Let’s get passionate!

Let’s get passionate!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
It’s all go here at Clarity, I can tell you!
It’s all good though. 
Teamwork makes the dream work, that’s for sure.
I wanted to talk about passion today.
No, no, no. Not fruity!! Not that torrid sex kinda passion!
I do have a vague recollection of that though….saw a film once.
Something about a Last Tango in Paris…
(which is all very well until you realise Marlon Brando was only 5ft 7” !)
Anyway, back to passion.
Dave and I went to the theatre the other evening, to see a brilliant performance of John Steinbeck’s play, ‘Of Mice and Men’. We were in the stalls at the front, so could see the facial expressions of the characters and really feel the energy. I was gripped from start to finish. They made me laugh, they made me jump, they made me cry and they made me think. 
I got to thinking about the actors. These guys were all seasoned professionals. This is their chosen career. This is what they do for a living and have done for many years. They’re not on Broadway or up in Shaftesbury Avenue, or mega famous, although several have been cast on TV and in films. Many of these guys were older – the play was all about old age and futility, laced with hope.
I don’t imagine they make a lot of money performing on stage at the Assembly Halls in Tunbridge Wells.

And yet. They clearly had a passion for what they do, and they did it remarkably well.
All the actors were Brits, and yet they spoke with very authentic American dialects. Not easy to do. 
Several very controversial topics were served the audience; easy to misconstrue or offend, and yet they delivered it in a poignant and powerful way.
One thing that struck me – perhaps because I am a woman – was that the only woman in the play didn’t have a name. She was simply referred to as “Curley’s Wife”.
My point is that these guys were performing a play on a Monday evening in a provincial town to a half empty theatre for probably peanuts, but boy oh boy – did they pack a punch.
And even if they don’t earn the ridiculous millions that far less talented actors do in Hollywood and in Film world, their passion and conviction was almost enviable. 
There was a party of school kids in the audience too. I guess the play is part of their school curriculum. During the interval I heard one of the girls loudly tell a friend that she was bored. 
I cringed. 
For me personally, this play was as far away from boring as it gets. 
But there you have it. 
She HAD to be there – under school pressure. 
I WANTED to be there – for distraction and escape.

Funny old life, isn’t it?
What’s your passion?
Do you have one?

Mine? It’s Clarity. All aspects of it. I love Clarity. 

Love & Hugs,

31 thoughts on “Let’s get passionate!

  1. I must say mine is Clarity too considering how much I have of it ! LOL !! My passion play is Bloodbrothers though, seen it half a dozen times and probably would never have seen it if I hadn’t seen it first time with David Cassidy in it (his Mum was Clodagh Rogers). We were in a matinee less than half full but it had such an impression on me. I could probably perform in it myself as I know all the words ! I’ve told myself I mustn’t see it again for a good few years …… like I tell myself I have enough Clarity ! Glad you enjoyed the play, not one I’ve seen but I will if it comes down our way. My NDC pack arrived today – fantastic as usual, all 3 ! Thank you. Xx

    1. I love Blood Brothers and like you have seen it several times. If anyone asks me about it I say it will make you laugh and cry and jump out of your skin xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    Snap! Mine is Clarity, too. Probably not in the way it is your passion, lol. I can relate to those school children. I have not read any Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte, Austin et al since I left school many moons ago. Having been forcefed that type of literature it put me off for life!


  3. Glad you had a nice time. I too am a lover of all things Clarity and have been for many many years. I haven't been to many shows but the one show I did see was The Lion King. It was awesome – it made me laugh, it made me cry and at the end when the cast did their curtain call I was so emtionally happy for them the tears were rolling down my face much to my daughter's disgust!! Lol xx

  4. Errm nowt up with being a bit on the short side! Old Marlon would be standing over a foot taller than me hahaha.

    You are so right about the passion of the small theatre companies. My son and his friend started one up when they had just finished their degrees. My son was getting ready to into training as a journalist and his pal going to work in the theatre. Noel wrote a murder mystery which they put on at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield. Seeing as the schools had an Agatha Christie novel on the GCSE curriculum, all the local schools booked into the matinee performances. They were brilliant though and asked many good questions at the end.

    That play is now doing the rounds of the murder mystery evenings and weekends. Called Death at Dinner, so if you go to those things you might come across it.

    My passion – my family and pergamano-groovi!

