Proud as a Peacock !

Proud as a Peacock !

Hi there.
Blogging at the stand this evening!
Just wanted to share a few pics with you from here.
Isn’t it amazing how you can build a little Clarity world within another world, starting with nothing but boxes, crates and a vision,
a full day…
 – with the help of a few good friends…
And within 24 hours, there they are!
All your other friends, come to hang out!!
Linda entertained the parching troop – well Maggie!!!
Rosie and Maria Maidment had a blast on the Make & Takes;
Rosie launched and sold out  Maria’s new and beautiful Groovi Plates on the LIVE HOCHANDA TV SHOW at 12 noon,
absolutely stunning art by Maria. 
Look at this!
I stayed up the painty inky end and had a fine old time.
Really good to meet so many old friends.
And Paul was somewhere in the middle, Groovin’ !!!
All in all, a splendid day was had by all.
A really huge stand, and busy most of the day.
Proud moment.
I feel so much more in tune with what we are doing nowadays.
Don’t suffer fools that gladly anymore.
Is it my age? At the ripe old edge of 59, I no longer feel afraid to stand my ground. Not people pleasing anymore. Just being who I am. There is a big difference when you check the motive for being a good person. Which I always try to be.
Took a while, but we got there, didn’t we?
On the subject of PROUD MOMENT, Linda Williams is launching another wonderful pair of Groovi Plates tomorrow :
These Peacock and Feather Plates are spectacular!
And on Saturday at noon I get to launch her illustrtions in Stamp format. Blimming beautiful. Super fine line stamps.
You will be impressed.
But back to Linda. 12 Noon tomorrow.
so be sure to tune in a cheer!
The samples will be spectacular too!
Maggie Byford
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson

Gail Sydenham

Glynis Whitehead

What a lucky girl I am, to be surrounded by so many good people, arty people, kind people, creative people.

Time to go eat .
Love & Hugs,

45 thoughts on “Proud as a Peacock !

  1. Such lovely new plates ….. decisions, decisions, bags and shoes ….. no contest but who knows ! Just saying to myself you’re not a birds person (phobia and used to have to turn back sometimes when I was little and met a peacock in the road (The Trout at Wolvercote – as seen on old Morse) so I don’t want peacocks do I? But then, the samples are so enticing ….. Hubby’s birthday today and I didn’t buy him a pressie – I wonder what plates he’d like ! Had such a busy day with visitors (and tonight) I haven’t been able to catch up yet on yesterday’s shows or today’s. Will do tomorrow though. Have a good show! Good to see Maggie in the photo ! Xx

  2. Very lucky indeed, it is wonderful to be surrounded by creative souls, you feed off each other.
    Well I've been manic at work the last two days so I have lots of clarity shows to catch up on xx

  3. Brill to see you all today. Broke the bank as usual. My wish list is a bit shorter now but will quickly grow again. Wonderful team and the best products as per usual. Enjoy the next few days. Xxx

  4. Oh Barbara what are you doing to my bank balance. The new plates look amazing. Glad it is all going well, let's hope the snow that is forecast stays away so the everyone can get there to join in. Will watch Linda tomorrow and need to catch up on today's show as well. xx

    1. Hi Lynne, I hope you don't mind me asking but I haven't heard anything yet re. the blog prize and just wondered if someone got in touch with you or did you send Barbara an e-mail with your address. I know she is so busy so I haven't bothered anyone but perhaps I should get in touch. Thanks x

    2. Probably in the post to you Pat. I did not get in touch they have our address if we are in any of the club's or if you are a customer. I expect it will be with you shortly. X .

