Groovi Go Went Gone!

Groovi Go Went Gone!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie today, to show off these beautiful little Groovi Plates, which we have copied over from the stamps….
The stamps? Oh they are divine. Illustrated by our good friend Mel:
Anyway, yesterday, Paul Church – Mr Perga Man – also one of the best blokes you will ever meet in all your days – introduced these two lovely new Groovi Plates at the NEC on live TV with HOCHANDA.
He launched them in conjunction with the compact Groovi Go Starter Kit, the one for travelling.
Now we can’t work out how it happened, but let me tell you – 
the sales went through the roof !!
We were baffled! We always expect big numbers from Groovi – that’s just a fact. The Groovi Parchment movement is massive and we know it. But the numbers yesterday on that particular TV show were astounding! 
Mind you, Paul is such a great demonstrator and advocate of the Groovi system, why are we surprised? And the little Starter Kit really is a steal.
Oh, and most of the country was locked indoors because of the baby Beast from the East again!
So what else CAN you do except watch shopping TV and buy more Groovi stash!
Here are a few lovely samples from the Design Team, so you can get some ideas and inspiration.
Amanda Williams

Josie Davidson

Karen Jackson

Linda Page

Jane Telford
Chris Walker

Anyway, I’ve decided to stay away from the office for a whole week today. There are two pesky, irritating b’s who are starting to really get on my pip again. I thought they had calmed down and were keeping a low profile around me, but it seems they are hell bent on upsetting me and grinding me down. SO best to avoid them.
I mean these two: Wurka and Hollick

I thought they had left town, but nope. They are back with a vengeance. So I’ve decided to just walk away for a bit and ignore them. 

Love & Hugs,

43 thoughts on “Groovi Go Went Gone!

  1. Good for you Barbara! After the weekend you have just had, you deserve some time off. Paul’s show yesterday was brilliant, as usual and I am sure that there must be many new Groovi converts put there. I also think that a lot of people bought the kit, will give it as a gift and keep the bag for their own kit. There will probably be lots of lucky kids and grandkids getting Groovi go in place of Easter eggs this year.
    Thanks again for a great weekend of shows and a lovely day at the NEC for me. Glad you all got home safely and hope you enjoy having a break. Annette X

  2. Those horrid little creatures have tried to take advantage of the Retreat followed immediately by the NEC,and they are probably friends with those evil thieves from Saturday. My problem is the Borrowers who struck again this morning, actually taking things out of my hand. I was holding three packs of your favourite parchment, then I wasn't. No idea where it has vanished to, unless Homily has decided to use it to wallpaper her home under the floor. Even though the ice put a stop to my intention of spending yesterday at the NEC, annoying the Clarity crew, I did put my order in for those peacock stamps and maybe a couple more. All the shows were amazing with great demos from talented people. Next stop will be the Open Days. Glad you all got home in one piece. xxx Maggie

    1. I think my embroidery scissors (those like a stork) must be with the Borrowers too – they’ve been gone for a few weeks now so I think they must be decorating under our floorboards ! X

    2. I did a bit of annoying instead Maggie, missed you though. I have been having a blitz on the house today but am now going to sit with some Groovi for the evening. xx

