Sunday Groovi Step by Step – Easy as 1-2-3 !

Sunday Groovi Step by Step – Easy as 1-2-3 !

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me on this rainy-in-England Sunday.
Burst pipes in our area at home, because the freeze thawed so fast, so no water at the house – but Dave can handle it! 

Busy busy busy here at Clarity!
I shall be on TV from 2-4pm today, with some fab new stencils and Gelpress plates, doing my arty thaing. 
Then I shall pass the baton to Maria, who will launch a 
Groovi Parchment One Day Special at 6pm.
These superb floral 1-2-3 Plates, designed by Linda Williams, are excellent. What a clever idea, to magnify the flowers! 
So I shall leave lovely Maria to it, and skate back down the motorway to join the rest of the Clarity-Groovi-Pergamano Crew for what promises to be a Mega Retreat!

And guess which plates we are using? 
Yep! The new large 1-2-3 plates!

They are absolutely brilliant for practicing and sample work. 
Because each little disk on the plate is only small, you can practice various techniques, embossing, colouring, picot, gridwork, multi-needlework, and not spend an age before you see a result. 
The other thing is that you can use the plates according to your skill level. For example, the larger, magnified flowers are easier to practice your shading on than the smaller images. So you start on the No. 3, and work your way up to the smaller images as your embossing improves. 
And just to put what I am trying to say into pictures, this week’s step by step project, which I have been working on a day at a time, uses the No. 3 fuchsia, the simple one.
I wanted to learn how to do that fantastic shading which we see from seasoned parchers. And after a week, I’d like to think I have nailed it. It’s not perfect. But actually, I’m pretty chuffed with the result. The main objective was to learn shading; the rest was a finishing exercise. 
Ready?  It’s a long one……


Work in the centre of a piece of A5 regular clear parchment.
Emboss the disk using Groovi tool No. 1 (or Pergamano No. 1)
Emboss the fuchsia very lightly, using tool No. 2 at the other end (or Pergamano No. 1.5)
This is where the Pink Pergamano Excellent Mat comes into play. Definitely better than the black mat. Black mat too soft for this job.
Use the No. 6 Ball tool, the largest ball tool to stroke the fuchsia.
Gently. You can hardly see it. Leave empty spaces.
That’ll do…
Couple of hours later, go back and repeat, gently with the No. 6 ball tool. Use the No. 3.5 ball tool to start on the stamen.
Couple of hours later, go back and repeat, gently with the No. 6 ball tool. Use the No. 3.5 ball tool on the stamen again.
That’s it from the front. Always check what you’re doing as you go along.
I know. Once you get used to walking away from the work and letting it rest between embossing layers, it’s astounding what else you can get done!
Day 2
After a night’s rest, you will be really surprised how much white the shading gets. Go gently.
At this point, you may start going over the same areas with the No. 4.5 Ball tool. Leave it rest. Then after a few hours, go gently with the No. 3 Ball tool in the tips of the petals. 
Never press harder to make it whiter. 
Just go over the same area more.
See how the outline has almost disappeared into the petals?
While the large fuchsia is resting, let’s work on the outside area.
Make a frame using the Nested circle, and then infill the area with the smaller fuchsias and the No. 1 tool.
Do the top half.

With hindsight, I may have added the words first,
but this was the order in which the ideas came!

Time to make a template, to make sure the words fit.
I have slotted the nested circles into the Plate mate in the background, embossed the frame, then used the Universal Framer ABC to start writing.
Move the ABC plate and write along one of the circle lines.
See how it sits on the nested circle?
Trouble is, it’s too long for the gap!
Back to the drawing board – literally! Let’s try lower case.
That’ll be smaller!
Perfect. Now you know it fits, you can use the template to position the words exactly.
I added some dots and stamens to connect the words and flowers.
Now what next? I shall sleep on it.
Actually enjoying this approach to parchment craft. Leaving it to rest also helps me to consider my next move…..
Day 3
An overnight later, and the whitework is REALLY starting to pop.
Use the 1.5mm ball tool to whiten the stamen even more. 
I want to try something. I want to see if I can add a vein down the centre of the petals with the 1.5 mm ball tool…
Stepping away and looking from the front. Yes. it really did work!
Now for the background.
Some hills and a moon to create depth within the centre?
(mmm. not sure about this…)

