What can you see?

What can you see?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! How was your day? Fruitful? Mine was. Long but fruitful.

So before I hit the hay, I wanted to present you with a particularly fine piece of scrap. Yep. One of those ones which instantly goes into the Hall of Fame Scraps of All Time! I have been sitting on it for ages, wondering how to tackle it. I mean, you can see what I see, right?

The thing about scraps like this is they are a one-off, absolutely unique, never to be repeated. In other words, couldn’t tell you how it happened, or even attempt to reconstruct it. So what do you see? I’m pretty certain everybody sitting here will see the two trees, right? But what else is there?

But what about this? Does this change anything? Throw up anything? See. Now I can see all sorts of things I didn’t spot before!

Ok. One more rotation, just to add another perspective… Well, blow me over with a feather! Now I can see a whole other scene!

How about you? No? Nothing? Squint a bit.I’ll give you a clue : Lake.


Let’s have a bit of interactive banter here. let’s call the Scrap above  1, 2 and 3. Say you can see something in the second picture, then write 2/a young girl in a forest. Ok. I gave that one away. Can you see her? Oh No!! Can you see the wolf staring at her???

This is a super exercise is letting your mind loose. Just gaze at the scrap, almost beyond the scrap, if you know what I mean. Let it blur a little even.

Even if you see absolutely diddly squat, you will have relaxed your mind for a moment and vacated it of anything else! And let’s face it – that’s a whole lot cheaper than a therapist!!!

Later on this week, I may use this scrap to make art. Or I may just frame it as is and hang it on my wall. But which way up ?!?!?  That is the real question!

Love & Hugs,



29 thoughts on “What can you see?

  1. 1/ A boat on a lake. Can’t see your girl but then I don’t always see the shapes in these scraps. I have had a busy day but found some time for playing with your lovely new dies. xx

    1. The boat on the lake was second after the tree. Can’t see a girl though, but then, I haven’t squinted yet. Lol

  2. I see a forest with a lake in the middle, there is a boat on the lake just leaving the jetty and a little boy fishing. Love your work and your inspiration Barbara. May it continue for decades to come.

  3. Hello Barbara

    Scrap 1 has a road, trees, a lake, more trees and an interesting sky.

    Love Roz xxx

  4. 1/ a field of tulips with a canal, trees and a windmill in the background.
    2/ a lady in a crinoline with her back to us, Hair blowing in the wind.
    3/ ploughed field in the foreground, willow tree hanging over a river. Hills and twilight sky.
    What fun to drift over that field of tulips and float down the river under the willow.

  5. Scrap two looks like a small sailing boat going down a river, with tall trees either side sailing towards dark clouds in the stormy sky. Scrap three looks like reflections of trees from the river bank. Scrap one looks like a really windy day , the wind rushing past the trees. Xx

  6. A country scene in 1. I’m afraid I can’t get the Cadbury Smash man out of my head for no 2.😍. No.3 is a lake with reflections of trees. It’s been a long day here too! x

  7. I can just see the howling wind in no 1 and 3, but in no 2 I can see one of those fantastic toadstool rock formations that you get in New Mexico or Arizona. Took me right back to my holiday a couple of years ago. x

  8. Hi Barbara
    I love it when you show us scraps to look at. No 2 I can see a small girl holding someone’s hand but it’s raining and they are sheltering I under an umbrella. I could see the girl and a wolf too. I’m off to stare at the other two again now.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. 1. Autumn trees in the fog
    2. One of those statues from Easter Island
    3. An eroding cliff face where a recent landslide has exposed layers of rock from deep in our past.

  10. 1 – most certainly trees and grass in the foreground and behind that a river with more trees on the far bank.
    3 – I see a lake and a hot air balloon drifting off into the distance, towards tree covered hills.

  11. 1) Dutch Landscape with canal in the background and a smidgeon of bulb fields to the fore.
    2) A climber, rope in hand, about to scale one of the rock sculptures around Sedona.
    3) A pair of oarsmen, rowing down a cypress-banked river.

  12. The first view looks like the two tree to the left on the bank and quite a wide river with a boat travelling along closer to the opposite bank. |The second looks like a mother walking away from us with the wind blowing her hood about and to her right is a child on a bike. The third looks like a tidal river with water flowing each side of the mud flats in the middle, and several boats laying and waiting for the tide to come in and also a canoe with two people paddling . Thanks for making us sit and really look Barbara, it is good to use your imagination. x

  13. 1. Trees reflecting into a lake and on the right is a little boat.
    2. A face, the darker coloured side is the shadow, the green down the middle is highlighting the nose. If you stare the jaw becomes more visible around the bottom!
    3. Trees on a lake, the northern lights are shining in the sky.
    Think I would go for number 1 and define the water line . Staring at inky scrap backgrounds always reminds me of those ink blot tests…or Rachel from Friends trying to see her sonogram!
    Had great fun this weekend playing with my new 3 way stamps, they are amazing! Xx

  14. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My new stamps arrived on Saturday so I had time to play, love them already. Xx

  15. Picture 3, I see a fisherman next to his bivvy looking out over a canal.
    It’s an incredibly peaceful image.
    I’m on holiday in Corfu and this has just sent me back home! Magical

  16. Barb, Just a couple of little queries. What ink did you apply to your derriere and for how long did you have to sit on the paper to achieve this pattern?

  17. 1. Landscape with poplar trees.
    2. I saw the girl, wearing a cape with the hood up and a shadowy figure following her through the forest.
    3. I see reflections of a landscape in a body of water.
    4. I see a boulder formation like the Old Man of Hoy.

    Sleep tight Barbara. Hope you wake up to your new day feeling refreshed xx

  18. Can see girl in boat on on lake and see shadows of trees on water flowers near to look in morning as late eyes tired xxx

  19. Hello Barb, what a superb scrap piece, loved reading through all the comments, and seeing what others see. My favourite orientation has to be 3, which is a lake with the trees on the bank reflecting and a stormy looking sky. Take care all. Bx

  20. 2. That cliff edge that lots of climbers want to climb in Yosemite
    3. The landing stage at Bowness on Windemere with the busy crowds in the foreground and the lake beyond

  21. A person pushing a pram towards two conifers pic 1
    Someone in the lotus position in a glade pic2
    And a person with wings flying away from woods pic3
    Or it could be just a beautiful piece of abstract art love found things xx

  22. The more I look, the more I see but at first glance…..
    1- the trees when you look out of the car window when driving past at speed
    2- a colonial woman, walking off into the sunset
    3- Christmas decorations on the fireplace on a cozy Christmas Eve 💚

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