40 Years ago

40 Years ago

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Wednesday’s blog, Mindful Wednesday, when we look at our crafty lives, don’t we? Do you think about the past much? I don’t really. Probably because the present is so full, I haven’t got time to spend reminiscing. And whilst I don’t regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it, there were some dark times which I am glad are just that – IN THE PAST. After all, the whole point of this mindful process, which we pursue through craft, meditation, focussed breathing and the like, is geared towards keeping us in the NOW.

Nonetheless, if Life is a journey, then it is surely interesting to look on the timeline and see how far we have come. Instead of going to situations, I sometimes pluck a year to visit, or an age.

For example, where was I 40 years ago? I’d have been 19 and living in Manchester, in my second year at Uni. In fact, NO. If I was in my second year at the language faculty, I would have been doing my year abroad. So I was at Salamanca University in Spain. Lots of dancing and Sangria that summer then! And suddenly, all the memories of that phase come flooding back – good and bad. And with the memories come the emotions – positive and negative. In truth, I could write a book about being a young blonde English student in post-franco Spain, about the hooker we ended up living with, about the fascist group, the Fuerza Nueva who terrorised and murdered local communists – oh you wouldn’t BELIEVE the truth. But you see, instead of writing a blog in 2018, and being the 59 year old woman that I actually am, I am catapulted back to the girl who got herself into all sorts of pickles and scrapes. I’m lucky to be alive actually. But that was then, and this is now. So whilst I may glance over my shoulder periodically, better to invest my hours and mind in today, don’t you agree?

One day, when I am retired, and I have time to write, then maybe I will dig deep and write those books inside me. But for today, I prefer to settle for a little bloggy chat to you – one day at a time.


Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “40 Years ago

  1. Start the book Barb – a little bit every so often, as the mood takes you. My Dad started a book for his grandchildren before he died. I have now continued where he left off as he only got to the Chapter about the early 1940s – so I can remember a little from that time, but of course I can remember from the 50s onwards. So little by little as the mood takes me I add a little.

  2. Totally agree about living in the present – and yes, I too have stages in my life that I prefer to forget about. I can well imagine that your year in Spain was amazing! As we spend a lot of time in Spain, we are getting to know it’s history and it’s culture – which is fascinating.
    My current mind set is Clarity orientated – surprise, surprise!! Looking forward to getting your fabulous set of new dies and mulling over the endless variations that can be achieved with them. I really do need to take advantage of the discount on the Shenandoah designer card, as Paul quite rightly pointed out – it works perfectly with them!
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Hello Barbara,
    you made me think there. Good lord 1978, I was 14 then, still at school and thought I knew it all. How wrong was I? But every day has been a school day since then, you learn something new and some of it’s helpful and some most definitely not. I’ve been enjoying the blog for a while now. Thank you for it and what you and your team do. Lynn x

  4. Cor blimey my life so far has been very tame in comparison, I’ll look forward to that book Barbara. I prefer to look forward, you can’t change the past but you can learn from it xx

  5. Sometimes it is good to think back to times gone past, but not to dwell too much. There is so much happening in life that we sometimes forget to pause and just cherish the moment. I am taking time just now, while I am unable to much to slow everything down and cherish what we have.

  6. I too have dark times in my past but I think they help me appreciate the good times and be grateful for all I have. I try to remember only the good times. Keep doing what you are doing Barbara. You make a lot of people very happy with your creativity.

  7. Apart from happy memories of times with my family, I don’t look back on my early life much – especially early teens. My life starts from Age 19. But mostly I have learnt to stay in the present. I have so many locked up boxes in my head that my hair looks like an Exploding Pop Up Card!!!!

  8. 1978 – I was already married with two young children. It seems so long ago and only yesterday. In the course of a major clear out, I have been looking through a lot of family photos. Lots of happy memories there. Right now, I am still getting used to my new life and trying to make the most of it. I started writing down memories of my life from the earliest, but I need to fill in a lot of the missing parts to go with the huge amount of family history records I have. My advice is to do a little every day before you forget it all. xxx Maggie

  9. Love that Barbara when you are retired, I never seem to stop. As for 40 years ago I would have been 26 with two young girls then. Thought my family was complete but how wrong was I. Can’t say I was living it up but we used to have some great times with friends whilst struggling to pay the bills. xx

  10. Hello Barbara

    Similar to Maggie, 40 years ago I was already married and my third child was two months old. In the present, my youngest has just moved out permanently and I am adjusting to life on my own. My crafting keeps me sane (I think).


  11. A very thoughtful blog. 40 years ago I was into my second year at work at St. John’s College and who would have thought I would have spent the next 37 there ! And who would have thought I would have returned this week after 3 years to the week of starting retirement! Those were what we always referred to the ‘good old days’ at work, we had a lot of fun and still do really despite the new rules and regs! I was about to be 19 later in the year, already knew the man I was to marry but didn’t do that till I was 23, then I had a ready made family, a lot of fun! X

  12. Barbara, with your wonderful way of words a book would make fascinating reading. I love your blogs and your sense of humour shines through. I was in my late 20s in 1978 and my first child was 4. We were lucky to have a little house and £5.00 bought the week’s groceries with change over! My music always brings back memories of a happy marriage, and I can remember many happy times xx

  13. My Dear Barbara. among your many talents you really do have a gift for writing. I read your blogs everyday because what you write is interesting, funny, vibrant, inspiring, insightful, spiritual, just a few things I receive when I read your words. Please write your story Barbara, I and many other people would love to read it. love and blessings Donna.