  3. Design team samples are beautiful, brilliant shows from the NEC from the Clarity team, enjoyed my visit on Thursday. Pleased your home safe and sound. Enjoy your break, we all need to chill out and relax every now and again. Take care and enjoy. xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    I don't blame you, you've had such a busy time lately and after the annoyance of certain unmentionable people yesterday , I think you deserve it.Paul' s show was really good yesterday and I thought the card he was doing was a great idea too, one that I might be pinching!! Design Team samples great yet again. I love my little Groovi Go – it has been to a few hospital appointments with me, actually sits very nicely on top of the largest Cuttlebug plate for a bit more rigidity( although I maybe shouldn't say that! I think it might be joining me when I eventually do get my op appointment – just a nice size to take with me. I will probably trace some of the 1,2,3 designs before I go and then work on then in hospital along with some of the art nouveau plates. The bag is really useful too – you can get loads in it! Enjoy your week off and get rested up and batteries recharged. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope the snow and ice has gone or at least going wherever you are. Feeling groggy today, done nothing but sneeze all day and I'm looking very much like Rudolph at the moment because of the amount of times I've had to blow my nose – gone through 10 packets of tissues today!! Did manage to do some whitework on a card though, although I am struggling to get it nice and even on black parchment for some reason. I think I'll just have to do more layers and see what happens. Using the art nouveau plates which I just love at the moment- already made 5 8×8 cards using them recently and am not bored with them yet!!! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Oops sorry Alison my comment to Barbara made it into the reply box to you!!
      I hope you feel better soon, if the weather warms up some fresh air may help.
      Our snow has finally gone thank goodness. Went to Maria's Catterick class on Saturday and kept seeing the blizzard showers outside. We were all concerned that Maria would get home safely, it was so brave of her to come all that way.
      Hugs, Chris xx

  5. I'm glad the sales were good over the show days but not surprised those two beasts have got the better of you. It's good that you have seen the need to step off the treadmill for a few days and have decided to do so. I hope the break does you good, take some walks and see your lovely parents too xx

  6. Don't blame you for giving yourself a bit of a breather Barb, all the shows were great and lovely to see Linda on her first 'live' broadcast! Ordered her lovely peacock plates and doubtless the stamps will follow as have a 'soft spot' for peacocks. I'm sitting in my little crafty den trying to get to grips with my first ever graphics/drawing tablet…it's going to be a steep learning curve but have my talented son on hand to help as and when necessary…wish me luck! Looking forward to the ODS on Thursday but will desperately be trying to be 'good'! xx

  7. A week of me time sounds like an excellent plan after the busy few weeks that you have had recently. The Clarity team will keep the wheels turning & you will benefit from returning to work next week with your batteries recharged.

  8. Hi Barbara – good to hear that you have decided to have a week away from the office, and have given those 2 the slip!! I loved watching all of the Clarity shows from the NEC and was not surprised that The Groovi Go did so well. I would think that it was a mixture of people buying for presents and also new people deciding to take the plunge into Groovi, with it being a much smaller outlay. That way they can build up slowly – I love the new warning on the pack!! Paul is always a pleasure to watch and those new plates are great. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we finally got some snow down here on Saturday and Sunday, but most of it has now gone, thank goodness. I haven't ventured out, stayed in watching tv – which included viewing some Clarity shows from a while back. Very enjoyable. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  9. Afternoon Barbara… I'm so pleased to read that you are taking a little break from going into the office! Good for you! The team you have now are like a well oiled machine and things will continue along nicely whilst you step back and have some me time! Blimey I can remember a time when that wouldn't have been possible! So make the most of the team you have put together and who know what is expected because they know your work ethic!
    Do some shopping, see your parents, clean the kitchen…anything that you want to do! Wurka and Hollick won't know what's hit them!
    Have a great week!
    Lots of love and hugs! Xxxx

  10. Sounds like another trip to the cabin is needed Barbara, but it must be difficult to get away. Good that you are stepping back for a week – you have to care for yourself to be able to care for everyone else!

  11. Sounds like you need a break to rid those nasties from your head ! You’ve had such a busy time. At least, with your team behind you, you can do that now and know that everything is in good hands at the office. X
    P..s let me know when you’re doing the ironing as I’ll send some along ! X

  12. I’m so glad you have decided to take some time off your staff will look after the business and it will still be there when you return. Take some time out to rejuvenate. I know the wedding is stressful too and it’s not easy sorting everything out in their right boxes. Remember you have a lot of friends around you let them help too. Let them do what they can for you and you just watch on the horizon and keep an eye on them. Love you and hope to see you soon.