And now we should start building the borderwork.
I think at this stage I am just going to let it evolve. 
(aka. let go and enjoy the ride)
Day 4
Right. Time to add a splash of colour.
This is where the Designer papers and toppers come in very handy.
Sometimes I just hit a wall when it comes to this point, don’t you?
Add a little fuchsia and blue to the sky and frame flowers 
using the B Pencils from the Perga Liners.
What a difference a little Dorso Oil makes!
And there’s that formidable Blending pen again.
Blimming brilliant it is!
Look at the difference between the 3 corners I haven’t blended with Dorso oil, and the 4th corner. And that’s the back!
Check the Front.
Note to self: nexttimeforgetthelandscape. 
Perforating time.
Groovi Plate Mate with Straight Bold grid, 
2-Needles bold tool along the straight edges.
And perforating from the front of course….
When it comes to the curves, we have to go free stylee.
This is where the white foam and the Lightwave help enormously. 
Use the 2-needle bold again, placing the first needle in the second hole already made, thereby controlling the pitch, the distance between each hole. 
And this is where I think I went wrong. 
Got cocky. Decided to picot cut the moon.
Ah well, we shall see….
Picot Cut out the corners. 
This week’s Youtube goes into the cutting in detail,
so do check out Claritystamp Youtube
There are LOADS of tutorial Videos there!
Mmm.. The moon. Jury’s out on that one….
Had enough of picot cutting for one day, so I’m going with the ruler with the Groovi grip and leaving a nice smart edge.
After all, she said, the object of this week’s exercise was to master shading and embossing, right?
Run a glue runner around the 4 coloured corners on the back.
Doesn’t show through!
Use a pencil eraser and tweezers or something like it to scrape the adhesive off the clear area if you strayed.
Hahahaha. I can feel the trad parchers cringing.
Works For me.
The shading pops on a darker background.
And the moon became a sun.
That’ll do for today.
Shading and embossing was the name of the game.

We learned lots of other tricks along the way too….
Note to self…
Must dash! Telly time! 
But I have to say, this daily approach to parching has been quite relaxing. I’m not trying to produce a masterpiece here; I’m just trying to master some techniques. I think I learn easily as much from my mistakes as I do from the parts I get right. So I have no qualms showing you work which is not great, and highlighting the bits I could have done differently. I have the theory – what I lack is the practice. 
Next week, I think I would like to get to grips with a Multi-needle tool, and try my hand at a lacy border.
You with me?
And now Barbie, breathe.
It’s nearly time for the 2-Day Parchment retreat.
Before I shoot off, how about some blog candy?
Leave a lovely uplifting and positive comment below, and we will send 10 lucky random winners something cool.
It’s a surprise.  You will be chuffed.
Love & Hugs,

110 thoughts on “Sunday Groovi Step by Step – Easy as 1-2-3 !

  1. Brilliant Barbara. This craft never ceases to amaze me and you have such a good eye for a lovely design. The blending pen is a brilliant idea. I thought I had got all the Pergamano tools but that one seems to have slipped under my radar. Hopefully I can put that right at The Spa. Safe journey back. See you tomorrow. X

  2. Wow absolutely beautiful, I can really see the difference when you leave your embossing for a couple of hours . I am really going to try doing this as I am too impatient and tend to press too hard. 😊

  3. Barbara that white work is BEAUTIFUL.
    Enjoy the tv today and hope all the people going to the retreat have a fantastic time.. I know they will I am just jealous xx

  4. Thank you Barb, your a star for doing this, so far due to work commitments I have only read this but will practice as soon as poss, TV set to record all programs, really wish I could have got to retreat, oh well one day, have a great time xx

  5. Morning Barbara
    Hope Dave manages to sort the pipes out at home
    I am really really impressed with your step by step parchment design it is amazing not just saying that I really do mean it, just what everyone needs at the moment after all the snow and freezing temperatures
    It's a lovely cheerful design well done
    Can't wait till those new blending nibs come out as you have demonstrated using those and the dorso oil really does make all the difference to your colouring
    Have a lovely couple of days with everyone at the retreat I am so jealous of everyone going they are going to learn so much and have fun along the way to
    Take care have a lovely time on tv and a safe journey back home

  6. Hi Barbara It’s so nice that you are willing to share your “not so perfect” work with us it’s great to know even the best makes mistakes X

  7. What a beautiful masterpiece and thank you for giving us every step, so much patience. Just started the Groovi journey and loving it and with your inspiration, will get to grips with all the different processes. What would we do without you Barbara and how you juggle everything is amazing. Thank you for Clarity.

