Meet the Artist – Linda Page

Meet the Artist – Linda Page

Hi everyone.
I hope you have all had an enjoyable Saturday.
Today, was a day of doing nothing for me. 
All this being naughty is very tiring!
So today’s Meet the Artist is
Linda Page

Here is how I think that Linda has created her card:

Take a piece of A5 clear parchment and trace out the daisy from 
the Linda Williams 123 Flowers A4 Square Groovi plate 
using either the Groovi No.2 (1.3mm) embossing tool or
 the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing tool

When you use the larger embossing tool, the line art will be softer.
This will make it easier when you want to do white work. 

Slowly build up the white work, leaving it in between layers to get it really white. 
You can either use the soft side of the A4 Dual Purpose Black mat or the Pergamano Excellent Mat (my preferred choice!)
Start with the largest embossing ball tool and reduce in size for each layer. 
If you are struggling with your white work, you might want to try Rossella’s Favourites – the shading tools.
Apply some colour using Perga Liner pencils or Perga Colours Exclusive pens.

Use the A4 Bold Basic Straight Grid to emboss and perforate a frame and then picot cut.

Don’t forget that you emboss from the back 
and perforate from the front.

Take a piece of A4 Powder Blue parchment and emboss a frame using the A4 Bold Basic Straight Grid, perforate the edge and then picot cut.

Now comes the hard part!

I am guessing that Linda has created her own pattern for the largest frame, but I can see that it has been created using a Straight Grid.

If you are new to gridwork, then for me the Pattern Grids that Tina Cox created are a great place to get started, especially when used in conjunction with the ii Book.

We currently have a special offer on the
Straight Pattern Border & ii Book
and the 
Diagonal Pattern Border & ii Book

So, I am going to be very naughty and add all of the individual  plates to the 20% Blog Offers.

21 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Linda Page

  1. Absolutely stunning Linda! The border is beautiful and if I ever achieve a result like that, I will know that I have cracked picot cutting. Thank you Paul and enjoy another lazy day tomorrow. 😂 Annette X

  2. Hi Paul,
    You deserve a day of rest! Thanks for all of the wonderful offers – I am starting to get worried though as I think I’ve got everything on offer!!!!
    Linda, absolutely stunning card, love the colours you’ve chosen. I might just have to quiz you on that border though tomorrow at the class.
    Love Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Another beautiful day here. I’ve been like Paul and had a very lazy day listening to my audible book – Holy Island by LJ Ross – the first of the DCI Ryan books. I am really enjoying it. I think I’m drawn to these books because they are all based in the North East and as I was only at Holy Island on Thursday it seems very appropriate. Hoping everyone is ok and enjoying this little bit of “ summer” , love and hugs to all. Alison xxx

    2. Oh I forgot to say my new Linda Williams plates came this morning, and they are gorgeous. Thank you to team Clarity for dispatching them so quickly xxx

    3. Hi Alison enjoy the sunshine, it was lovely here yesterday until the storms struck. I must look out for that audio book, there's something so relaxing about being read too. We drove back from Newcastle listening to the lord of the rings. Take care. Xxxx

  3. Hi Paul, what a beautiful creation from Linda, it looks like lace around the edges, and it is so perfect. Many people are going to jump at the offers for the plates, you may have to hide again. Take care all. Bx

  4. Hello Paul
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend, this being naughty lark is tiring isn't it. Haha. Linda what a beautiful card, a real work of art. I look at the edging and think I know I could never achieve that, but do you know, with groovi I might change that to, one day I might achieve that asive achieved far more than I ever thought I would. Oh dear Paul you've put these beautiful plates in the sale and I had my eye on them. I might be tempted to just have a little peep.
    Love Diane xxx

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