Shoplifting Mayhem

Shoplifting Mayhem

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie from the NEC
Mind you, could have done without all the shoplifting.
Pisses me right off.
And it’s not just little amounts.
Here’s one little haul of a thief who got caught and arrested…
There were several others caught and arrested.
Some we just made them pay for what they had tried to steal.
One was a modest £230 at the till.
Unbelievable, isn’t it. 
Now multiply that by all the other stands which were being pilfered too, and imagine how it feels.
I had a real low moment in the afternoon when it got really bad, 
I can tell you. This is such hard graft. We all work so blimming hard. Left a pretty nasty taste in my mouth. 
And my language wasn’t that nice either. 
But hey ho.
On a positive note, the TV live stream at 12 noon blew the doors off. Those peacocks certainly flew out the door! 
And they can’t usually fly too well, can they?
Thank you to those who came along to cheer and support.
And thanks to you good and loyal people at home, who watched and bought.
Here’s one of the simple demos I did, showing off the  super fine line of the new stamps. We have definitely nailed the fine line polymer stamps now!!
Happy Days.
Dust the black Clarity Card with talc.
Get rid of the indexing on the stamp with a baby wipe before you ink up with a Versamark ink Pad.
Stamp on copy paper once before you stamp onto the black card.
Dust with Gold and blue Perfect Pearls.
and the words.
Buff with a tissue

Let’s do the same with one of the other stamps on a background paper….ahh. So we can do this on normal paper and card too, not just glossy. Correct.

Mount and edge with a black Sharpie pen


Happy days.
Love & Hugs,
And if I catch a shoplifter tomorrow, 
it won’t go well for them.
Is that a threat? No. It’s a promise.

81 thoughts on “Shoplifting Mayhem

  1. I am truly gobsmacked, it's disgusting, you just dont expect it at a craft Show. Im so glad to hear that they were caught. It really is beyond belief. So sorry to hear it after all the hard work you and your team do and the other exhibitors. I understand you must have felt low, but Barbara we all know you can rise above it, forget about the scum. On a lighter note, the live shows have been amazing, loved the stamps today, wonderful. Great that your enjoying it well 99% of it. Take care and love to all.xx

  2. That’s really awful. How dare they take what doesn’t belong to them. They should be prosecuted. You do not need that on a busy day at the NEC. Hope tomorrow is a happier day xx

  3. Good grief! How dreadful – I guess I would have expected a small amount of shoplifting but not hauls like that. Unbelievable and so costly to all the traders too. Very sad that so many people can be that dishonest, do hope none of them were club members. I watched some of the show earlier and couldn’t resist those beautiful stamps…..then saw the offer on the parchment too, so I am on the naughtly step now. Hope tomorrow is better x

  4. Hi Barbara really enjoyed your show. Peacock was great. Although I know these people may be part of an organised group, if they are normal day to day crafter's I wonder if they realise how lucky they are to have all the well known suppliers and how hard it is for smaller companies to exist. Also in Scotland we are left with such a pitiful craft show we would love to have what you are spoiling. Tomorrow's another day Barbara and I hope it's a good one. Enjoy.

  5. Just can't understand how people can steal when we assume that we crafters are all of the same mind…just enjoying the demos and appreciating the hard work that goes into these events for us to visit. Hope they get their just deserts. Loved the peacock demos Barbara…I need these stamps xx

  6. I wish I could say I am surprised Barb but sadly I think it is par for the course these days. What I am surprised at however is the amount of stuff these nasty thieving b******s stuff in their bags!! Well done for spotting them and for having them arrested – it's not what I'd have done with them that's for certain. It is their bare faced cheek that astounds me!! I have this image of you lobbing a Speedball Brayer at a fleeing thief and flooring them!! Go Barb!! 😉😉😉 Hope tomorrow goes ok. Xxx

  7. So shocked to learn that there had been shoplifting at the the show. Would have loved to have heard your language. Not for the faint hearted or more delicate of folk. Personally, I don’t know how folk can live with doing doing like that

  8. Beautiful stamps, have saved the shows to enjoy later as cooking for a charity cake bake today. Can't understand the shoplifting – guess I thought that crafters were better than the rest – what a shock. Hope tomorrow is a more honest one!

  9. Great live demos Barbara. Totally disgusted with the lowlife scum that take advantage of the crowds and line their own pockets at the expense of hard working people like yourselves. Sadly it happens all the time at craft shows. They aren't crafters but opportunist making a profit on the back of others.