  5. My passion at the moment is to feel fit. off work and feel like a rag doll. Next week some extensive tests – don't want to think about them. I just have to get to Ali Pali!! Yes I think my passion is short at the moment but aiming just a few days ahead.
    Wonderful blogs and bloggers keep me going
    Love to all Happy Holiday
    Anne (Reading)

  6. While I love all aspects of crafting, paper crafting in particular,my passion is rescuing older dogs. These darlings are so often rejected by others adopting dogs as they want ayoung one, or a pretty puppy, but the oldies have often lost their previous owner (my current lad's owner had commited suicide) and home and all things familiar. They repay my love for them a thousand-fold. Dogs, and oldies in particular, are my passion.

    1. You have my total respect and admiration Janet. I also feel for the older dogs who must be so sad and bereft at losing their owners love and everything familiar. We have a rescue ex stud dog who's only home was a barn for 4 years. He didn't know love or affection, but in the almost three years we have had him has blossomed into a happy boy, who loves to sit next to me while I craft, all he wants is our company and to feel loved.

    2. Kathleen, I'm sure your boy adores you to bits and bless you for giving him such a loving home. I hope he has along and happy life with you. We had an ex-racing greyhound at one time and she was SO loving. People just don't realise what wonderful pets they make -perfect with children and adults alike.

  7. Clarity too is my passion It keeps me going each day received my club envelope today beautiful as always .i got an e mail today to say my parcel has been sent I only ordered it last night what a service that is xxx

  8. Another excellent point well put as always Barbara !
    Small local production companies are treasure trove and give such excellent value for money and can open new worlds to us all !
    I have seen a few big West end show but the local theatre groups always smash them out of the water in my opinion as there energy and passion is filled by the want to perform not the big bucks and so more honest performance in my opinion … and then there is the blooper moments ….they are fab and real !
    Love that you see and champion the often forgotten stars and I hope more go try local productions as so worth it !
    Thank-you Barbara for just being you xxx

  9. I have many passions, baking, books, my business, my family, being a good friend, crafting … Just need more time to indulge them all! I recently re-read Of Nice and Men for my book group and got so much more from it as an adult. Same for To Kill a Mockingbird – maybe I should revisit my whole o level syllabus! X

  10. My passion is definitely Clarity, but must say top of the list it has to be my grandchildren. Have a love of lots of music but my other passion was my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but lost them a few years back. Glad you enjoyed the show Barbara, haven't been to local theatres I don't know of any to be honest.

  11. The best theatre is often in the provinces I think too Barbara, and glad you really enjoyed it. I have never seen this myself but Steinbeck is more of the raw and thought provoking kind I think. My passions are singing and arts and crafts. I have recently been involved in a stage show for the first time in 35 years, and I really enjoyed it and will hopefully do it again, and cardmaking and general artiness is something I have always enjoyed as you can escape into your own little world. x

  12. My passion is definitely for all things Clarity, but then I think you knew that already anyway!
    There's something very special about watching a show at the theatre. Me and Martin were lucky enough to see Twelve Angry Men on stage a few years ago, and it was just amazing.
    Love to you and Dave xxx

  13. Glad you enjoyed your date night you and Dave yes I love clarity the team all of it at moment would love a pain free day my shoulder has been so painful this last week getting worse daily. My family are also so important to me xxx

  14. My passion has to be crafts of all kinds, stamping, Groovi, knitting, crochet and making things from felt. No wonder I don’t finish anything, my mind is always on the next thing I want to do. I also love reading. My grandchildren are also very important to me. I also love reading.
    Thank you for my club goodies which arrived today, both the stamp and the Groovi are beautiful xx

  15. Well I certainly love Clarity. We always go to the local theatre for the pantomine at Christmas. Not the big stars but gosh they put on a brilliant performance, we were in the front rows this last time so guess who got picked on. Grandkids thought that was funny. Already booked for this year. Glad you enjoyed your evening. xx

  16. Lovely blog, as always, Barbara. I love books, plays or films that make me think and feel, they're the best kind. I'm glad you had an enjoyable evening. My passion is creating anything, from writing books to designing tapestries, to making cards and playing at artwork. We're packing up our house for a big move at the moment and it looks like my craft room is going to take up most of the storage, and that's after giving away dozens of boxes of stuff. Scary! And I got my fab club envelope through today – all beautiful, thank you! – so that's even more to pack… 😀

  17. My passions are cats, reading, crafts of all kinds and the preservation of the wonderful wildlife of our amazing planet. I must love Clarity as well as I've got a roomful of their products!!

  18. Hello Barb, glad to hear that you and Dave had a good evening out watching a good performance of a great play/book. You do have a passion and that is obvious in your posts, but it is not just Clarity it is life too. My passion is family and craft, and I too have a load of Clarity products. And just have to say, my club envelope arrived and I love it. Take care all. Bx

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