NEW!! Little and Large Stencils – Coming up tomorrow.

NEW!! Little and Large Stencils – Coming up tomorrow.

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
All set to go here. 
Manic or what?!? But it’s all fine.
Snow? What snow?
Carries on undeterred….
Mind you. I am playing it safe, and travelling up to the TV studios in Peterborough this afternoon. I know. It seems a bit extreme to travel up 24 hours before the 2-4 show, but if it eliminates the risk of a calamity tomorrow, then it’s fine. 
And I even get to have dinner with a friend, so happy days. 
Tomorrow, alongside some old faves of mine, 
I shall be presenting a set of fabulous stencils in 2 different sizes:
A5 AND A4.
Here are some lovely samples in A5 from the über talented team.
Dee Paramour
Barbara Lancaster
Dee Paramour
Julie Dunn

Jane Telford

Julie Dunn
So why did I decide to go for 2 sizes?
Well, that B&B in Wales needs some larger art on the walls !!!
Certainly enjoying the large ones I must say!
Tune in to HOCHANDA tomorrow 2-4pm, and I shall use both sizes, so you can see the finished difference. Oh. And I had a good idea which I want to share with you too….
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
Love & Hugs,

37 thoughts on “NEW!! Little and Large Stencils – Coming up tomorrow.

  1. Safe journey, best to allow plenty of time when we have this sort of weather. New stencils looking brilliant and such lovely artwork from the design team. Enjoying the pic on Clarity calendar for this month, helps warm my kitchen up! Looking forward to the shows. xxx

  2. Oh! Thank goodness, I have the stamp and the stencil aren’t ones I’d probably get a lot of use from and I’m trying to be careful at the moment ! I love the stamp and every time I use the downstairs loo I can see the challenge I did on canvas using that stamp and I still love it and feel quite proud of it ! Have a safe trip – good idea to go early ! X

  3. Good idea travelling up this afternoon more snow this evening then turning to rain tempetures rising a bit so hopefully the big thaw. Love those stamps stencillookgreat looking forward to shows record set as well as back up. Safe travelling katie sends her love and hugs xxx

  4. Oooooh Barbara those stencils look amazing! I must have these!
    Not quite sure how as I’m supposed to be on a spending freeze,fortunately I have the lovely toadstools and hares.
    Have a safe journey x

  5. Hello Barbara

    Safe journey up today. The main roads round here are reasonably ok. (I live about 10 miles from Oundle). We are travelling to Kent tomorrow. See you on Monday.

    Roz xxx

  6. Safe journey this afternoon & enjoy your meal with your friend. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow & Monday. I have the birds stamp so will be poised to play over the next few days. Hope everyone travelling to Kent for the retreat have a safe uneventful journey as well.

  7. Looking forward to the shows, I have the bird row but haven't used it for a while so I hope to be inspired again. Good idea to travel today, it's much less stressful knowing you have plenty of time. We usually like to stay at the airport the night before a flight to be sure. Safe journey to you and Maria xx

    1. I hope everyone is warm and safe. I haven't been out since last Sunday but it's a bit warmer here today so maybe tomorrow…. Still, it's given me time to get to grips with making borders and snipping them I can hear Tina's voice telling me to do the edges first then fill the corners in last xx

    2. Hi Chris – sounds like you have been very productive, whilst staying in the warm. I hope that your windscreen has now been sorted. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Hi Barb – looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow & on Monday with Maria. I see that you are teasing us with 'you having an idea'! We all look forward to knowing just what that is! The stencils look amazing and it will be great to watch you doing your first love! Safe journey to you and Maria – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – the snow has all gone here and we are back to rain – normal for us! I haven't ventured very far from in front of the fire and really don't plan to do so yet awhile. Planning on a bit of a sort out of crafty things!!! It could take some time! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, we haven't been out for a few days either. Made some Easter cards. Even had a go with the geli plate. Did I tell you I've got my date for treatment on my back, 21st March, not long to wait. Take care, Love & hugs Pam xxx

  9. I love the bird stamps and I am looking forward for some new ideas of how to use it.
    Good idea travelling today and if you get the opportunity to spend time with a friend then that makes it even better.
    I am missing time with my Craftaholic anonymous friends this afternoon as we had to cancel due to the weather. The main roads are clear but a lot of the side roads are still treacherous.

