Bank Holiday Monday – What a weekend!

Bank Holiday Monday – What a weekend!

Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful warm weather, and that it’s not tooooo hot for you. We did find a shady spot in the garden this afternoon, I must admit. I left Paul up at HOCHANDA this morning, and headed back down the motorway, before the traffic kicked in. Just got back as it was starting to thicken like soup. Cars, caravans, motorbikes and cyclists all over the south today! It was quite a relief to switch the engine off and have a brew.

What a weekend though! And Paul’s still going!! One more hour at 5pm, so I won’t stop long, because I want to go cheer and support him with Dave. He is such a good friend. But you know that. No ego, no fanfare. He just gets on with it and keeps smiling. Always the same, always calm. Never moody, never snitty. I love working with him and I love him very much, too. Actually, same goes for Dave! I’m lucky – and I know it.

Thank you so so much if you watched and invested in us again. We were pretty sure the new Fresh Cut Dies would be popular, but we could never have envisaged THIS popular! SOLD OUT of a substantial stock and digging into a second huge back up stock.I want to explain something…. When we load a large amount of stock, wait for it to sell out, and then offer up a second amount of stock, you may wonder why we don’t just load the lot straightaway. In this case, it’s not about not having the stock and having to make more, (as is sometimes the case with Groovi!); in this case, it’s about being able to dispatch it all in the allotted time. That’s why I do this. So that Jayne and the team at work, who pack and send all the Hochanda parcels out from our place, have a chance to fulfill the order in the tight turnaround time they are given.

I could run these aperture dies through the mangle till the cows come home – they are just so superbly classy! Less is more for me here. Love it love it love it. But i am looking forward to getting to grips with this new kind of art. I already have a few new ideas, which I am looking forward to figuring out….

A Very Special Thank you also to Shelagh Metselaar, Dee Paramour and Wendy Thorburn, for producing spectacular artwork, and helping us create a tidy little ii-Book for your pleasure too.

Gotta go and catch up with Paul. There’s still time to invest in the very first Clarity dies and the wonderful little ii-book at a very special price.

SKY 673 (24/7) .  FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM) .  FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Anyway, I must dash and watch. Time to get in out of the sun again!


Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday – What a weekend!

  1. I’m sure I will invest in those fabulous dies sooner rather than later but can’t do it at the moment. Still got to catch up on 2 shows but I can see the possibilities are endless.
    Gorgeous day here but some parts of Cornwall have had fog again, I can see it across the bay in the St Ives direction. Just off for fish and chip tea xx

  2. These are beautiful dies..i have to admit my heart sank a bit when you announced you were doing dies but these are absolutely fabulous. Methinks I shall have to spend pennies .Fabulous shows as ever from all the gang this weekend. Enjoy your evening xx

  3. The shrink plastic really did it for me. Could not resist any longer. Now, I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Paul is always so calm which makes him a brilliant teacher, even when he creates magnetic die cuts, he just carried on. The Clarity team is just so special. xxx Maggie

  4. Loved the dies even before I saw them in action! Luckily my fluttering eyes worked and I have a set coming for my birthday from my family! Yay!! Paul has been doing an excellent job all day and I am just enjoying his last hour. Thank you to you all for giving us another great quality product. Xx

  5. Afternoon bloggy friends, great shows on today so have been escaping the sun and watching them instead. Feel very lucky to have the dies on their way. Hope everyone has had a lovely long weekend too. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – I have watched the shows today also and spent some time in the garden too. I have got the dies coming my way too! Love to you and Phoebe xx

  6. Hi Barbara.
    The whole weekend has been a joy! Groovi, stamping and now die cutting. All the demos have been so well presented and inspirational! Just finishing watching Paul now! He’s a super star!
    Enjoy your evening in the sunshine. I bet you can relax a little now.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. Loved all things Clarity this weekend, spent too much but hey ho, life’s too short, I know I will get so much pleasure using everything. May everyone enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, love and light Donna