  14. Hi Barbara
    Oh dear, 40 years ago I was 13 and an awkward teenager, not a time I like to look back on. Have you thought about making tapes of your memories so they are all at hand for the future when you have time to write the book. You have led such an interesting life, I can well believe you got into some scrapes. I hope you enjoyed line dancing last night and you aren’t too foot sore today. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Evening Barbara.
    40 years ago I was in lower 6th at school and 17….and in between going to school and keeping up with homework I was helping my dad look after my mum and keeping house . It’s a very painful memory so I am going to stop there.
    I recently met someone who I had been at school with all those years ago and she could remember so many little details but I seem to have shut it all out .
    Hope you had a good evening dancing and I am enjoying seeing your wedding cake pictures….there are some shocking ones!
    Love and hugs xxx

  16. Ohh Barbara the way you draw people into your reminiscing on the blog I recon your book would be a best seller One day ehh !

  17. 40 years ago we had been married for 3 1/2 years and our oldest son was just 18 months old. I wasn’t sure then that I had enough love to give to another child but when the other two boys came along I found out I was was wrong! Now with 5 grandchildren I know that we have enough love in us to go round. Thank you for taking me back to those precious memories of when my boys were little, but the present and the future are looking good. xx

  18. You are right Barbara, we shouldn’t dwell on the past too much, but sometimes it is good to reminisce, but about the good bits not the bad. Forty years ago I was 27 and was expecting my son who was born at the end of May 7 wks early, and the coming year was to be probably the most difficult time of my life as my then husband left me when our son was just 7 months old. My parents were just the best during those difficult times. I think if you wrote a book it would be a great page turner, if this blog is anything to go by, as you have such a great sense of humour and you write extremely well. x

  19. Forty years ago was a week before my 32nd birthday. I was still having problems with my first husband and, although I have been happily married to my present husband for almost 43 years, life still had a lot more trouble and unhappiness in store for me. So I definitely agree with you Barbara, it’s best to live in the present as spending time thinking of the past can ruin the future. I really think you should write that book as you certainly have a way with words.xx

  20. Oh boy – 40 years ago I was getting ready to do my O levels at school. I have no desire whatever to go back to those days – not unless I can return with all the confidence and knowledge and life experience that I have now!

  21. Hi Barbara, what a super blog today I agree you should write your autobiography of your lives work .
    After reading your blog today it was so interesting and inspiring.

    I am sure we all have things we would like to forget , but the odd time these things come to the fore we just remember and then they go back to the past.
    I am sure everyone here would say that crafting is a. Wonderful thing to help us all cope with what life throws at us.
    Lynn xx

  22. Gosh, 40 years ago, been married almost 10 years with an 8 and 4 year old, hard up but happy days. I do like to reminisce and look through photos sometimes but wouldn’t want to dwell on any unhappy or sad times. If you wrote a book Barbara I’m sure we’d all love to read it. If your blogs are anything to go by it would be a brilliant and fascinating read.xxx

  23. Well 40years ago today 09.05.79 at 15.16 in the afternoon I gave birthday to the most beautiful little girl Rebecca are eldest child who is the most beautiful loving caring adult and was the most peaceful baby our world was changed for ever for the best . First of 4 beautiful daughters we are very proud of her and the wonderful wife and mum she has become. Know we’re did that time go only seems like yesterday . Would love to read your book one day retire !!!

  24. Thinking back to this difficult time last year, you have now catapulted me back to a time of great expectations forty years ago. My second year of teaching and nearing the end of my second probationary year (as was required in Scotland at that time before being awarded your ‘parchment’ ie licence to teach), during the Easter holidays I’d applied to teach for SCEA – aka to be a Forces Teacher. My London interview was arranged around this time in May and scheduled for July where I was told I’d be in Germany by summer 1979. In fact, by October 1978, I was destined to teach in Hong Kong from January 1979 only for this to be changed two weeks later to Brunei, first setting foot on this beautiful island of Borneo on Hogmanay 1978. Thus began my itinerant journey and why Brunei and those I had the privilege to teach, meet and befriend retains a very special place in my heart. Bless you for allowing me to recall these memories. I, too, have several books all but for the writing! ;~}

  25. Wow. Really makes you think. 40 years ago I was changing majors in college, certain that I had found a career that I would truly love (big mistake) and that I never, ever wanted children ( I have 2 and they fill my heart in a way I could not imagine). Never wanted any adventures myself, “Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” 😉 (from The Hobbit), but your story sounds very interesting. You are a wonderful writer and should start writing it down, if only for your children.

  26. Hello Barb, well I can certainly agree with you that sometimes, things are best left in the past. From time to time I also look back (and I am nearly the same age as you), and think, did I really do that. We may think we regret the things we had done in our younger years, but I believe they make us who we are. Your book would be interesting to read and no doubt a bestseller. Take care all. Bx

  27. My younger daughter was 40 on Tuesday, so I was thinking back to 1978. We had emigrated to South Africa 2 years previously and moved to Johannesburg when I was 8 months pregnant, so things were quite tumultuous for me. I missed my family in the UK terribly and life was oh so lonely, as my husband worked away from home a lot and I was left with a toddler and a new baby.
    We have been back in the UK for 20 years now, my younger daughter has 3 children and lives in Vancouver and my older one and her 11 year old daughter live with us. How life has changed and so much has happened in the intervening years. I wish I had discovered papercrafting earlier, as it might have helped me through the hard times. It certainly does now. Annette X

  28. Wow, you made me think & realised that 40 years ago I had been married for 5 years & had just found out I was expecting our first child to be born the following January but in fact she arrived at the beginning of December. Its good to look back sometimes but I think we tend to remember the good times more than the bad. Now we have 2 children with 2 granddaughters & a new grandchild due in July. Besides my crafting I also do family history which has its happy & sad bits but it is interesting to find out how our families have evolved.

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