  8. Feel a bit stir crazy after stuck in with the beautiful snow, now it’s raining… you’ve lifted my mood. Can’t wait to get Groovi ing and watching the shows. I’m smiling inside thanks to you x

  9. These are beautiful. And a great mothers day card, wish i was on the retreat tomorrow but ran out of leave. Had used it up before it was announced! But i know every one will have a bloody marvellous time. Thanks for sharing Barbara (even your hiccups). Have a great show and travel safe love Jxx

  10. Brilliant demo Barbara. I hope you are bringing a huge stock of those plates to the NEC. I have a friend who now lives too far away for me to see her often. She bought Groovi starter and some plates when you launched it and tried once and because it was not perfect ( no one gets anything perfect first time do they?)she has not tried again. I have tried to get her interested but it is difficult to do it from afar. I am still learning but my best tip is START SMALL and these plates are perfect. Because my friend does not use the Internet she has no access to your YouTube. I am hoping that we my be able to get together and I can show her where to start. I hope all the retreat attendees manage to get there safe and sound and have a wonderful time.
    Hugs from Chris

  11. These step by step guides are great, thank you so much for this idea. I know I will learn a lot each week. Such a beautiful end result this week and inspiration for us all!

  12. Love you showing the process of your design with the step by step photos and your thoughts too. What you are thinking as you decide which plate to use next, is I'm sure, exactly what all of us are deciding too. Whether to picot cut, or use embossing ? I'm also in the process of creating small manageable pieces, to get to grips with the techniques, and will add them to a portfolio for future reference.

  13. Good morning, I'm really impressed with your shading, you've inspired me to have a go and just slow it down and enjoy the process, beautiful inspiration. Have a great show today xx

  14. Hmmmm…I like the laid back approach, but I'm not sure I'll ever make a parcher (unlike my only crafting pal Betty, who died last year – sadly and greatly missed). I think I need results more speedily! Speaking of, I used my groovi grip for the first time yesterday, it certainly does what it says on the tin. I felt like a real professional, do you think it would work on slippy bra straps?
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  15. I love the small designs and the possibilities they offer. There are levels for all abilities with Groovi – anyone can achieve a lovely design from the start.

  16. These new plates look fantastic, having zoomed in on the picture I can now see how they work, 123-brilliant!! Ideal for beginners but also for those with a bit more experience to practice the various techniques & also for a quicker piece as a topper for a card. Need to go & clear some space on my recorder for the shows. Safe journey everyone today or tomorrow although thankfully it seems to be melting quite fast just hope it doesn't freeze again tonight. Look forward to seeing any pictures from the retreat on FB, have fun.

  17. These are lovely, now I know you work very hard, but would it be possible to have these designs in stamps too? Very, very pretty please. I love the look of Groovi, but my craft room is full to bursting, I cannot squeeze a new system in ( well, not without questions in the house anyway!) But a few more stamps would go in un-noticed. looking forward to this afternoon, roll on 2.00 pm.

  18. Wow Barbara! Your shading on that white work is fabulous! And as for the moon/sun I like it picot cut out showing the colour from the card!
    Looking forward to watching your show at 2pm. Enjoy!
    Safe journey back to your house too!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  19. Hello Barbara

    That is fantastic. Breaking it down in a step-by-step makes it look much more achievable. I like the look of these plates and very pleased to hear we will be using them.

