Meet the Artist – MTA DAY 1

Meet the Artist – MTA DAY 1

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Are you ready for something a little different?

Back in March it was my birthday, and I received so many beautiful handmade cards from friends, family and customers.
It blows me away how much of their time people are prepared to invest in making these wonderful artpieces for me.

And to those good people I want to say a big thank you.
For more than you know.

Dave and I are stepping back for a couple of weeks. 
It’s been so full on for so long, and it’s time to regroup and figure out what’s what again. All we do is think about Clarity. 
Every waking hour of every day.
So we have decided to park it for a fortnight, and go be ourselves –
free of work and buyers and TV shows and – the blog. 
This time I am travelling light. No ipad or computer. 
Just Dave and a diary.   

So to the birthday cards. 
Little did you know when you sent them to me how grateful I would be to you. Because not only did you give me your time in the making, but you are also about to give me MY time.
And what a gift that is to a busy person.

One day at a time I will invite you to MEET THE ARTIST.
I do hope that you are all okay with this idea!
Paul and I made a plan. I have laid out all the lovely art in the days to come, and he will steer the blog in my absence. 

We will present the lovely art and artist, write a little how to,
and attach a 20% special offer to some of the ingredients.
The special offers will accumulate, and stay in place until we get back in a couple of weeks time. 

So thank you again for the thoughtful and lovely cards.
And thank you even more for the gift of time.  

The first offering is a Gelpress masterpiece by Hazel and Steve


Hazel has used one my favourite designs, the Leafy Swirl.
She has used stencil together with the 6″ x 6″ Gel plate, paints and Word Chain Stamps
I liked it so much that I had made into
and a stencil!
So to kick of the holiday event, there is 20% off 
all of the above 3 products.
Love and hugs,
Barb xxx

68 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – MTA DAY 1

  1. Have a great holiday both of you ! Have a relaxing time and get ready for the busy and exciting months to come! No ipad – eek ! Thanks to Paul we will still get our daily read and I’ll look forward to the lovely cards you received. Xx

  2. So pleased to read you are taking time out; it has been so full on for you, I’m surprised you have had time even to breathe! It is very important to have time for ‘you’, so enjoy the space and being with each other. ;~}

  3. Enjoy your break both of you & look forward to seeing more artwork curtesy of Paul uploading to the blog. Its amazing how we have come to depend on our gadgets & the internet.

  4. Sounds like just what doctors ordered for you both complete break enjoy yourself in what ever you do and get up to. Love that card always loved this stencil from two wonderful people love them both such big hearts 💕 xxx

  5. So nice that you both are able to leave for 14 days. Then remember that your team it's the Dream Team. You do not have to worry they will take care of the company for you.Have a great time.

  6. Good for you both! You give so much to all of us and your other customers and you need some "you" time, after all most workers have holiday entitlement. Have a terrific time and stay safe.
    The card from Hazel and Steve is a lovely "starter" xx

    1. Hello blog pals I hope you are all OK. I am trying to catch up with the posts, but not making much headway at the moment. The family left on Tuesday and the clearing up from 3 extra adults and two energetic boys is something else!! I have a wedding anniversary Groovi card to make for hubby by the end of the month, thank goodness it's already started xx

  7. Have a wonderful break, you and Dave certainly deserve it. My best wishes for a peaceful "you two" time – a lovely couple.
    Love Anne (Reading) xx

  8. Have a wonderful holiday with Dave! You two so deserve to take a complete break and you've built a great team now who can run things in your absence! That's how it should be!
    Hazel and Steve… Your card looks ace! The leafy swirl is one of my favourites and if I ever am brave enough to have a tattoo I'm having that done! Haha!
    Anyway…. Well done Paul for driving the blog bus.
    Love and hugs to all xxx

  9. What a wonderful idea to drop out completely. You both thoroughly deserve the break. Time to relax, and recharge the batteries. You have a superb team who are well able to keep things going very successfully in the meantime. Lovely card, Hazel and Steve. Thank you, Paul, for keeping us in touch. xxx Maggie