  10. Name and shame would be good if you ask me. I’d like to say I was surprised and, to be honest, I hadn’t thought about it at the NEC until you mentioned it and I’m glad you did as it reminds us that it goes on everywhere. You work hard to provide it all for us and we work (or worked) hard to get the money to pay for it and others just think they can walk off with it. Do you need extra security guards for tomorrow – I’d have my eyes peeled that’s for sure ! Trouble is that’s just the ones you caught too…. Hope you have a better day
    tomorrow. Xxx

  11. So sorry to hear that there were lots of shoplifters at the show. It saddens me too that this happens. Glad some got arrested and so glad you made some pay for what they stole! Serves them right. Hope there are none tomorrow, but they better watch out as you are all watching! But on a good note, they must have thought all your goods were worth pinching!

  12. How horrible for you and other stall holders to have to deal with these people! I was thinking how guilty I would feel every time I crafted with something I had stolen, but then again these people probably steal it and then sell it on. On a happier note the peacock stamps were amazing so my order was placed in about 30 seconds! Can't wait to see the delicate line art in the flesh. Hope the nasty thieves stay away tomorrow, if not a good poke with a Groovi needle tool won't go amiss. Xx

  13. So, so sad to hear this. Does make you wonder about their upbringing. Your people work so hard to bring us these wonderful products and this is how you and other exhibitors are rewarded. Please keep up the good work.

  14. Quite apart from the financial loss to the Traders like yourself and the fact that tea leaves are such despicable people, it must make all of the craft companies start to wonder whether going to the Shows is worth it at all! It costs plenty to have a stand at some (if not all) of these Shows and to have stuff disappear unpaid for on top eats into whatever profit you may make from doing the Show in the first place. Bad enough that people nick sample cards but the stock too – and not even just one stamp or something but a whole blimmin' basket full…… makes my blood boil! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. C xx

  15. So shocked to hear about the shoplifting. How terrible! Good some were caught but still … On a much brighter note your show was fab and what lovely stamps, too! Glad the show went so well! Good Luck for tomorrow too! Xx

  16. It's a pity these people can't be banned from any further craft fairs. Perhaps if their names and pictures were on show and circulated to pre-sellers of tickets, they might not get into another show -ever.

  17. Brayer at the ready, in more ways than one! Get Barbs army to keep their eyes peeled, I think we can all spot a genuine crafter. Watch your own bags too we all knno how distracting a clarity stand can be. Congratulations on the stamps they looked great can't wait to see what's in store next.

  18. Loved the new stamps today, absolutely beautiful. I like so many others am horrified at the amount of shoplifting you have encountered and am glad that you made one person pay up, that probably hit more and cost more than a fine. It's a pity you can't have electronic tags on the packaging, but I daresay the expense and logistics in an exhibition hall would be too great. We live in a beautiful world but unfortunately amidst a small minority of evil, nasty people. Don't let this spoil your joy. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  19. I know this goes on, but how people can live with themselves after stealing from anyone else, I just cannot understand. I hope they get the book thrown at them,but sadly, I suspect they will just get a slap on the wrist. No wonder the number of companies have stopped going to these big shows. It is not just the financial loss too, but the loss of trust in those you think are your friends. That must hurt so much. Woe betide anyone we see behaving that way tomorrow. xxx Maggie

  20. Word fail me! Absolutely gutting, especially when they can see the graft you are putting in. I'm so pleased a lot of positives happened to balance it out.

  21. FFS. I would make all the thieving gits pay then get arrested !
    On a positive note the peacock is stunning. Hope tomorrow is a more positive day. I have a very good friend who is a security dog handler, no thief would mess with her dogs xx

  22. So sorry to hear there were so many unscrupulous people out there They bake me sick you work so hard and they just take it away and gave no guilt or shame I’ll be a watcher for you Barbara Vrlieve me they would not get away with anything
    Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally X

  23. So shocking that people would steal from others. I’m glad they got caught. Disgusting behaviour. I bet you were upset! They should get their hands chopped off. Makes me angry x

  24. Pity they can't be named and shamed and made to wear a shoplifter notice and walked around the entire show. Suppose this would be against their human rights! It's just not fair after all the hard work. Loved the peacock designs, beautiful. Hope tomorrow goes well. Thank you Barbara for my very cool prize, love it love it.xx

