Meet the Artist – Jilly

Meet the Artist – Jilly

Hi everyone.
I hope you are all well.
I think that I may have to go into hiding again tomorrow.
 All this naughtiness seems to have rubbed off on you all!
The picking and packing teams are going to be very busy.
What with the 30/30 Sunshine Sale
and the 20% Blog Offers!

Oh dear, and I am just about to add some more.

Today’s Meet the Artist is 
Jilly Clifton
One of the great things about the Groovi system, 
is the ability to easily personalise a project.
Create a frame using the Nested Square Extension plate.
Use the Art Deco alphabet on the Nested Octagon Extension plate to spell out Barb.
Remember that when you are spelling a word, 
you are spelling it in reverse.
Barb = braB
Now it’s time to get creative using some of the dangles
from the plates that Linda Williams designed.
Once you are happy with your dangly bits! (oooh err missus!)
Add some colour with Perga Liners or Perga Colour Exclusive pens.
Then mount on Designer Paper
So for today’s 20% Blog Offer, 
I have added in all the individual Dangles plates.
Due to popular demand, we converted some of the designs 
into stamps.
They are available as individuals, 
but we have a special price for the complete bundle.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

24 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Jilly

  1. Another lovely card & more bargains to be had on the offers page !! Paul you may be put in detention when the boss gets back !! I need to double check my stash to see if anything needs to fall in my basket. Happy crafting everybody, looks as if the cooler wet weather is returning so a good excuse to stay indoors & craft.

  2. Oh dear Paul I'm afraid I've just added to the workload as I simply had to put in a little order despite being determined not to!
    Another lovely card today too.
    Prepare to take cover xx

  3. This a beautiful card by Jilly using these delightful dangles and the papers in the background are gorgeous. The naughtiness x

    1. Oh Fiona! How painful for you. How did you manage that? Definitely not what you need with poor hubby not well – hope he's improving as well. Sending love and healing hugs ,Alison xxxx

    2. I saw something on Facebook but didn't realise it was you. Hope the pain eases for you soon, what an awful thing to happen on top of everything else, all the best to hubby

  4. Hi Paul
    Another great card, well done Gilly, I like the cake dangling with temptation in the middle. Great offers again Paul, are you going on holiday the moment Barbara and Dave return to work?
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Hi Paul,
    Another gorgeous card. Well done Jilly. The dangle plates are so versatile and such fun to use. More brilliant offers too although I'm unfortunately going to have to pass on the stamps at the moment as my bank manager will go crackers if I spend much more!!! Love Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a fabulous day at CC HQ with Linda Page yesterday. Really enjoyed it – thank you Linda, hope you had a safe journey home. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. Lovely card Jilly, Oh dear Paul, I've resisted so far but the temptation is killing me. I'd only just put an order in before you started getting naughty. Will I be able to hold out, that is the

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