  8. Hi Barbara – I have really enjoyed watching Paul’s shows today. Such a lovely man! I am very excited about having these wonderful new dies – yes, I gave in yesterday. Enjoy your evening with Dave. Love and hugs to you both, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – another beautiful day and more great shows. Just what the doctor ordered! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  9. Hi Barbara! What a fantastic weekend! Watched every show and loved them all. I was so lucky, I won the die set on Clarity’s Facebook giveaway so can’t wait for them to arrive. And so now I can afford to treat myself to Tina’s butterfly plates… (Well, it would be rude not to, don’t you think?!) Thank you for amazing shows, full of inspiration. Xx

  10. Great weekend of clarity loving it all the dies look fantastic you all did fantastic glad you and Dave got to have some time together hasn’t the weather been good looks like finally has arrived. Enjoy your evening hope traffic isn’t to bad for Paul driving home hugs all round xxx

  11. Super dies, super popular Barbara. Cannot buy at the moment but definitely on the wish list. I have been away until today but did catch Paul earlier on and he is doing a spectacular job as usual. x

  12. Well Barbara! Dies I thought not more dies and from Clarity now as well. Now you really have found a little/large niche in the market. How very clever of you to come up with such a brilliant concept and yes I invested in the whole set I love them. Well done you.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed all the shows. I have these in stencils so cant wait to try the dies. Next Saturday I’m very lucky as I’m off to Tina’s home to play with Groovi . ❤️

  14. Enjoyed your shows on Sunday Barbara, love watching you , so clever. Have watched a bit of Paul which were also good, but have so much that needs doing in the garden. But have them recorded. Didn’t buy but have some money coming for my birthday so will be able to choose then. Well done all of you. Xx

  15. Hi Barbara, well what a fantastic weekend you have had.
    I only have one thing to say, if you had brought out the dies before groovi I would have gone that way , but groovi came first and I went that way so sorry to say I will be sticking with my groovi .
    Loved all Tina’s shows and will be buying some more goodies very soon.
    Watched Paul today ,he is brilliant very calming and his demos were brilliant who ever bought the dies will be able to make some wonderful cards and art especially with the lovely papers you have got.
    Glad you arrived home safe and sound , time for a little down time with Dave.
    Nighty nighty
    Lynn xx

  16. Loved those dies and can’t wait to see where this new journey will lead for you. I have a whole days worth of recorded shows to watch, but they will have to wait for a few days until I get control of the remote! Any purchases will have to wait for the next paycheck!!! Susan x

  17. Great show from Paul. Good tip about the shrink plastic.
    The ideas just keep coming. Bank balance suffering

  18. I love the look of these dies and made my first purchase on Hochanda, even though I’ve been watching from the first day. Been busy this weekend, so I’ve been watching on rewind. Still got to catch up with the Sunday afternoon shows.

  19. Hi Barb, the weather is great here too. Had a lovely family weekend as our son and his family came up from Reading. On Sunday we all went over to our daughter’s for a barbecue and get together, while the youngest grandchildren played in the pool. So haven’t watched the shows yet but will catch up tomorrow. Products ( what I’ve seen of them on the blog) look great, as usual.xx

  20. Loved watching the shows with the dies. The demos were great. Can’t afford them yet as spent on groovi on Saturday but pay day is around the corner so may have to start buying bit by bit. Spent the afternoon grooving (well piercing) in the garden. What a lovely way to end the bank holiday. 😄

  21. Loved all the shows I’ve watched, still have to watch Paul’s last one for today. Excellent weekend of Clarity. Only ordered the ii books as yet and a few previous groovi plates, but love all the stamps, dies and everything. Can’t see me resisting for long. xxx

    1. Hi Pam – hope that your back is not too bad at the moment. As you will have seen I bought the dies!! Just couldn’t resist them – they are SO different and the results are amazing. Love and hugs to you and Pete xxxx