  25. You do very well to keep your temper, Barbara. I'd knee-cap them. No ifs or buts. Would it be worth stalls hiring extra security people to keep an eye on customers? It must be almost impossible for the stall holders to do it when they're so busy. Well done on more beautiful stamps, though! They look lovely. x

  26. Some people are truly disgusting, they care for no one but themselves. As some of the other posts have said I always think crafters are a breed apart. Most are, sadly some are not ��

  27. I’m so shocked by this. I always think people are like me – if you can’t afford it, you can’t have it – but obviously not. Mugshots on social media are what they deserve. X

  28. Don't blame you for the bad words!! It's unbelievable what people will steal. Don't be downhearted your true fans will always support you. If I see anyone shoplifting when I come to Ally Pally I will tell them their fortune !

  29. Gorgeous card and a wonderful stamp! So sorry about the shoplifters – there is no excuse for it whatsoever! I have very little money and there are oodles of things I would like but don't worry about not having them! If I get something it is a real treat! Shoplifting is just not on the radar. People can be such s**##s. Hope tomorrow is better and if you do get any, give them hell! xxx

  30. To say I was shocked to read you blog today is an understatement, I showed my husband who couldn't believe it either. These weren't crafters, just low life taking advantage of a busy show looking for stuff to sell on ebay. Glad you caught some of them. Hope tomorrow will be a better day & the true crafters flock to the stand & also keep their eyes peeled !! As a Groovi addict I will just say that the Peacock stamps are also wending their way to my craft room.

  31. Why oh why. I cannot understand these awful people. I used to see it going on in the store where I worked, trolley full at a time. Disgusting. It is something I made my children understand from a young age, if you have not got the money for it you go without. The show was great though, love all that you are creating both stamps and Groovi. See you tomorrow, weather permitting. xx

  32. That’s bad defo want naming and shaming that’s just your stand scary to think how much is stolen over all think we all should be secret police looking out at those shows for you all. Live shows fantastic and peacocks wonderful rest up one more day xxx

  33. I had such a good day today – thanks so much to Rosie for a lovely hour on the make and take, to everyone from Clarity who were so friendly and helpful on the stand and to the lovely people I met, especially young Keira, who is a crafting star of the future! What a pity it was spoiled by the low lifes who spoil it for so many hardworking people. How can those people sleep at night?
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for all your hard work. Annette X
    I hope that tomorrow goes well and that overall the weekend has been a good one for you all.

  34. It’s disgusting about all the pilfering that goes on Barb. A very good show on Hochanda by the way Jane and I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to be at the next show with you and the team. Oh and thanks for the 1-1 with only the best Linda Williams, you are a lovely lady and very patient. Hope to meet you again in the future. Love you all. Xxxxx

  35. Hi Barb,
    How can some people be so despicable! They have to spoil things for genuine and honest people. I've never been to the NEC but I bet that alongside the bigger companies there will be small ones too and no-one can afford to lose money when it will cost a fortune to have a stall there anyway ( I think) . No wonder some companies don't return. I feel so sorry for everyone who has been victim to these horrible villains. I'm pleased that you managed to catch some of them anyway. I'm not surprised that it left a bad taste in your mouth. On a happier note, your show was excellent and good to see Jane and Linda in the audience too. The stamps were gorgeous and I have to admit, I did buy them ! The samples were beautiful as ever. I hope you have a better day tomorrow and don't let the b******s get you down. Looking forward to Paul's show tomorrow. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  36. Not surprising at all, just very sad that it happens and in such quantities too. Know all about 'crafty' shoplifters from when my best friend Anne had her shop… Loving the sound of the extra fine stamps and would love to have the gorgeous peacocks but they'll have to wait a while as the Groovi equivalents are ordered. Hope you have a better day tomorrow and if anyone is shoplifting from whomever, I hope their hands drop off! xx

  37. Awww Barbara I am truly saddened to read your blog tonight about these thieving scumbags
    So sorry that you have had to put up with them and if you do catch one tomorrow give em hell
    Brilliant stamps your demo on tv was inspiring always say I can't Stamp but these look like I could not fail to get a good impression
    Have a good show tomorrow and kick some of those thieving assess
    Hugs T x

  38. I must be naive but have always thought crafters to be honest people. I'm saddened.
    Brilliant plates and shows. Good luck tomorrow x

  39. Your peacock is stunning,I would love to be able to do something like that !
    I hope the thieving scumbags today haven't completely spoiled your time at the NEC. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Thursday, it was lovely to finally meet you all xxx

  40. Yes, we too have theft at our conventions. It's not as bad as yours for sure, but breaks my heart that people have to be so bold and steal. We lost about 23 A5 plates last year in a combination of shows and store. SMH, I really don't understand people.

