Once in a Blue Moon…

Once in a Blue Moon…

Hi there.

Thanks for dropping in. Thursday’s blog is always blue, so here goes: a simple little step by step which I did quickly on telly last weekend, using the Gelpress Petite with ink.

Once in a blue moon, the demo on live TV comes out better than the one I have prepped. As was the case on Sunday with this one! Woohoo! A much better alternative to the opposite

situation, when the piece you’re doing live goes Pete Tong!




Mount the square Petite Gelpress on the matching Megamount by Clarity. Without this, the little Gelpress isn’t really much good.

Stamp the Cobalt Archival inkpad directly onto the Gelpress in one half, and the Paradise Teal one in the other half.


Blend the two in the middle with a brayer, to break down the centre stripe.

Use a crumpled up paper towel to blot and distress the outer edges,


then use a piece of sequin waste to add a kooky pattern here and there around the outer edges too.

See? There’s no rush; the ink won’t dry as quickly as acrylic paint.

Next, stamp the double-line blank square stamp in Cobalt into the centre of one of our new 5x5inch white card blanks.

Ink up the Queen Anne’s Lace outline tile, and stamp it into the centre of the inky GelPress. Give a little wiggle.

The stamp love, wiggle the stamp!

See? If you hadn’t inked up the stamp, that’s cool too – the stamped image would be white instead.

Now flip the Gelpress petite on its mount, so it becomes a stamp, and line up the flower to fit within the frame.

It will fit perfectly. They are all set to fit.

Easy. You can see how the wiggle gives you that fine white line around the dark blue stamp.

Here’s a white option – just don’t ink up the stamp. It will pull the ink off the Gelpress.

But as I was saying, once in a blue moon, it goes right on telly – in fact , better than right!

This one was a lovely blend of both, and the outer edge wasn’t so pronounced. Bingo.

There we are. That simple.

If you would like to take a closer look at these new 3-way overlay stamps, then head over to the website.

They really are sublime. We sold out on Sunday actually! And with the heat and the time of day, that was pretty impressive! So somebody liked them too!

You can buy them individually, or as a big bundle.



Dave and Paul are off up to Port Sunlight now, to set up tomorrow for the Stamp Festival on Saturday. Maria and Paul will be demonstrating, and I have it on good authority that there are plenty of these stamps and the new dies on the van! Not to mention Tina’s new books and grids and Grooooovi!

While we were pedalling away on the telly at the weekend, Dave used the van to move some stuff -and the engine siezed again. Dead van. So it’s Hire-a-Van for a couple of weeks until we get a new one. Yep, the old one has finally breathed its last, given up the ghost, and is going to meet his maker, Our Ford, in the van graveyard in the sky.

The good news is that we made enough money at the weekend to buy a new one.And the even better news is it didn’t blow up on the way up the M40, like last time!

I stayed back, because I have got so much to sort out for the wedding! The date is looming, and I really need to start ticking some boxes !!! Yikes.

I will try and get up to Liverpool for the October Show. I do love it up there.


Until tomorrow,

Love and hugs,





21 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon…

  1. How spooky, just been listening to the Pete Tong Ibiza Classics album, with the Heritage Orchestra and Jules Buckley. Amazing, recommend it when you need an excuse to get up and dance around the room! Xxxx

  2. Beautiful art work. So simple but increadable at the same time. I will be saving up to get these as soon as I am back at work.
    Just about to take some more painkillers then will have another go at groovi with my “other” hand! Hopefully it will be better than last weeks efforts as I am getting more competent with my left hand.
    I hope you have fun sorting out your arrangements this weekend while the boys are away working hard!