    See you tomorrow

  20. Thank you Barbara for such an insightful blog! Particularly useful for me as I struggle sometimes making a small design into something bigger. It goes without saying that these plates will be joining my expanding collection! x

  21. Stunning Barbara. I really enjoy reading your blog and learning with you. Stunning plates from Linda, so much can be done with them. Enjoy the retreat and have a safe journey home.
    Laurence xx

  22. How honest of you to show the bad bits as well as the good bits. It gives me, whom I consider to be a novice, so much inspiration to know that even you make mistakes. I wouldn’t be brave enough to put it on the internet. Tina

  23. I am so glad I didn't book the retreat due to limited funds at the moment – only because I wouldn't have made it what with the snow and the cracked windscreen on the car that they can't get to us to replace – I would have been so disappointed.
    I love this compilation of your week's work, it really shows the best approach and I am trying to follow your example at the moment as I have plenty of time before the garden calls!
    Hope the shows go well for you and Maria and safe journeys xx

  24. Love your work. You are an inspiration. I am a trad parched, still trying to get to grips with groovi. But am hooked on your beautiful designs. I think this fuchsia plate might be falling into my basket.😉

  25. Wow! What a glorious end piece. Having lots of snow must have helped to be able to sit and get lost in your beautiful work! They do say practise makes perfect and you are certainly perfecting parchment work!

  26. Beautiful and well done groovi chick. Bet you enjoyed the calming chilled out time away from all the hustle and bussle of your normal busy life. Creativity is calming and soothing. The plates are fab. On my ever longer wish list. Have fun at the retreat so wish I could come. Xxx

  27. Hi Barb,
    I am really loving this new approach of yours to do a daily bit of Groovi and then it all together into one blog piece showing warts and all. The whitework on the fuchsia petals is beautiful and I have been trying to follow your example of leaving it to rest overnight, and it certainly works. I do sometimes get a bit impatient I must say, but I am learning!!! I actually like the moon/ sun picot cut to show the colour underneath like Jane. I think Linda's new plates are a brilliant idea and I know they will be dropping into my basket tonight! Great that you've done them in A4 and A5 square sizes too. Really looking forward to the blending pen arriving as well, certainly makes a big difference. Hoping the shows go well for you and Maria later on and that you have a safe journey home. We've had heavy snow again this morning(wasn't expecting that!) but it's definitely warmer so beginning to thaw. I hope everyone going to the Groovi Retreat has a fabulous time and a safe journey there and back. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  28. Well done yes practice practice really is the only way! Think of all the times stamping when wrong or we smudged our work!
    Keep at it, we are enjoying your journey

  29. Barbara you are such a talented Lady and I always look forward to reading your blog. Getting food and ironing out of the way to sit and enjoy the shows. Love them and while I'm not very good, I Love watching you and your fan team demo.
    Wish I could buy everythibg . Cx

  30. I am so enjoying seeing your work evolve in this step by step, I'm very happy for you. I find it difficult to see any mistakes though!
    To everyone attending the Retreat I wish you a most wonderful time. xx

  31. I am a definite believer that a person learns much more from their mistakes and so, therefore, we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves and remember that it doesn't have to be perfect. Your approach is just right Barbara. Sat here knitting, patiently waiting for 2pm.
    Safe journey home, and to everybody attending the retreat, I wish you a safe journey too, and I hope you all have a brilliant time xx

  32. Your ramblings are quite inspirational and taking your time is what it’s all about! All these “quick makes” that crafters see on tv take all the fun and relaxation out of the craft. Take the time and enjoy the creative process!

  33. I can’t make the retreat, but this was the next best thing for me. Sometimes I just need to slow down and smell the roses and this project will certainly help to do that. Thanks Barbara for spending so much time doing this step by step. Elaine is so right In what she says and craft should be relaxing. Getting ready to put the kettle on and enjoy the shows. I am not a stamper, but love to watch you work. Enjoy! Annette x

  34. Looking forward to the shows, can't decide if I need the A5 or A4 stencils from yesterday, really getting into paper cutting and think they would be amazing. My TV time is booked so I don't miss it. Love your step by step, your mum will love it. Xx

  35. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is ready for the shows today. Snow here has pretty much all gone, yay! That will make getting to work a lot easier. Hope everyone has been staying safe out there. Xx

  36. Beautiful art work barbara your amazing showing the parts you like and the ones you don’t think you should have put in the groovi is a wonderful piece of crafting kit I would never had done parchment if it wasn’t for the groovi so thank you safe journey xxx

  37. OK. You've convinced me. Must leave parchment alone and not try to finish in one go! Fantastic example. Just lovely. Looking forward to the show this afternoon. Monthly blast of inspiration. X