    3. Hi Pat, Is your last name Moore as well? Cos if it is, I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm the Patricia Moore who won the prize. It arrived yesterday. I didn't ring up clarity because when I saw your message on the blog saying thank you for the prize I thought that I was not the Patricia Moore who was the winner. Hope you are not too disappointed and that you can take comfort in the fact that, in almost 72 years of life, it's the first time I have ever won anything! x

    4. Oh, that's great, it was totally my fault for assuming, and I should have realised when it said Patricia and not Pat as I always call myself Pat, so enjoy your win! x

  5. Glad to see you enjoying these shows more Barbara rather than stamping your fingers to the bone day after day. I can't wait to see those peacocks in stamp format – might just have to buy those. Rosie did really well at 12 with Leonie too. Nice to see Maggie getting in on the action!! Enjoy the next 3 days. Xxx

  6. Great to see you're able to blog! I was getting withdrawal symptoms!
    The stand looks great and Rosie's show went very well today… Or seemed to through the telly! Doesn't an hour fly by!
    Looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!
    Love and hugs xxx

  7. And how lucky they are to work for you, a person who celebrates their skills and encourages them to shine. Pennies still tight here and quite a bit of Groovi I haven't used yet but I am looking forward to seeing the stamps. Enjoy the rest of the show xx

  8. Glad it's going well, Barbara. I fear I'm going to be a bit poorer by the end of the week. The peacocks look lovely and I must have them! Thanks for the surprise package which arrived today. Lovely. Love and hugs. Xx

  9. Ohh my how beautiful are those samples I will be sitting here watching intently sitting on my hands trying not to go overdrawn at the bank. Lol
    Who am I trying to kid They will be in the basket before Linda gets to he's first demo.
    Have a wonderful show the stand looks amazin. Theresa x

  10. Hello Barbara

    How lucky are we to have you and your team in our lives. Today we had the first meeting of our new Thursday Groovi group in East Northamptonshire and we all had a lovely day. Including someone who hadn't seen Groovi or parchment before and went home with a card she had made, promising to come again next month.

    See you all tomorrow

  11. Hello Barbara

    How lucky are we to have you and your team in our lives. Today we had the first meeting of our new Thursday Groovi group in East Northamptonshire and we all had a lovely day. Including someone who hadn't seen Groovi or parchment before and went home with a card she had made, promising to come again next month.

    See you all tomorrow

  12. Hi Barb,
    Wow the stand looks absolutely brilliant. Watched Rosie's show today and that went really well and such a quick sell out too. So looking forward to Linda's plates tomorrow, I know that will be in my basket! Maria's plates were lovely, but I'm not really a shoes and bags person ( well not on cards anyway!). The DT samples are gorgeous as ever. Have a good night's rest and get your batteries recharged for tomorrow. Hope everything goes well for Linda's show – I foresee a very quick sellout actually! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  13. I shall be there on Saturday too, list in hand and hopefully a place booked on the make and take. It all looks amazing Barbara – what a team you are.
    Glad that you don’t seem to be letting the stress get to you and that you are enjoying the show. Have a relaxing evening. Annette X

  14. Hi Barbara
    Oh it all looks wonderful, I'm sorry I won't be there this year. The new plates are beautiful, love Maria's samples and plates and the peacock ones are stunning too. Of I can feel your excitement. I know it's been a long hard battle but it's lovely to hear you feel comfortable with yourself and where you are. Give yourself a big pat on the pack and give the team a hug, well done you.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Just caught up with the 12 noon show with Rosella, now to look forward to tomorrows show with Linda. The Peacock looks fantastic. Glad you got the wifi sorted today presume it was the internet at the place you were staying that was the problem yesterday !! Maggie looks engrossed with what Linda was showing her, she was missed at our Bromsgrove group today. I am sure she will have lots to tell us when we meet in 2 weeks time about both the retreat & the NEC. Others from the group are also going over the next few days so there may well be more chatting than Grooving on 29th.