  10. What a fantastic idea to see the lovely cards sent to you. Well deserved break away from work, blog, FB everything will still be there when you return. Have a wonderful time chilling and relaxing. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope your sister (& you) are ok. I was thinking of you. As you said it was hard but for the best. I bet Phoebe is staying close to her Mam for cuddles. Sending love and hugs to you and your sister, Alison xxx

  11. What a lovely idea. I am sure Paul will do a sterling job in your absence. I am sure the time will go only too quickly for you and Dave but this will be a chance for you both to have some precious time together and recharge your batteries. You will be leaving the business in very capable hands, Clarity team is first class. Enjoy xx

  12. Hazel & Steve – lovely card. Dave & Barb I hope you find sunshine and blue skies away from these awful grey days which feel more like November than April! Enjoy every minute xx

  13. I hope you both have a wonderful relaxing holiday. It did cross my mind when you listed all those up coming events that you hadn’t scheduled enough time to breathe so this will set you up nicely for the busy time ahead. Look forward to seeing all the fabulous cards. xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    I really don't blame you for taking time off with Dave. You've had such a hectic time lately and deserve a rest after all you've got rather a big event to get ready for and you need to be chilled for that! I think this is a brilliant way to showcase your cards and Hazel and Steve's card has set the ball rolling beautifully. Enjoy your time away from all the hustle and bustle, love and hugs, Alison xxx

  15. Hi bloggy friends,
    Hope today has been good for you all. Gilly, hope Neil's appointment went well – I was thinking of you both today. I had my pre op this morning and it was a good job that I'd taken my own BP readings over the last couple of weeks as it was sky high today! Blinking white coat syndrome!! Fortunately we got it down to ok! Only problem is the flipping swabs that were taken today will have run out before my op – how about that for planning!! I have to take them myself in a couple of weeks and take them into my doctors. Why does nothing go simply for me?! We are off up to Metro Centre tomorrow to buy my new camera so excited about that – although I probably won't have clue how to use it! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  16. Thank you Barbara. The idea for this card came from one we did at Cowden many years ago; I simply adapted it, added a few flowery shapes and silently thanked you for your inspiration and vision. Xx

  17. Have a wonderful time Barbara and Dave, if any one deserves a complete break it's you two. I just don't know how you keep going. Be yourselves and have some fun. Paul will keep your blog going, so forget it for a while, we'll all be here when you get back, longing to hear of your adventures. Keep safe, Lots of Love Pam xx

  18. Hi bloggy friends, dry here today for a change, still been cloudy though. Hope you are all ok and looking forward to the weekend. Been doing a bit of rearranging and clearing out of my craft room, looks much worse than it did, seems never

  19. That stencil is beautiful and love the card Hazel and Steve have made with it, and such pretty colours too. I think it is a great idea to see all the wonderful cards you received whilst you are away for your well deserved break, so have a fantastic time and just put yourselves first for a change. I'm sure Paul will do a grand job with the blog too. x

  20. Hi Barbara
    Happy holidays to you and Dave, enjoy the break away from the stress of every day life. What a lovely idea to share your cards, I'm loving the first one Hazel and Steve.
    Take care and safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Hope you have a relaxing time away – you deserve a complete chilled out trip for sure after all the hard graft!
    Take care and enjoy. Love to you both xxx

  22. Hello Barb, I hope you and Dave have a lovely break together, and get some rest and relaxation. I am sure that Clarity is in very capable hands. Love the card from Hazel and Steve. Take care all. Bx

  23. Enjoy your well earned and probably overdue break. Switching off completely is so important once in a while. Great artwork too – I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of your cards xxx

  24. Hello Barb, hope you and Dave have a well deserved rest, which I'm sure is long overdue, we all need to take time out, so rest, relax, enjoy xx

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