  38. A brilliant step by step Barbara, lots of great tips too. I asked about the new blenders when I rang up, but they weren't in yet, they sound very good. As I won last week, Please leave me out the draw to make it fair for everyone else to win. Safe journey home. Hope your water is back on. Having trouble with our too. Enjoy the retreats everyone who is going.xxxx

  39. Really enjoying these step-by-step projects and there are little gems of wisdom and technique in each one. I need to try adding a sentiment in a circle again – mine wandered way off course last time I tried.
    Looking forward to seeing how you do a lacy border next week – and could I request a project using the straight and/or diagonal grid border plates, please – the ones that already have a pattern in them. I've got one of each and I keep experimenting, trying to work out where I should be embossing, where piercing and snipping. I find it particularly difficult to turn corners, so any tips on this would be much appreciated!

  40. Fantastic demos again. I do so enjoy your daily blogs as I’m always learning something. And even better I can go back and check anytime to see if I’m going the right way. Hope you get your pipes sorted out and enjoy the retreat x

  41. Had almost given up on Groovi, too complicated, but I must admit I find the smaller projects easier to do and I don't get so frustrated and the You Tube demonstrations and these step by step are making me feel more confident that I can do something passable. So will be watching Maria later and learning learning learning and later on learning from my own oops moments….

  42. What a great demo Barbara. You have inspired me to have a groovi afternoon. Still jealous I can’t go to the retreat though. Looking forward to the program’s on hochanda today. All taping ready to watch later. Xxxx

  43. Hi Barb Every time I watch you craft I stand in awe! You are such a talented lady. Many thanks for all the fab products you bring us each month and for all the hints and tips you pass on to us. Lots of love Claire x

  44. Loved the step by step. You never cease to amaze me. You can turn your hand to both stamping and groovi. You make it look so easy. I love your stamping but my passion is parchment. Groovi is so therapeutic to me. I look forward to the perforating tools next week. I do fancy getting the blending pens. You can add your art work to a Scottish B and B after you have filled all the welsh B and B s lol enjoy the treat have loved your program today. Take care on your travels xx

  45. Hi Barbara You certainly know how to set out detailed step by step instructions, but must admit, I find it easier to follow video tutorials, so I am pleased that you are doing your Youtube Tuesdays. Not totally into Groovi yet, I don't have a very steady hand and also am very heavy handed when it comes to white work. I have managed to produce a couple of bigger pieces, but I do like making the Parchlets and have quite a few of those, and as yet haven't mastered snipping, but as everyone says, Practice makes Perfect.
    Margaret xx

  46. You have done it again Barbara, cracking demo. Definitely make sure I print out and keep this one handy. I must find those minutes in the day to practice your approach. Looking forward to the retreat.xx

  47. Hi Barbara,

    What a talented lady, and what a talented team! The step by step tutorials are excellent. Especially like the intricate detail on the fuchsia flower,so delicate.
    Then my passion is for macro photography especially flowers. Therefore in my opinion your grovie flowers are excellent from that prospective. A great tutorial and beautiful artwork. How do you find the time? have recorded your show this afternoon and look forward to watching later, the plates are must have yet again.

    Thank you so much for sharing this on your daily blog. Safe journey home, hope the retreats are successful yet again.

  48. Hi thanks for a great demo. I will try to remember to rest the projekt for some hours like you did. Love all you products.

  49. I'm loving watching you learn and practice. I also note that you are being kind and gentle on yourself too, when things don't go exactly as you wished they had! Being kind to yourself and calm will get you to just where you want to be. You are doing great, you'll have an 'ology' in parching soon, one that will be bestowed on you, from all of us, who love what you share. Thanks for sharing. C xx

  50. Wow! What a big blog ! Love the work you’ve done. I will learn to be patient …. and start a few projects so I can go back to them day after day instead of leaving everything till the last minute ! Looking forward to looking at the new plates ! Hope everyone enjoys their two days. Think of me tomorrow morning having my tooth out and I’ll think of you grooving ! X

  51. Wonderful. You are amazing Barbara, you have learnt so much so quickly. Now I am excited these plates look fab and I am going to get to play tomorrow. See you in the morning. Safe trip back and i hope Dave has got the pipes sorted. xx

