Youtube Tuesday – Simple Mica Powder

Youtube Tuesday – Simple Mica Powder

Hi there.
Welcome to You Tube Tuesday!

Today I shall be showing you a very simple technique using Mica Powders on both black glossy card and white matt card. There are a couple of little tips which can make the difference between perfect and try again !!

As always there is 20% off some of things I used in the video.

Art Nouveau Stamps, Mica Powders, Black coated card, Versamark pad, Versamark pen, Zig emboss pens, Sable hair paintbrush

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It’s my birthday today, and we’re off to the NEC tomorrow, 
to set up for the big 4-Day exhibition there.
So I shall have to crack on and pack, so that we can light a candle and blow it out – 59 times!!!!
Love & Hugs

43 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – Simple Mica Powder

  1. Happy Birthday Barbara! I hope you have a lovely evening celebrating being 59 years young and relax before the NEC madness. See you there on Saturday. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, you won't need the heating on tonight then, with all those candles. I can say that as I am 8 up on you!!
    Safe journey tomorrow and I hope it all goes well. Going to watch the video now. Could we have one on the different types of acrylic paints you have and when to use on what please (unless you've done one that I missed). I'm never sure when open, chalk based etc are best. I know you use them on the demos but I think it would be good to have it all in one place xx

  3. Liebe Barbara,

    zu deinem 59. Geburtstag wünsche ich dir alles Liebe und Gute, viel Glück, Erfolg bei Allem, das du anpackst und vor allem ganz viel Gesundheit.
    Ich hoffe, du hast heute einen tollen Tag. Lass es dir gut gehen!!

    Liebe Grüße aus Garching bei München


  4. Happy 59th ! I’ll be catching you up in October. Seems odd we can now say we’ll be 60 next year – even if we only look 30 ! Have a good evening and a good show. Xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Happy birthday!! Hope you don't faint whilst blowing out that one candle 59 times! Hope you've had a good day and that Dave is spoiling you. Going to watch the video when I've finished this , so looking forward to that. Hope the packing goes well and that the show is a big success ( I know it will be). Sending lots of love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  6. Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂 I'll be 59 in June not far behind you . Will be letting the train take the strain up to NEC on Thursday so looking forward to it. Never had the opportunity to go there before .. Have a good birthday and safe journey tomorrow x

  7. Happy Birthday for today, hope you manage to find time to celebrate before your journey up to the NEC tomorrow. Watched the You Tube video earlier & a few things will no doubt find their way into my basket as the results look stunning.

  8. HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH, Barbara, alles Gute, viel Gesundheit, Glück und Erfolg und alles, was Du Dir wünschst, soll in Erfüllung gehen.
    (Ich werde im November 59)
    Rolf xxx

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Barbara, Happy Birthday to you! Safe journey up to Brum, hope it's a great show and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got in store for us. Recorder set for Maria's shows tomorrow! Xxx

  10. Thank you this demo has been so helpful. I’m more of a parched but am looking at starting stamping. I have the microbpowders but have never used them. You made it look so easy. Have a great birthday 🎂.

  11. happy Birthday Barbara, we have been celebrating our daughter-in-law's birthday as well today (can say that for the first time this year). Safe trip up to the NEC, hope all goes well, I shall be along on Sunday as usual with my girls. xx

  12. The mica powder over Versamark is something I haven't done for ages but it looks so pretty with lots of sparkle and shine, especially using the black glossy card Barbara. Happy Birthday, and I hope you have had time to enjoy it, and a safe journey to the NEC tomorrow. x

  13. Happy Birthday Barbara. My granddaughter and niece share it with you. I hope it was a good birthday and you had fun blowing out the candle(s). Good luck at the NEC, I am sure it will be a success. xx

  14. Hope you had your cake 🎂 and some special time happy birthday from us all safe travelling tomorrow hope all goes well at NEC May get there one day but will see you next month cxx

  15. Really enjoying catching up with various techniques via YouTube Tuesday – the mica powders on black look particularly stunning. I would never have thought to wait for the dots of versamark to dry – I'm always in a rush to add the powder, afraid it won't stick if I don't get it on there quick! And blotting before plotting is another good tip I must try to remember.
    Hope you've had a wonderful birthday. Best wishes, Dawn xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Happy Birthday, hope you've had a lovely day and have managed to celebrate in amongst the packing and organising. That's a lot of times to blow the candle out, I must say you don't look that old! Safe journey to the NEC, I hope set up goes ok and you can have a laugh while you set up. I'm going to watch the video tomorrow, haven't done this for ages.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hope you've had a great birthday and that you manage to relax before setting off for the NEC doubtful though if you have to pack everything first. Hoping to come up on Thursday, not sure yet. Hope it all goes well for you

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Barb, hope you had a lovely day, probably not much relaxing time with the NEC ahead, but I bet Dave spoiled you. Off to catch up with the video now. Take care all. Bx

  19. Enjoyed going back to the mica powder technique. Nearly fainted cos I was holding my breath when you put them onto the card but they looked brilliant. Really classy stamps. I like the split screen too where we can see you but also get a really good view of whats going on. Thank you Barbara.

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