Loyalandlovely – It’s a great day at the NEC!!!!

Loyalandlovely – It’s a great day at the NEC!!!!

Hi there!
Greetings from the NEC.
We have had the BEST day!
And I don’t mean financially, although you can rest assured our loyalandlovely customers spent a small fortune with us – as they do.
The Clarity Crew – that’s us – was on full-on demo duty!
Rosie was running back to back FREE Make & Takes all day.
Linda did her first LIVE TV stream with a live audience – and did brilliantly.
Paul and Heather were in the Groovi Zone and converted so many newcomers! 
And Hazel and I brought up the rear with stamps and stencils.
Here are a fewof the demos which Hazel and I did…

Stamping on our Designer toppers – quick n easy
Printing with stencils
Backgrounds brushed into stencils with ink
Inks brushed on texture paste
Paste dragged through stencils on canvas board.

But so many super friends and customers.
Snow threatened tomorrow.
But the show must go on!
My turn tomorrow.
I have a TV Show at 12 Noon streaming live.
I am showing off the rather superb Peacock and Feather Stamps, the brand new Super Fine range of stamps which we have developed.
You cannot believe the fine lines.
I am excited to show you.
See you there – snow or no snow!!!
Love & Hugs,

47 thoughts on “Loyalandlovely – It’s a great day at the NEC!!!!

  1. Might just have to buy those gorgeous stamps. Sorry I can't be there this time. Please say hi to everyone for me and hugs all round please. Shall look forward to your 12pm show muchly. Xxx

  2. Sounds like you're all having so much fun!
    Looking forward to watching your show tomorrow Barbara. The stamps are a delight!
    Love and hugs to all! Xxx

  3. Sounds like all having good time busy, would Iove to come one day sounds a very big show, Bob retires next year may be will be able to come then for couple days great to hear Hazel been demoing with you say hi to her and Steve for me great couple hugs all around xxx

  4. Come on, Barb. You did a great job with the weather for the retreat. Please can you repeat it for this weekend. I know I was there yesterday, but I really wanted to come back and wander, having really only seen one aisle. I wonder if my scooter is good in the snow. Loved Linda's show this morning and those peacock plates are superb. I have this feeling that the stamps might walk my way too, but don't tell Bec. I will be watching tomorrow. Take care. xxx Maggie

  5. Glad you had another great day, let's hope the white stuff stays away so you can have a good day tomorrow as well. Looking forward to the new stamps you are showing the Groovi ones are beautiful. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you’re going to have a crafty weekend. You never know, you might get a snow day on Monday! Sending love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  6. I'm so excited about my first visit to the NEC tomorrow. Will be leaving home at 6.30am so it will be a long day but I am really looking forward to seeing these new stamps. Will they be for sale on the stand? I really hope so. Watched Linda's show today on Hochanda and she did a brilliant job. She looked really tall though, and I was very worried for her back, poor love. Hopefully I'll get to watch your show, Barbara, LIVE!! Looking forward to seeing all the Clarity Crew too and getting my hug from Heather, she is so lovely. I just really hope that the snow doesn't stop the train. Early night for me, see you tomorrow. Love and hugs, Jeanette x

  7. Well I had to have the new plates today They are LUSH.
    Well done Linda you did a great job
    I will tune in tomorrow to watch you Barbara love watching you create your art
    You have a good evening and enjoy the rest of the show xx

  8. I loved Linda’s show today and her lovely accent is as soothing as watching her do white work! Looking forward to your show tomorrow and checking out all the Groovi goodies and the amazing samples I hear you have on display. Maybe I will get the chance to meet some of the lovely people who comment on here as well.
    Have a good evening and see you tomorrow. Annette X

  9. Pleased that you've had another great day at the show. Looking forward to your slot tomorrow. Also, will catch up with Linda's show tomorrow. Hope the snow stays away, I keep telling it not to come! xx