  3. Waiting for my stamps to arrive then will have a play looking forward to giving it ago. Exciting wedding is getting nearer get those boxes ticket henless to worry about lots love hugs soon be singing I’m getting married in morning 😍💕💕💕

  4. Now, Barbara, knowing how well prepped you are for telly and workshops, I would have thought all the boxes would have been ticked for that special day by now. No?? Never mind, you are a master at winging it all. Just make sure you have organised the right weather. Everything else will fall into place. I have every faith and when can we see the video? xxx Maggie

  5. Glad you have blogged this, one of my favourite demos from the weekend. I sat doing little oooo noises, and on the alcohol ink one too using the gelli. Can’t wait for my stamps to come, got a dispatch email today so not too long to wait. Xx

  6. Ooooo lovely artwork with the new stamps, haven’t get my gel plate out for ages. Glad the van conked out at home.
    Good luck to the team at Port Sunlight xx

  7. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is having a good week. Can’t believe its already Thursday! Trying to be patient and wait for my new goodies to arrive…although I can’t have my dies till my birthday so they can come slowly so I won’t be tempted to open them. Xx

  8. I love this demo. Think it was favourite one. So simple but so effective. Hope you manage to tick lots of boxes this weekend.

  9. loved this demo when you did it in Sunday so am looking forward to having a play. Hope you manage to get lots of boxes ticked this weekend, I do find it satisfying to see a list of things to do with things ticked off.

  10. Great demo and blog. I am happy because I know who Pete Tong is! My daughter took me in the “mosh pit” last year for one of his concerts! I could only see the screens and all the youngsters around me said that I was very brave at my age to be there! Also got propositioned by some young Italian male. Well what can one say. Going again in November. Life in the old b…. yet!
    Love to all – lots of luck and joy with the wedding plans. It will be wonderful.

  11. Good evening Barbara! I loved this demo on TV. The stamps work so well with the gel press as do the mini stencils. I also like the fact that they can look similar but everyone will be a bit different.
    Your blog also gave me a reminder to do my list for the weekend! It’ll be great to see Dave and the team at Port Sunlight!
    I bet you are getting excited now about the big day… Just over 6 weeks! Eeeeck! I know there’ll be lots to do still so make the most of the next few days!
    I’m remembering my grandad today on what would have been his 114th birthday. He was a very lovely and down to earth man.
    Anyway have a great evening. Love and hugs! Xxx

  12. Well just be glad that what happened to me when I tried your Gelli plate demo with alcohol inks and chromo card,did not happen on TV. For some reason my chromo card stuck fast to the stencil had to peel it off in layers. My ii books arrived today and dies and stamps are on their way, fabulous service from Clarity yet again. Hope you get some more jobs ticked off your list, I am sure it will all fall into place in time. xx

  13. Would have loved to have gone to Port Sunlight on Saturday, but I’m booked up to do a Groovi class. Hopefully October, then. Hope the new van is trouble free for years to come!

    Hope you manage to get all the boxes ticked Barbara.

    Glynis x

  14. Still chuckling at “Our Ford”! At least you won’t have to say “The Ford’s Prayer” all the way up the motorway, when you have the new van.
    Best wishes to Dave and Paul (loved his weekend demos) at Port Sunlight and hope that you make a huge dent in the wedding plans. Annette X

  15. Loved this demo on TV, so thanks for repeating it as a step by step today. I’m still watching the recorded shows with Paul as I type – so many great ideas and samples. I’ll have to wait to splash the cash, as I’m going down to visit my mum and dad next weekend as she’s had to have a scan today. More important to give her a big hug than to have more craft stash! X

  16. Hi Barbara
    Isn’t this lovely, I’ve still got the stamp shows to watch on rewind. Love the new stamps. Oh dear, poor van, it’s gone to join our lawn mower that keeled over at the weekend. Safe journey Paul and Dave. Have fun ticking those boxes.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Beautiful results using this really pretty tile stamp, and the gelpress technique is perfect with it. I love the blue tones you have used too Barbara. Sorry your van has finally given up the ghost, but the new one will be so much more comfortable and reliable which will be good for you all. x

  18. Hello Barb, a superb step by step, and the show demo was great too. Love the stamps, and I have them on my wish list. Good travels in the new van. Hope all the wedding planning is going well. Take care. Bx

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