  41. Hi Barb,

    I will try this technique with versamark and perfect pearls…

    Unbelievable amounts which were tried to steal.
    As I always say people get more and more worse.

    Rolf xxx

  42. So shocked to hear of the shoplifting. Horrible folk! Quite understand how you must feel. Hope its a better day for you tomorrow. Great show today, looking forward to Paul's show tomorrow. xx

  43. How awful and really rather depressing for you Barbara, but these are not true crafters, they are opportunist thieves who are probably going to sell it on, but the more that get caught the better, and I hope they get their just rewards, this is truly despicable. I love the stamping and added perfect pearls, it always looks beautiful and I knew those stamps would fly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. x

  44. And people wonder why things cost so much – the rest of us are paying for the sticky-fingered bunch! Anyway, I say get the cricket bat out…or a ruler, if you're feeling kinder (although I don't know why you would).

  45. Hello Barbara, So sorry to hear about the shoplifters, it does spoil things when it happens. We used to do Antiques and Collectors Fairs around the Country, and thieving was always a problem especially when we were setting up at the start of the day, was probably the worst time for loosing stock. I am thankful that we didn't do jewellery, because sometimes they would be followed to their accommodation or home and really done over. It's a sad world, especially when you work so hard to earn an honest living, yet others think it's there for the taking and they don't care what effect it has on you. I hope it won't happen again today. Good luck with the rest of the Fair. Thank you for the comprehensive teaching over the years I have learnt so much from you and your wonderful Team x

  46. Love the peacock, Barbara. So sad that there are so many horrible people about these days… I hadn't really thought about you getting shoplifters at these events… Shocking. The police should name and shame them. Hope you have a better day today. xxx

  47. Hello Barb, loved the live show. the stamps are really beautiful, and so many great tips on how to use them. It is horrible to know that there are people out there that will shoplift at shows like this, affect thee bottom line of businesses like Clarity. You should have just had them all arrested, instead of giving them the opportunity to pay for what they had lifted. I am really disgusted by their behaviour. Hopefully your promise has put them off today and none of them are any of your blog followers. Bx

  48. We didn't go to the show this time (we read the weather reports lol),but when we went in November we were talking to Jenny on the Hobby arts stand and she had to rush off because she saw someone pilfering. You need eyes in your bum as well as the back of your head. It is such a shame but a lot of the thieves are just that bloody THIEVES, They are not crafters. Missed the live show as we had a powercut but hey ho there is always catch up. Hope you have a better day today and any shoplifters develop consciences( hope that is how it's spelt! developed a mental block with that spelling ).

  49. So sad to read but not the least bit a surprise if it ain't nailed down ****and all that. Why do people think it is OK to do this ?? I know how hard You and the Team work to get the shows all done and set up but more so all the work that goes on behind and you don't need or deserve this. You Let Rip Girl I know you can xx

  50. I agree that I don’t think the thieves are crafters, I think it’s just something that they can steal and sell on at a later date. I used to work in a rubber stamp store and we regularly had losses. The boss would scour eBay (other auction sites also apply) and often found the missing stamps for sale a few days later. eBay were very helpful in passing the thieves details on to the police. They would even peel the red foam backed stamps from the wooden blocks and put the empty blocks back in the right place taking the now unmounted stamps with them!! Thieves never prosper goes the saying, however they don’t half get you down if you are the victim. On the bright side, the fine line stamps are absolutely superb and the ability for your team to create really intricate pictures will really open up new avenues of artwork for us. Thanks Clarity people for never standing still but always moving forward xx

  51. so sad to hear this can't say I'm surprised people should be fined for doing this names and address taken and stopped from coming to anymore shows have a better day today love Fran

  52. Barbara, what a terrible shame that you found so many shop lifters. and what cheek some of them had . … not taking just ne thing, but a whole armful!!! Beyond belief the nerve they had. All I can say is that your stock is highly desirable, but you keep catching them Barb Any more like that, and it wont be worth you going!

