In a bit of a dangle!

In a bit of a dangle!

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
The lovely Maria is on Hochanda today:

  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
12 noon (available on Rewind via the Hochanda website) 
and again at 4pm with some beautiful 
NEW fine line stamps designed by Linda Williams.

There are so many elements to the stamps, perfect for mixing and matching – completely interchangeable.

Available as a bundle HERE at a very special price
or as individual stamp sets
Let’s have a look at some artwork
from the design team
Janet Pring
Jane Telford
Carole Panksztelo
Wendy Thorburn
Carole Panksztelo
Jane Telford
Now you may think that you have seen these 
designs before…….. well you have!
They are also available as A5 Groovi Plates
Available as a Quartet HERE
or individually
Here is some Groovi Art
Chris Walker
Amanda Williams
Chris Walker
Karen Jackson
Love & hugs,

PS. Don’t forget to buy your Crowborough Open Day Tickets online or through the office 

01732 868215

To buy a Friday 15th June ticket click here
 To buy a Saturday 16th June ticket click here

24 thoughts on “In a bit of a dangle!

  1. Love these stamps and groovi plates, already got the Dreams groovi, others on my wish list, and now more temptation. Maria's show was brilliant at 12 noon, recorder set for 4.00pm as will be walking my Meg, my doggy best friend! xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Watched Maria's show earlier and loved it as usual. The stamps are great – love the fine line detail – but I think I'm going to give them a miss for the moment as I already have the plates. I'm supposed to be saving up a little bit as well!!! The samples are gorgeous as ever and I have to say that mixed media piece of Dee's was spectacular! Well done Dee – don't know how you di it, but I loved it!! I think the stamps will go on my wish list for Leyburn. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well been really dull here today although Dave has just come back from the Lakes and he said it had been lovely and sunny there. Had a day browsing reviews for cameras today as Dave said he would buy me an upgrade to a full frame one ( I didn't ask where the money was coming from!) . He's also going to treat us to a few night's away in a posher hotel before I go into hospital bless him.. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  3. I caught most of Maria's earlier hour, and in fact she is on again now, but will have to catch up on that as I missed most of it before I realised she was on. I love the samples, just so varied and love all the colour combinations. Fabulous work! x

  4. Another smashing afternoon spent watching Maria in-between cleaning bowls club house & visiting hairdresser. As I've embraced going grey I'm saving pags to spend on Groovi🤗 Useful as I've had a sneaky look at the teaser for next week's Groovi offer. Can't wait!!

  5. Brilliant programmes today with Maria. Amazing demos and the art work was spectacular.
    Really lovely to watch on a grey,miserable day. Certainly cheers one up. Also got the all clear on my ? results. All in all things looking a lot brighter.
    Love to all the bloggers and all at Clarity
    Anne (Reading)

  6. I have already ordered the stamps dirctly from Clarity (extra 15% discount). I have most of the groovi versions already so I couldn't resist them. Fabulous work from the DT as ever and some great demos from Maria!

  7. These are lovely. I have been doodling dangles for a wee while but I am never happy at how it turns out. I often end up with curved and wonky bits. These will keep my dangling happily.

  8. Haven’t managed to see the shows as I’ve been at a Groovi class today, but will catch up later. Had a lovely day talking and working with like minded people. It’s good to have a crafty chat ! Learnt a lot about colouring today. Liking the dangle stamps – haven’t got the plates …..yet ….. x

  9. Great shows today, fab samples from the design team and lovely demo's by Maria! Icing on the cake was seeing the card I'd made for Maria and Pete's wedding on screen, totally 'tickled pink'!

  10. Hi Barbara
    I haven't seen the shows yet, I'm going to watch on catch up tomorrow. The samples are wonderful and the stamps are lovely, I think I'm going to enjoy the shows.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Evening bloggy friends, hope you are all well. Thank you for your comments the other day. Horrible few days, so sad but was the kindest decision. Such a big part of our family. Xx

  12. I so enjoyed watching Maria this afternoon, with all the beautiful samples.
    I don’t know when you aren’t off to San Fran Barbara, but it must be soon and you must be so excited to see Mark. I visited there some years ago, when my husband was working in San Jose and I loved it. We also visited Carmel and Monterey and did the 17 mile drive, so I remember some of the places you mention. If you are off tomorrow, have a great trip and safe travels. Annette X

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Haven't watched the shows yet as I had to take my husband to a hospital appointment. I have all the Groovi dangles and think they're great. I used different letters from them to make "Noel" and put modified dangles on it to make Christmas cards on my monthly Christmas card making day. I've got my fingers crossed that you will bring out some proper Christmas Groovi dangles later in the year!xx

  14. Hello Barb, the shows with Maria were just awesome, the samples were beautiful and the demos inspiring. Both the stamp sets and the groovi plates are just so different and so versatile with the ability to mix and match. Take care all. Bx

  15. Enjoyed Maria’s show yesterday, and she did some lovely work. Her instructions are really good. Haven’t decided yet, but have a birthday coming up soon, so they can go on my list. Have a great time in San Francisco. Lucky you, Love visiting, my family there. it’s a lovely place. Would so like to come to Crowborough but it’s a long way from Manchester.

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