  52. Hi Barb, hope you will find this uplifting. I've been using clarity stamps since I saw you demonstrating clever corners at the NEC in the 90s. I learned parching by going to a weekly class at a friend's. Sadly, her husband died five years ago and my friend stopped doing the classes. When you first introduced the Groovi system I bought a starter kit and enjoyed getting back in to parchment. Subsequently I discovered that my friend had given up doing parchment altogether as she was having trouble with her hands and was depressed. I took some Groovi with me when I went to visit and cajoled her into having a go. She LOVED it and now comes to my home once or twice a week to spend the day grooving. We made all our Christmas cards using Groovi last year, about 200 cards between us. Since January we've been making birthday cards and once or twice a month have a day making Christmas cards for this December. I'd like to send you my heartfelt thanks for getting my friend and I back into parching,for alleviating her depression and for 're-invigorating our friendship. Three cheers for Groovi!!xxx Patricia

  53. This is wonderful and I really enjoyed watching it progress each day. Love the plates and will be placing my order this evening. Wishing everyone a great time at the Retreat – I'm so envious!!

  54. Beautiful designs, clearly set out step by step. You are so inspiring and even the "mistakes" can give encouragement to someone like me who finds it hard to think I could do something so lovely.

  55. Loving the step by step tutorials , hope the retreats goes well gutted I couldn't make it as not able to get time off work . Will be at the July one though 👍👍

  56. Barbara loved the stamps😁, now watching Groovi, can you please do these beautiful designs as stamps. Wish the one day special was stampsxx

  57. So good to see the progress of your work there. I think I need to learn more patience if I’m going to improve! Enjoyed your shows (as always) this afternoon. I had to head out before the ODS to get to Tunbridge Wells. Very much looking forward to the next couple of days 😊

  58. Read your blog every day but I don't always comment. Your blog always make me smile and I learn something new everyday. Love the new plates and the tutorial. Thanks J x

  59. Thank you for showing these photos with The different "whites " it makes me wish to practice that way and being More patient with the white work. This white flower is beautiful !

  60. Well, had to order the full set after seeing your lovely work above, as soon as you added your lovely backing paper it all came together. The ladies going to your retreat are going to have a fab time, I just know it.

  61. A gorgeous piece of work Barbara and the new plates look fabulous. The a little bit every day is working really well and I love the landscape including your moon morphing into a sun, we are all apt to change our minds which way we go with a project, and surely that is part of the journey. I saw you this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it, and looking forward to seeing Maria later. x

  62. Hi Barbara, Thank you for the lovely blog you have posted today, It has been so helpful with all the steps on this project .
    Well love the idea for the 123 plates , i loved the design with out the landscape wait for it the husband loved it with . Me thinks this is another sell to , Linda has worked her magic on these plates a great idea.
    Maria has done a great job today and i will catch up will all of the shows later.
    Safe journey home .

  63. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness the flower is beautiful, well the whole lot is beautiful but I love the way the petals have depth. I know I need to step away from the parchment and be more patient, hopefully thus will help me. I did a sharp intake of breath when you put in the landscape, I thought a butterfly would look good, but went with you. I do love that you tell us when you know you've gone wrong, you don't cobpver it up or suddenly produce a restored piece you made earlier, we have it step by step warts and all. It makes us all think yes we can do it too. Loved the show this afternoon, learnt a lot and now need to dust off my stencils. Safe journey home and enjoy the fun and laughter at the retreats everyone. Hope your water is restored soon, we lost ours Wednesday, just before the snow started so thankfully they were able to fix it.
    Love Diane xxx

  64. Thanks for sharing Barbara. I adore the new plates; Linda has come trumps again. The stencils are fab too. I couldn't resist getting the 2 A5 versions that you showed us on YouTube Tuesday. I have the bird stamps too so will be having a play on a canvas when Eva pops over on Tuesday. Crafting with friends is so much fun. Have a fabulous time everyone at the retreat!

  65. Whatever you do is always fab and so inspiring. Wish I had latched onto Clarity years ago. I was going through some old magazines recently and realised that the shaving foam technique I love was one of your articles from a few years ago (and there were a few other gems there too) so it just goes to show you have been inspiring me for some years now but I just didn't consciously realise it! I loved your recent YouTube video on picot snipping and the various tools. I've just tried doing it the Barb way and it's really helping.

