Lake Mist.

Lake Mist.

Hi there.

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Been waiting for the clouds to roll in and the heavens to open – but it hasn’t happened.


You know the old saying: If you don’t like the weather in England, just wait a minute!


Here’s a quickie, because I really want to enjoy what‘s left of the sunshine in the garden….

Starting with the Winter tree aperture stencil, brayer a layer of Golden Payne’s Grey Open Acrylic over it, attach it to a piece of stencil card, run it through a mangle of your choice, to transfer the paint to the card.

My mangle of choice is the Gemini. We do sell it, and your club discounts do count too.

Big investment. Considered purchase. Worth every penny – especially if you are joining me on the Fresh Cut Dies Clarity Journey!

So there we are: Hey presto!!!

Use a Glue runner on the outermost edge of the card, like so:

And now let’s add a layer of pure magic.

I cannot shout loudly enough about our designer parchment!


Here, I have simply overlaid one of the Shenandoah landscapes.

The lake, the hills, the shrubs – already there.

Trimmed and mounted on a white cardblank to finish.


Time to clear the head.

Love & Hugs,





37 thoughts on “Lake Mist.

  1. See mine would never look that good. Sure, in my head it looks fantastic but transferring it to a card – disaster. Still practice makes perfect or so they say. Nobody said how many years you have to practice though!! 😂😂 Another superb piece Barb. Hope you still managed to catch some rays. Xxxxx

  2. Gorgeous! Hope you get to enjoy some evening sunshine with a cuppa to clear your head ready for the week ahead – I’m just off for a walk along the river to the cinema tonight! x

  3. Wonderful. I have the Gemini on my Birthday wish list for later in the year. Thunderstorm rumbling around here at moment. I hate thunder, Fred slept through last night’s episode. Wish I had. xx

  4. This looks great overlaid with the parchment Barbara, and added to the card works beautifully. I hope the sun stayed out for you. It has been a lovely sunny afternoon here in Somerset. x

  5. Beautiful design ! And love the papers and parchment. My latest I did on the design parchment and it was quite effective, even if there was some pink on it and it was for a man ! We’ve been threatened rain and storm all day and every time I look at my phone it’s changed ! Due much later now, perhaps it will never come but we do need something to clear the air. So muggy….. musn’t complain though. Enjoy your evening x

  6. Love your Moon Fairy, so nice with the gorgeous parchment. I am going to try it later. We have had a massive thunderstorm here in Norfolk, stopped the satellite connection so I could not watch a replay of some of your shows which I had recorded. Fortunately there’s plenty to choose from on Clarity Youtube so my Sunday craftathon worked out well. My last order arrived within 48 hours – what service!

  7. Beautiful!
    Our weather broke yesterday evening and we had an amazing thunder storm with spectacular lightning and SO much rain! It went on all through the night and it has been much cooler today.
    I love the Shenandoah parchment, paper and card!
    Love and hugs, GIlly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I have missed being able to comment on here, but at last I am improving. Good luck with your operation Alison. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        Good to have you back. Thank you, I am starting to get a bit nervous now I must admit, but I just want it finished! I’ve got plenty of Groovi things to keep me occupied and plenty of Audible books too! Is Neill due to see consultant or someone on the same day (31st)? If do, I hope everything goes well for him. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    This piece is gorgeous. Love the stencil and of course the parchment is beautiful. I really like my Gemini’s ( big and small) and find them very consistent. Great offer too with club discount! I don’t think my attempt would come out as good as yours though! Probably an inky mess. Hope you enjoyed the garden. Love and hugs, Alison xxxc

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been an absolutely beautiful day here for a change. Really hot and sunny! Spent the day potting up tubs with begonias and geraniums although they have been put back into the greenhouse – still a risk of frost up here! Dave and I went to pick my sister and brother in law up from bus station as they were returning from Chelsea Flower Show which they said was brilliant. Well must go – just about to go into battle with Bilbo and the Dwarves! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

          1. Hope everything goes ok for your operation Alison, fingers crossed it goes ahead this time. Xxx

  9. Beautiful and so simple. Bet there are a few fantastic parchment papers that would look good over that stencil. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you’ve had a good day and that you enjoy your holiday – plenty of crafting I bet. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  10. Evening bloggy friends. Had a thunder storm yesterday that was rather spectacular. Watched it for a few hours. Have a lovely bank holiday. Xx

  11. Very humid here today. Great demo Barbara. I don’t have this stencil but I am sure it would work with something I do have. I hope your evening went well

  12. Your artwork today is awesome, unlike the weather in Birmingham which has been monsoons and thunderstorms 😂🤣😂.
    However, as I was told in the Caribbean one day “this isn’t rain ☔️ it’s liquid sunshine!🌞” Trust me… if rain was gold we’d all be mega millionaires here 😃😃😃 Thank you for all that you do 🙏🏽😊🙏🏽

  13. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is lovely, I would be thinking of putting the parchment behind the aperture but using it as an overlay works so well. Must try this with things I’ve got. Hope you’ve had a dry evening , it’s been very muggy here, we started the day with thunder but that’s all we’ve had. Just seen the storms on the news, we definately got of lightly.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Had storm last night another on way tonight I believe hope you enjoyed your walk. We had a wonder and fed at garden centre this afternoon was lovely xxx

  15. After my mess with the Alcohol ink who knows what will happen if I try this but having seen this little beauty it’s got to be done

  16. You do make me laugh every time you mention your mangle, it reminds me of when I was very young and we lived in a house right next to the sea with no electricity and my mum had a mangle outside the door. I can see her now putting the sheets through it.
    Lovely card, so simple but very effective xx

  17. Hello Barb, stunning and beautiful, well the heavens certainly opened here late yesterday, so hope everyone is safe and not flooded out. Take care all. Bx

  18. Wow! That is a beautiful card. I already have the stencil, just need the parchment. Thank you for the inspiration.

  19. Wow that’s lots people listening I do must of time if I missing one will catch up soon as can love reading this xxx

  20. Fab finish! Might just have to give this one a try as loving the idea of a spectacular card with not too much effort, that said I’ll probably need at least three attempts to get anywhere near your original…lol!

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