  22. Well I just had to didn’t I? Can’t wait for them to arrive. Fab shows as always, enjoyed every minute!
    Love & hugs, Carole xxx

  23. Evening Barbara, took my tablet out to the garden yesterday so I could enjoy the gorgeous weather AND watch your shows. As always fab shows, great demos, lots of inspiration and fun! Then your ODS and what can I say – Love Love Love your new dies! 😊 I’m pretty new to die-cutting myself but your dies are not just beautiful but also so easy to use. Love the “simplicity” ! Can’t buy anything atm but they’re definitely on my wish list for your Open Day next month. 😉 Also watched the 2nd hour with Paul last night and loved it. He was fantastic! Sadly, couldn’t watch any shows today but will catch up on Rewind some time this week.
    Glad you had a good journey home and hope you and Dave enjoyed the rest of the day ! Time for bed now. 😊

  24. I couldn’t help myself, and I bought one of the dies direct from Clarity as I thought it would be a good way to cheer myself up. I am looking forward to it arriving, but not in a rush for it, as I am still going to have to keep my arm imobile for at least another three weeks while my shoulder and it’s pins inside it heal. Then it will be gentle crafting while I start moving again. (Who am I kidding? I want to craft now!!!)

  25. Hello Barb, the shows were superb, Paul always shares so many tips (and thanks to Dee too about the plastic sleeve tip). Love the dies, can’t get them just yet, but doubt it will be too long. The samples were super and the demo’s. Hope everyone has enjoyed the weather, and hopefully it will be here a while yet, maybe not as hot. Take care all. Bx

  26. What a weekend. I wanted everything but just the dies for now. They are so classy. The stamps are on my wish list. You were brilliant and so was Paul.
    Hugs from Chris X

  27. Really enjoyed the shows. I’ve said it before you are one inspirational lady and very clever to keep coming up with ideas which you see through for us all to get enthusiastic about.
    And what a team. I’m reminded of that Bonzo Dog Doo Daa Band song where all the members of the band are introduced very simply: “Barb on Stamps, Dave on keeping Barb sane and very happy, Paul on Fresh Cut, Maria on TV, Tina on Groovi, Rosella on You Tube, Janine on Phone, Jayne and team on Hochanda Packs………and so many more very talented people pouring, scoring, drawing, storing, packing stacking!

  28. Hi Barbara
    I’m going to watch the shows on catch up over the next couple of days as we took advantage of the sunshine. I’m very tempted by the Dies, hubby got the hint when I showed him so hopefully that’s birthday sorted. Hopefully by then my arm will be up to crafting again. I’ve just been asked to do another afternoon at work, I said yes very quickly as that can be craft money instead of daughters rent money for uni 😃. That makes complete sense allocating stock in that way, much better to fulfill your orders in the timescales than promise the world and struggle to deliver. I’ve just heard my friend Barbara in Germany who you met at Ally Pally has ordered dies and paperpads, she’s very excited, especially as you deliver to Germany.
    Love Diane xxx

  29. Hello Barbara,
    I’ve never commented on your blog before although I often read it. A few months ago I watched you on Hochanda, by IPad!! and you inspired me to do more stamping . However, I watched the Show on Friday on Catchup and was hooked !! The Dies are beautiful. I’ve been saying for months that I don’t need any more Dies but yours are so different – I succumbed!
    I know Diane and Barbara but I’m much quieter than they are! Lol!
    Many thanks,
    Many thanks

  30. Hello to all. Well Barbara, were do you get these ideas from, I have over 150 dies and i dais this year no more.
    Then i watched Paul and have ordered for flower set. Can not wait to play in a weeks time or so. Mine will be in the 2nd delivery. I will use with the parchment papers.
    Again, well done.
    I will be in Bristol temple meads station on Friday 13th (my birthday) for the
    Parchment show. Hope Tina will be there.
    New to the groovi system, which has helped me have a go at parchment craft, not as hard as i thought.

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