Scrapaperart YouTube Tuesday

Scrapaperart YouTube Tuesday

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
What’s today? Tuesday.
YouTube Tuesday then!
Here’s a quick How To on


As always, there is a 20% discount offer on the products used in the video. Each week’s offers last a week, until next week’s video in fact! 
Included in this week’s offers:
All current offers on our website can be found here.

One other thing I must do today –
The winner of the Limerick competition!
Boy oh boy – did we have a laugh.
So many brilliant limericks. Thank you for joining in.
If you want cheering up, go to last Sunday’s blog.

But there can only be one winner of the £30 Gift Voucher.
And this week’s Limerick Personality is…


  1. She was on such a roll, it was hilarious. All the limericks below are hers. The one with the Raleigh bike made me curl up…
  1. There once was a lady called Sally
    Who went up to Ally Pally
    She was there on a job
    Her intention to rob
    No lady was she, the scally
  2. I’m off again! 
    There once was a lady called Sally
    Who went up to Ally Pally
    She bought lots of plates
    Gave a wink to her mates
    “Ooh I never spend this much nor-mally” 

  1. There once was a lady called Sally
    Who went up to Ally Pally
    Clarity goodies galore
    She couldn’t keep score
    So asked Carol Vorderman to keep a tally.
  2. Sorry here’s another one
    There once was a lady called Sally
    Who went up to Ally Pally
    As she got into the grooves
    Folks admired her moves
    And applauded her Clarity ballet
  3. Can’t sleep now!
    There once was a lady called Sally
    Who went up to Ally Pally
    She said to her son
    I’ve not had this much fun
    Since the stabilisers came off my Raleigh.
So there we are. Well done Angela. Great job.

Time to crack on.

So much to do. And the clock is ticking…

Love & Hugs,



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26 thoughts on “Scrapaperart YouTube Tuesday

  1. Well done Angela! I did laugh at all of them and also Alison’s about Paul ! Mine mentioned a big belly – I’ve now signed up for a SlimFit taster class …… Then I go on holiday LOL !! X

  2. Well done to Angela and all were so clever and funny. My brain does not very often get into the right space for a limerick, and it definitely wasn't working that day…lol. x

  3. Well done Angela, you so deserved to win as they are brilliant and I had such a laugh reading them. You could make a living writing limericks!
    I spent this morning playing with my new plates, (cosmos and aquilegia) and they are beautiful. Thank you Linda, for such lovely designs. Annette X

  4. Hi Barbara
    The limericks gave me a good laugh on Sunday but I'll be blowed if I could think of one, I think I was trying too hard. I did laugh at Angela's though so well done Angela, you deserved to win. I laughed at Alison's too and Paul's tool, you probably made him blush Alison. I'm off to watch you tube, if the power cuts allow it, we've had them on and off all afternoon, probably means the rain is getting into the sub station again, what joy!
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Wow Well done Angela, reckon you really deserved that win. I could not manage one let alone all those. Love your scrap paper art Barbara. I have a great afternoon today at Crafter's Companion Evesham with Rossella. Nightmare of a journey home but worth it. xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Firstly, congratulations to Angela – very good limericks. Secondly, great video. Can I ask, is the viva decor decoupage the same / similar to Mod Podge or not? I really think I'm going to have a go at something like this – I reckon even I could manage!!! Great offers too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Well it seems as though my complaining last week has worked. Got a call to say that my op is on 31st May. A bit longer to wait than I would've liked but at least I know what's happening now. Looks like I might make Leyburn under my own steam as hopefully I should be able to drive by August if recovery goes smoothly and I can remember how to drive after 19 months!
      Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  7. Congratulations on your win,Angela. Love limericks although I can never think of them! I've used my cosmos plate too,they're all gorgeous but I had to use that one first because I loved the borders. Haven't watched you-tube yet so going to do that now.xx

  8. Thank you for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed doing them and reading all the other super ones too. I love Clarity and all the demos and ideas on Facebook, YouTube Tuesday and Hochanda. x

  9. Angela is a very worthy winner. Such talent. Loved the demo Barbara, you made it look so easy. Was there a winner for the egg challenge? I never did find that 10th egg. Next time maybe.

  10. Hello Barb, well done to Angela, those really made me laugh, as did all the others too. I struggle to come up with 1 good one at the best of times. The Youtube Tuesday video is superb, one of my favourite ideas, even though I have not tried it myself yet. Take care all. Bx

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