A Hankering to Chase Your Dream. Step by Step Canvas.

A Hankering to Chase Your Dream. Step by Step Canvas.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Had a real hankering to do a simple scrappy canvas 
before I call it a day. 
Was thinking about the kids a lot today, and this stencil by Annie just captures exactly what I want to say to them both.
So here’s a very simply black and white piece, 
which speaks volumes.

Black copy paper scrap required.
This will do nicely.
Lay the stencil face down on the 8” x 10” Gelp Press Plate
Spread a small amount of Payne’s Gray Golden Open Acrylic
onto a brayer, 
to spread onto the plate.
Peel off the stencil and flip it onto the scrap paper.
That’s it! That’s the new name for my kind of art.
Sandwich the stencil with another clean piece of copy paper.
Run the whole thing through a mangle.
Gemini works for me.
This clever machine presses the stencil with the paint really hard onto the paper, thereby transferring the paint.
Bingo !!
And if you use a rubber mat in the sandwich too, just look how deeply the stencil embeds itself in the copy paper!
But back to the front….
Time to mount it.
Wrap the paper around the canvas board, cut the corners, 
like so, and fold them into the back.

Then mount the A5 canvas onto the A4 canvas,
using double-sided adhesive sheet.
And dream on…
Love & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “A Hankering to Chase Your Dream. Step by Step Canvas.

  1. love the sentiment of this stencil & the end result is stunning. Something else to add to my to-do list, which seems to be growing & growing with all the wonderful ideas from you & FB. Its been a very grey wet day here so the heating has been turned up. Spring is supposed to be on its way, lets hope it hurries up!! Need some sunshine !!

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope that you have all had a good day. Sorted out some of the bookcase today. Time to hand over some of the old family books into my daughter's hands to be passed down to her boys one day. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Lovely stencil – love the sentiment. Great piece of art too and the embossed piece is great. Did I hear correctly when you were on tv that you can emboss a stencil onto a canvas! Would love to try that one. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope your weather has been better than ours. I don't think it's stopped raining all day! Gym this morning and then persuaded Dave to take me into Durham early afternoon. First time I've been out looking around the shops for nearly two weeks so nice to be out and about. Gilly – I only bought a few things ( all necessities and not a piece of crafting stuff to be seen!). Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Haha Alison! Well done on your shopping! I'm sure that it was nice for you to be able to get out and wander around the shops – after your recent terrible weather. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Love this technique Barbara I saw you demonstrating it at Leyburn but could I remember how you did it.
    NO. So tonight's blog is perfect I can revisit when I need to be prompted.
    That will be next week then. Lol
    Have a lovely evening Theresa x

  4. Card making (stamping) today for my granddaughter's birthday tomorrow. I started a groovi design awhile back but put it somewhere safe and then couldn't find it. I like this demo and the sentiment. Well done Barbara and thank you xx

  5. Great piece of art and you always describe the process so well! Must get my craft room sorted then p'raps I can play with my Gelli Plate and all the stencils I've got…still in process of clearing stuff from old PC…we don't just gather physical junk!!!

  6. Hi Barbara
    This is a lovely stencil, I love the way you transform a scrappy piece into a piece af artwork. I must try this sometime. I hope the kids are ok, I'm sure they thought of you on Mother's Day.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Hello Barb, this technique still amazes me, have yet to try it though. I am sure your two offspring cherish the fact that you encouraged them to chase their dreams. It is what we should all do for our children. Love that you chose this stencil for this arty session. Take care all. Bx

  8. With Mother's Day last Sunday you would be thinking of Mark and Grace and this is a great stencil to use for anyone as who doesn't still think about chasing their dreams whoever you are we all have our dreams, some more realistic than others..lol. A gorgeous piece of artwork, and also Happy Birthday Barbara and hope you will be doing something special. x

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