & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – and some action!

  1. Enjoy the dancing! I would so love to be able, but I love watching others dance and enjoy the music so much.

    Will watch and bookmark the lesson! Have a lovely evening x

    1. Well then have you been line dancing Barbara!
      I think you’ll have a great time and maybe even a tena moment!!! I know I would if I went!!
      Have a great time. Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Oh no! You do realise there are loads of steps to remember don’t you? If in doubt do a skip and a hop! Have fun!

  3. Will watch the video when I have cleared up the tea things. Bound to be fabulous. Line dancing is brilliant, we had a line dancer at our daughter’s wedding many years ago. Imagine the scene at approx 10pm when a lot of rather tipsy men and some women were trying to make their feet behave. It was brilliant. You will have a fabulous time. xx

  4. Have a great time with the line dancing. I did try it but my feet could not keep up with my brain, not a pretty sight. My brain definitely needs to be working tonight as I have to teach a friend to transfer his precious holiday photos from the camera to his computer without losing the lot. I think I will double copy them for safety. Then tomorrow I think I will have to get my watercolours out as I have a little project in mind…….. xxx Maggie

  5. Love line dancing great to relax as the only think you can have in your head is where to put your feet and which way to turn. Hope it’s a beginner’s class though!

  6. Joywell have you line danced before ?? We use to go a lot as teenagers with mum and dad in real barns great fun haven’t been for years to many your rightlots of laughter and funcould do it know but would love singing along to songs watching others others and singing along watching others. Enjoy love Joy xx

  7. Enjoy! Hope they’re the comfy boots ! I’ve just gone back to work today for a few hours – can’t fit any more in until next week but I’ll need that long to recover. I’ve read so much to catch up with stuff that my brain is now addled. I’m ironing to smooth it all away ! X

  8. I’m sure you will enjoy line dancing, Barbara. It really is great fun. Great demo by Maria and great Clarity weekend on Hochanda. Love, love the new stamps and dies!!!!!!
    Gayle xx

  9. I go line dancing every week and love it, but it is not YeeHah, with hats and boots! We do have a couple of “Tena” dances though and always have a good laugh. Hope you enjoyed it and as someone else said, you have to remember the steps, so don’t think of anything else and it clears the mind. Should be good for you Barb, with all the activity going in yours!
    I have loved all the Clarity shows this weekend, so thanks to everyone involved. The dies are stunning and so like paper cuts. When I can afford it, I will be ordering some, but I am now looking forward to receiving my new Books and plate, which were dispatched today. Annette X

  10. Its good to switch off every day things & do something different. Enjoy the line dancing, look forward to hearing about it tomorrow as I am sure there will be some tales to be told !!

  11. Really lovely demo. Thank you very much.
    We are more into ballroom dancing but would love to try line dancing – enjoy x

  12. Enjoy the line dancing – stands a chance you may have done it before, as you have the hat and the boots! Look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.
    Just off to watch the YouTube video – I may just have to go for the Shenandoah Designer Card, to use with the new dies! Sorry Alison!! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – our weather turned decidedly colder this afternoon and rumour has it that rain is on it’s way tomorrow! Mind you that’s good really, as our gardener came today and has seeded quite a large area – so it will save Neill having to water it. Take care all of you, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  13. Well have you Barbara? We went years ago , we stood at the back so as not to be too conspicuous, but didn’t realise they turn around. We had a good laugh but only went for 4 weeks couldn’t keep up. Later took up Ballroom then Square dancing, which we loved. Have fun, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Great shows this weekend, you all did brilliantly, loved everything that was on. Never really been into dyes, but yours were amazing, Think you’ve converted

  14. What a beautiful card Maria has made. I really like the stamp and I own the little version of it but not this size one, it will go on my wish list though. Hope you enjoy your line dancing, I used to do it and always enjoyed myself. XX

  15. Evening bloggy friends, another warm one today but I did miss sitting in the garden with a book. Oh well, already Wednesday tomorrow! XX

  16. This Lily of the Valley stamp is really pretty Barbara and I love the lacy pattern via the gelli plate. I must get myself a piece of lace and have a go. Thank you to Maria for this very informative video. I have never been line dancing myself but it looks like great fun, so have a great fun evening. x

  17. Brilliant demo from Maria, lovely card. I used to go line dancing years few years ago, great fun. xx

  18. Hello Barb, a great youtube video from Maria, one of my favourite stamps. Hope you enjoyed the line dancing. I would give it a try, but I tend to be very clumsy, uncoordinated and fall over my own feet. Would love to see photo of you in the boots and hat. Take care all. Bx

  19. Loved Maria’s demo. What a great card, must have a go. We went to a barn dance at our youngest son’s junior school. It was good fun but hard to get my head around all the steps. I nearly always ended up facing in the wrong direction! xx

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