  10. Hi Barb – so pleased to hear what a great day it has been for you all. I watched Linda's show and thoroughly enjoyed it – such a calm and talented lady! Beautiful new plates too! I hope that the snow keeps away and that you have another great day – I shall be watching your show tomorrow. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we have had a reasonable day here, but tomorrow is set to be bad! Been to see my best friend this afternoon and we took clotted cream and raspberry Bakewell tart to have with our afternoon cup of tea – VERY delicious! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Sounds delicious! Although I’d have to have mine with coffee. Hope tomorrow isn’t too bad, I think we are getting the white stuff here and on Sunday ( can’t wait – not!). Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  11. Saw most of Linda's show, plates are stunning and happy to say I've ordered…but the set of 'dangles' fell in my basket too and I couldn't fish them out so have had to order them too – lol! To be fair they'd been on my wish list since release so at least I can now cross them off that. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, have fun xxx

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thought it wouldn’t be too long before you got them! I’ve been putting my Fabre Castellated polychrome into my new pencil case ( as recommended by someone can’t think who!) – they look fabulous all together! See you soon, Alison xx

  12. So good to see you today Barbara and I enjoyed having a little chat. Linda was brilliant and it was a full house for the live show. I will be watching tomorrow and trying out those gorgeous peacock stamps in the afternoon. I hope the weather is not as bad as forecast so that everyone can get there safely.
    A big hug from Chris. X

  13. Great Day 2 at the NEC and the Clarity family continues to grow onwards and upwards. It is the best feeling ever to be able to demonstrate and know that what you show someone can make a difference. Thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents who came to the Clarity stand today. And we look forward to Days 3 and 4 with renewed vigour and passion.

  14. Had a great day at NEC, Clarity stand was helpful as always. Thank you Barbara for signing one of your creations for my friend, I am sure it will make her smile. x

  15. Hi Barb,
    So pleased that today has been such a brilliant day for you and the Clarity team. Watched Linda’s show and thought she did so well – her voice is just so calming to listen to. The new plates are fabulous and fell into my Clarity basket and now can’t wait for them to arrive. The samples were stunningly beautiful I must say. The ones you’ve shown today are excellent too. Looking forward to seeing the stamps tomorrow and of course your demos. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Another wet day here but at least no snow (yet). Been tidying up in my craft room – can actually see the carpet! Still a long way to go though – really want to have a cull but then I chicken out!!! Stay safe and warm tomorrow, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  16. Hoping the snow stays away for everyone who wants to get to NEC. Tomorrow looks the worst but fingers crossed it does not stay around. You have a fantastic team, Linda's show was great, shall be watching yours tomorrow. xx

  17. What a fabulous day, You were full of extra smiles today Barbara and your love for what you do really does spread to us all. My Daughter always asks "Did you see Barbara Mum?" as she never forgets the time you took to show her what Lefties can do with the brayer, 7 years gone now how time flies.
    Look forward to catching up with today's show and watching tomorrow and BIG Thank you's to Dave for remembering my face when I returned to collect my Free Mega Mount to go with my 8×10 Gel Press, so glad the delivery man came up trumps..
    Have a fabulous week end & I hope the prediction of snow doesn't get in the way.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  18. Hello Barb, hopefully the snow will not be too bad and stop people from getting to the NEC today, we have had a little sprinkling here overnight, but hopefully that is it. Linda did very well on her show. She is so talented. Love the demo photos. Looking forward to your show later. Take care all

  19. Hi Barbara
    It sounds like you are having a blast, I hope it's not a cold blast! Hope all goes well today, unfortunately I won't be with you but I'm there in spirit.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Glad you had another great day yesterday, and life is getting in the way at the moment but will be catching up on what I have missed. I hope the snow doesn't get too bad and stop people getting to the show. x

  21. Hi Barbara, have been looking at your blog every day as always.
    Glad you are having a good show , just knew you would, i like a few people cannot get there this week but if you are going in November i will be there .
    Sorry but late wishing you a belated birthday and hope it was a good one.
    You are brining out some beautiful plates in groovi and also in stamps, i have been looking to start my Christmas cards but as you have some lovely stamps from last year i think i will make some of them with your stamps even though i love my Groovi plates , so love Linda Peacock and the Hats and fan in Groovi.
    Thanks all concerned they are super talented , have a good rest of the show.
    Lynn xx

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