  13. I know what you mean about those two B's and I've been retired for three years now. Got up this morning, blue skies and sunshine (spring cleaning weather), but freezing. My living room has been giving me the evil eye for some time now, little whispers in my ear, "go on change the furniture round, you know you want to do it" so this morning I obeyed, seemed like a good idea at the time. Dining table and kitchen work surfaces now full of contents from heavy sideboard, which is now on the opposite side of the room. Am very pleased with the result but can't face the two areas, which now resemble a bomb site. Like I said seemed such a good idea this morning. Beware Barbara, on your week off stick to crafting, walking, anything but b….y spring cleaning. Have a lovely week off.

  14. With your busy life and especially over the last couple of weeks it is no wonder you need some down time Barbara, and everything will still be running smoothly so push all thoughts of work to the back of your mind and chill a bit. x

  15. I think you need that week off not sure how you keep the pace up sometimes. Lovely to see you all at the NEC yesterday and Paul did do great on his show. I was lucky enough to go and watch but not brave enough to go on live TV when they asked for volunteers. So take care you have a special day coming up and you need to be great for that. xx

  16. Enjoy your 'week off' and savour the success of your sales and the shows. Love the card using the seed pods as owls -delightful.
    Can anyone point me to Sunday blog please? I seem to miss some of them and then can't find them again, even clicking on 'older posts' takes me to Saturday, not Sunday. I miss them when they go missing!!

    1. Thanks Anne. I thought it was just me -I've 'lost' a couple of others for some strange reason!! Found one of them later but one I never located! I'm glad Barbara had a 'day off' from the blog – I should think she needed it after the traumas as well as the highs of the NEC.

  17. Glad to see you taking some time away..its been very very very busy and you need to chill a little .

    All will be fine whilst you're away you have a fabulous team who will keep the wheels turning.

    Make some time for Mum and Dad xx

  18. Good to read you're looking after yourself. I have the funky foliage stamps and I definitely need the Groovi plates to match, Paul did a great job, come on payday the price is right lol xx

  19. Good for you Barbara, anyway after 4 days at the NEC you need a break, I expect kmowing you, you will be finding something else to do. Don't overdo it though. If Worka and Hollick are bothering you, you need to rest up. Was so shocked after reading Saturday's blog that you were a target for shop lifting. So glad some were caught, with what you must pay for your stands you would think the NEC would have good undercover security operatives. Maybe they did and that was how they caught the thieves. Some really wicked people about, hope they get their come

  20. Time for a rest lovely lady or maybe just a change. I don't think you ever stop working. After the parchment retreat and then NEC straight after you must be exhausted. Take time for you and come back refreshed.
    A big hug from Chris. X

  21. Clarity towers will work fine with out you well done you need a week of what with everything spinning around I’m not surprised so try have so you time got some busy weeks coming up what with ally pally and a wonderful wedding to prepare relax. Don’t those Groovin plates look great and the makes from team amazing xxx

  22. Good idea to take a break it certainly has been Groovi Go Go Go for you plus everything else in this special year. How you do it all is amazing but we all need you to keep well, sensible steps. Chill, the mechanics are well oiled and will keep turning with such a lovely team around you xx

  23. Hello Barbara

    Congratulations on the sales of the Grrovi Go on Sunday, and congratulations on making the decision to stay away from the office. Take time to settle down and kick those pesky twosome into touch before they grab hold.


  24. Hello Barb, watched the show yesterday (Monday) having recorded it. Well that was a success. Well done to Paul, he is a good demonstrator/presenter/crafter. The samples from the new plates are as always beautiful and inspiring. I am glad you have decided to have a break, hope you have time to relax and wind down, spend some time with the lovely Dave. You have a good team backing you up. Take care all. Bx

  25. Enjoy your break, Barbara. Kick back,relax, walk on the forest [though perhaps not today, it's still snowy and cold up here]. You have a wonderful team with you who will look after everything.
    Here's my favourite poem by Lao Tzu, which I keep near me, for when everything gets too much.
    Calm your mind
    Quiet your thoughts..
    Hear the Universe
    Let go your grip..
    Float free

    Judy x

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