  16. Great pics of the 'gang' setting up, that in itself is no mean feat! Maria's plates today were pretty (not quite my cup of tea) but have to say I'm rather pleased I held on to my money as I just know that the peacocks will definitely be heading into my basket tomorrow! Everyone looks like they're having fun at the make 'n takes, doubtless there's a lot more Groovi-ers by Sunday arrives. Take care xxx

  17. Lovely seeing you today Barbara, pity we couldn't talk for long, that's always the way, you looked shattered at the end of the day, not surprising having to fit up a stand that size. Must say it looked amazing, you had such a great team pulling together though. Hope you get to relax tonight after your evening meal. Wow all those new plates are

  18. Great pictures of a wonderful team lovely seeing a Hazel and Steve there helping miss them both such a lovely couple. Peacocks loook amazing such beautiful birds . Glad day one went well rest up sure tomorrow will be busy again hugs to you all xxx

    1. Bless you Joy, being a part of the Clarity team is very important to us and we love being able to share the joy of crafting with the people that pass through the stand at the NEC. Very humbling. Xx

  19. Firstly, Rob, you are dead for that photo. The Clarity stand is brilliant, full of serious temptation. That peacock is stunning and all the smaller assets have so many uses. It was lovely to meet up with Maria Maidment and see her lovely work too. Does anyone know how the lady is who collapsed right by the stand? Bec tried to find out but none of the officials seemed to even know anything about her. Hope you all get a good night's sleep before the next three days. xxx Maggie

  20. I am so pleased today went well for you and the team..Rosie did brilliantly with Leonie. Those peacock plates are a must have so they will be on my shopping list. I go to the Bromsgrove Groovi / Pergamano group with Sue and Maggie. Sheila Billingham set it up and we have a lovely 2 hrs Parching and chatting and encouraging each other. See you tomorrow. X

  21. So nice to see all those photos of everyone enjoying themselves. Hope one day I can make it to one of these events. Rosie did very well. Look forward to seeing Linda, and the other shows. I really enjoyed Maria on Wednesday. Enjoy a rest before the next busy days xx

  22. Hi Barb I do hope you get to read this post of mine and no one will be offended by my little joke ( me thinks I may have to resort to selling my body to fund my Groovi habit !!!) That's my joke.
    Love everything you and your crew are doing and I'm 70 this year and have finally decided that I'm going to stand up for myself more and not worry what others think, so good on you Barb so pleased allngoing well for you xx

  23. Love the samples, unfortunately I won't be able to watch Linda tomorrow so will have to catch up later. It is so good that you can now spread the load Barbara, great team.

  24. The stand is looking great, you and the team do so well to get that size of stand up and ready for business so fast, and glad you all had a good day. I'm afraid I missed Maria today so will have to watch on catch up. I hope to see the live hours if I can, but if not will definitely be catching up on them. x

    1. Sorry, just had a senior moment, I meant to say I missed seeing Maria's beautiful designs demonstrated by Rosie on the live hour, and although I missed it looking at the photo of the designs I can see why they sold out. x

  25. Thank you for my blog prize, which was waiting for me when I got back from the show. It's wonderful, as was the Clarity stand. Loved seeing all the brilliant artwork from the design team, they look even more beautiful. Enjoyed seeing yours and Linda's demo's, trouble was trying to decide what to buy! I think my wish list has got longer not shorter after today. Have just watched Rosie's show and looking forward to seeing the other shows, recorder set for tomorrow. xx

  26. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing the photos from NEC and those beautiful samples. The stand looks great and from the comments and what people said when interviewed on the show, everyone is enjoying everything Clarity. Hope the remaining days go well. Take care all. Bx

  27. So good to hear you so happy. I can feel how much more relaxed you are nowadays. Great to hear how well the NEC is doing and look forward to watching Linda’s live show today. Love always R xxx

  28. Hi Barb, Just had to write a big thank you for my blog prize, which arrived yesterday. I was so surprised and pleased as I have NEVER won anything before. I bought the fab plates from yesterday and have got to have the peacock plates too. At my funeral they'll say, " She didn't have a penny to her name but she had every Groovi plate there is. She was rich indeed! " Even more cheers for Groovi!!! xx

  29. Beautiful work by all the team. I'll have a Clarityfest when I get home as we're currently away for the national awards. Didn't win this one but we had a fantastic time anyway!

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