  53. It makes me so angry to see that people with no scruples have been taking things from you and from other traders who all work so hard and give up an awful lot to be at these shows. In this day and age it would be very simple to stay at base , or using the TV to sell your goods plus your website but that isn't the same as being able to bring your products into the public domain and on a more personal level. Unfortunately these scum will eventually drive all the traders away from events like the NEC and that is a great loss to those genuine and honest crafters who love to meet with their stars!!!
    It costs a lot of money for you to be at a venue without people deliberately stealing from you!
    If you catch one today throw the book at em!
    Hope Paul's show goes well today and safe journey home in the snow!
    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  54. Dreadful behaviour, but nothing new. There are people who pay to go into shows so they can filch purses etc from preoccupied shoppers. Friend sat down on stairs at Ally Pally (no where else to sit) and had a bag lifted with £80 worth of shopping inside. Catching people when its so busy, well done to you.

  55. I can’t believe the brass neck of these people, I just don’t understand how they have the nerve to steal. I’m guessing that plenty more got away with it. You have to have eyes in the back of your head.
    However, on to nicer subjects, the peacocks are absolutely gorgeous in both stamps and Groovi. I missed the show with the shoes and bags but managed to record the rest. That Groovi shoe looks really lovely.
    Hope the cold weather is not affecting you all too much. Down here in Cornwall we have an amber warning, they have already had snow in the Scillies, and after a lovely sunny morning I am watching the clouds coming across the bay. Hope it’s not too bad. xx

  56. Dear Barbara, please advise on status of my Design club membership?
    ORDER # 79554-CS
    Ordered 4th March 2018. Jennine, only mentioned delivery by Royal Mail…no tracking?
    Delivery office has nothing for me, was my order a “casualty of beast of east 1”?
    As, I’ve confirmed it’s not a victim of doorstep pirates. As, I have neighbours to take my deliveries in. And Royal Mail provides notice cards too.
    Zero response on any social media or email since responding?
    Zero, Diamond member Shop 15% discounts, my account recognises my subscriptions, have basket waiting for checkout. Getting emails about leaving basket.

    Losing my desire or enthusiasm, as your shoplifting experience has knocked your enjoyment and your weekend. My disappointment has been growing for weeks now. As adult with Autism, it’s been an unresolved focus, that yes maybe a minor part of another’s life…but sadly not mine. It upsets me daily.

    So, I watch every video of clarity crafting over and over, gained permission to join as part of social inclusion (as housebound, except when at the hospital for radiation treatments) and wish to learn,and create… but sadly still no materials, supplies or tools.

    Please help, as this feels like I’ve paid and not received what is due.
    I don’t wish to get anyone in trouble, just wish to receive orders and get appropriate accessories and supplies at discounts promised to distract and ease from the pains of daily life.

    Kind regards

  57. Hi Barbara, well i was sorry to hear all about those shoplifters B………S, i came to the Nec a few years ago and my husband and i were speaking to an exhibitor and they had the same happen to them lost hundreds of pounds . They were telling us that these people work on pairs and also three people try to shoplift at any one time as you said it leaves a bad taste in the mouth as everybody works so hard to bring things to the crafting world for us to enjoy.
    I feel for you all.
    On a brighter note have just watched Pauls show , brilliant and so please you have brought out the stamps in Groovi.
    Take care and rest up , we are all thinking of you .
    Hugs Lynn xx

  58. Barbara and team .. Know how this feels as we experienced the same at the Belfast show last year when thieves stole our stock and even our sample books .. But take heart these are not crafters they are crooks … I experienced a great one to one tutorial with Paul Church when he let me try all the different scissors on Thursday .. I travelled all the way from NI for this opportunity and I wasn't disapppinted .. What a patient gentleman and excellent teacher .. Clarity offer excellent products second to none customer services and you guys are real ! All your team are polite knowledgable and extremely talented .. Do not these gangsters take the shine off your teams excellent work … The rest of us value your professionalism and unlimited ability to share … Take heart ..Your long standing customers will be with clarity on the long crating journey ahead .. When there's a few bad apples .. Make a tart !

  59. So sad to hear despicable people who need to steal no wonder you feel so angry when you work so hard to build your business from very little to what you have achieved now .i was always taught if you cannot pay for it you cannot have it till you have saved up your money to buy it .hope they catch everyone who steals .

  60. Maybe it is time to change the stand to a more closed arrangement with a pathway through that has a till at the end. I know it is a shame to tamper with a format that has worked so well in the past, but you and your amazing team deserve better than to be treated like the last few days have shown!

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