  10. Hi Barbara , wow i was one of the lucky winers of the leave a comment a week ago, as i read your blog every day and only comment at the weekends ( sorry ) could not believe my eyes when i had won .
    I called yesterday to speak to Jeannine and claim my prize.
    I spoke to a lovely lady and she will know who i was she was struggling to hear me due to the weather as you had had so many problems with the weather , she told me that my groovi plate had already sent out , well what great service in the terrible conditions we are all having.
    I was going to place an order but things were not good so i said i would order on line ( today ) which i will do once i have sent this comment.
    Please thank the lady ( name i have forgot !!!!! old age ) for all she tried to do she was amazing and so is all your staff.
    Dont sweat about this delivery i will be placing as i am sure everybody is working hard to give a great service. Which is second to none .
    Looking forward to the new 123 plates , some for another months order.
    Please take care on your journey up to Peterborough, and look forward to watching all shows tomorrow.
    Once again thanks for a great service.
    Lynn xxx

  11. Dear Barbara. I have just been catching up on your blog and got such a surprise to find I have won your beautiful plate. Too late now to phone. I am delighted. Have been busy this last few days trying to finish a card I have made for one of my granddaughters, who got engaged last weekend. Will enjoy the shows this weekend I am sure. Safe journeys to all traveling Love Josie. Xxx

  12. Dear Barb,
    already bought the stencils (because I can't watch HOCHANDA in real time, and they might sell out!).

    Break legs – but not on ice!!


    Maggie (Yorkite)

  13. Safe journey to all who are going up to Peterborough and those going yo Kent. Love the stencils, I have the both sets of stamps but looking forward to having inspiration from your

  14. I shall have to watch on catch up as I shall be travelling down to your way. So much indecision in the last 2 days with all the snow but pleased to say our roads are clearing fast. So looking forward to the retreat and reckon I would have been right miserable if I could not have got there. The new designs look great my daughter has just told me that she will buy me something I would like from Clarity for Mother's day so not going to be difficult to decide. xx

  15. Hi bloggy friends, Hope you are all well and that it's warming up for you now. Our snow is thawing and roads clearing now. Trip to supermarket for basics was a bit of a waste of time as bread, milk veg and fruit and lots of other things sold out. Luckily have bread in freezer and bought long life milk so we'll survive. Pete update, he is doing really well, thank you for your thoughts, He could have done without having to go up in the loft this morning. Some snow had got in and as it thawed was dripping through the light fitting in the bathroom, so had to be looked at. Temporarily sorted now. It's nothing compared to what others have had. Take care everyone. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Oh Pam you both take care, good to hear you've got a date for your back. Keep warm and snug, hopefully the shops will get food deliveries soon, sending hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    I hope you've arrived in Peterborough and you are enjoying your meal with your friend. Much better to arrive early and relax rather than trying not to rush in bad weather tomorrow. The new stencils look good, the design team samples are fabulous and I'm wondering what your idea is. Have fun.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Safe journey (both there and back), like what everyone has done with the stencils and bird stamps are nice also but not for me. Will still be watching and recording and am intrigued to see what the good idea you're sharing is?! Will be watching Maria with the Groovi ODS, doubtless the bank card will again be groaning but that can't be helped – lol! Take care and keep warm everyone, fingers crossed the weather will soon break as am beginning to go 'stir crazy' now! Still got fingers crossed for everyone getting to the retreat next week. xxx

  18. What great new stencils Barbara and love all the inspiration from the DT, and I look forward to seeing you on TV tomorrow. A good idea to leave for the studio today as it would be really frustrating for you should there be any hold ups due to the weather and you would be worrying about getting to the studio on time which would give you unwanted stress, so hope you have had a good evening having a lovely dinner and catching up with your friend. x

  19. Hello Barb, can't wait for the shows today. These stencils are beautiful and the samples from the team are just gorgeous, I am sure the demo's are really going to inspire. Bx

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