  66. That’s was absolutely wonderful just love seeing groovi and the creations may be a little at time I can manage through pain seeing. And just loved the show this afternoon need to get my birds out and have a play and seeing Maria this evening what a great day fantastic day. And finished with this wonderful blog katie was cheering this afternoon lots love have a great retreat xxx

  67. Great stamping show today, really enjoyed it, you were on top form especially considering you had no water at home, I would have been stressed out. Haven't seen the groovy yet looking forward to watching it tomorrow, love the card. Enjoy the retreat.

  68. Just been watching the fantastic Maria at 8pm, do I have the large ones or the small ones…… Decisions, decisions…. O I'll just have to have both! Beans for me next week then!

  69. Ordered my 123 plates all of them. I just think they are a brilliant idea and I can't wait to play with them. Hope everyone has fun at your retreat. Perhaps one day I too will be able to play.

  70. I can't wait to play with those beautiful plates. Not much inspirational from me tonight. After snow clearing this morning before driving down to the retreat, I am now fed and watered, I am ready for bed. Tomorrow will be inspirational, I am certain with so many things to learn. There is certainly no substitute for leaving your embossing to rest. It is a bit like magic. See you tomorrow, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  71. Lovely step by step, really shows how the white work builds up.
    I enjoyed the stamping show this afternoon, I have that bird stamp and have never used it so I now have lots of inspiration after seeing the wonderful samples.
    I have watched the first part of Maria’s show and those plates are gorgeous as are the design team’s samples.
    Please leave me out of this weeks draw as I was lucky last week.
    I hope all those of you going to the retreat have a fabulous time,look forward to hearing all about it xx

  72. Really enjoying these projects – plenty of tips at all the different stages, so I can go as far as I want and then get off the train. Will stay on longer in future!

  73. Thank you for all your tips and techniques on the stamping shows this afternoon. Ive got very into groovi but you have made me think about all the stencils I have got from you over the last two years through the design club. Never used!!!! But definitely you have inspired me to have a go. Im sure im not alone!! x

  74. Dear Barbara. One of the best shows, you got to show us a lot. I phoned my friend, that I haven’t been able to meet up with the weather, and would you believe we watched the show together while on the phone. She said it was like we were sitting together. Maria was great as well, thank you all xx

  75. Just managed to get here (tablet playing up!) Great step by step, will be trying out when my plates arrive. Good to know your 'hot line' to God worked too and the thaw has arrived, hopefully everyone has arrived for the retreat and you're all having a blast! Love the saying 'Keep smiling, it's infectious' best of all it works, amazing how many people will smile back!

  76. Really beautiful flower plates, just right after so much snow. I can follow each step & will enjoy the journey. Many thanks for so much in detail. Ann x

  77. I really hope your parchment retreats are going well, and that your little word upstairs did the trick and melted all the snow so everyone could get there. I'm sure your mum will be delighted with her parched card, as it was done with love by her very talented daughter. And the good news is that mums don't look for the faults, they only see the good bits x

  78. Hi Barbara
    I am loving the new plates they really are making me look forward to spring and all the beautiful colours. Your step by step fuchsia sample is stunning, I am looking forward to trying it when my plates arrive. I have thoroughly enjoyed Marias shows, she always makes everything look so achievable. Thank you Maria and the rest of the design team for your amazing inspiration. Enjoy the retreat Barbara.
    With Best Wishes
    Elaine Ann

  79. Hello Barbara
    Really love these new plates. They are the perfect start for a newbie!

    Have loved watching you and Maria on the Hochanda shows. You both make crafting easy and I believe I can do it. Slowly, slowly and I will achieve!!

    Lol Barbara W (Worcestershire) xx

  80. Hello Barb, playing catch up on the blog posts. Love this step by step, I am sure this will help many of us achieve the same great results. All the shows were excellent, so many great demos and products. Hubby ended up watching part of your shows with me, and absolutely loved the card with the boy and the skyline. The new plates are lovely, Maria certainly put them through their paces. Bx

  81. What a great blog post I'm a bit late reading it.
    But I was traveling to Tunbridge Wells lol
    So I love the one day at a time approach and your finished artwork is amazing
    You do t need to ut me in the draw as I am nearly a week late posting Good luck to everyone else Theresa

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