Youtube Tuesday Glitter and Sticky Ink

Youtube Tuesday Glitter and Sticky Ink

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YouTube Tuesday this week broaches a subject which is often brought up: Mapping pens, Sticky Ink and Perga Glitter. 

I love that the Sticky Ink stays sticky until I am ready to apply the glitter. That means I can draw beautiful fine lines of liquid glue wherever I want to add glitter – and  don’t have to rush. 

Watch Rosie this week, as she take us down the Pergamano Glitter road….

As always, there is a 20% discount offer on the products we have highlighted in the video. This offer will last a week, until next Tuesday in fact – when the next YouTube Tuesday offer kicks in!

20% OFF

Sticky Ink

The Perga Glitter is something we have developed since taking over Pergamano. Selling points for me:

Ultra fine, 

Anti-static (doesn’t cling)

 Large pot opening (for funnelling back in)

Beautiful pastel hues, rather than brash colour glitter.


Mapping Pen

It’s worth having a nib just for the liquid glue, and as Rosie says, just rinse it in water between jobs.

I use the mapping nips with the liquid gold we sell too, but I use another nib for that.

Here is a set of refill nibs on offer this week, too.

refill nibs

All current offers on our website can be found here.

I hope you find our weekly tutorial useful. 

I have done a pretty messy inky one for next week!

Not sure about it. Looks like I have lost the plot!!!

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26 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday Glitter and Sticky Ink

  1. Hope you had a great time at the theatre yesterday. Those Perga glitters, gold paste and sticky ink are fabulous. A serious warning though – NEVER have the Sticky Ink open at the same time as any pot of anything else, and make sure the Sticky Ink is safe and secure on your table. It really is very sticky, perfect for its intended purpose. I am looking forward to seeing your messy piece next week. xxx Maggie

  2. Lovely youtube. Glitters are first class.
    Still really struggling health wise and saying my prayers that I make Ali Pali – that would be a disaster if I miss that.
    Best wishes to everyone and thank you for the kind messages
    Anne (Reading)

  3. I hope you had a good evening at the theatre. We are hoping to see Alexander Graham Dixon give a talk at Tennants, however grandparent duties may have to take precedence.
    Rosella's video is very useful I can see where I've been going wrong – too much ink!!!
    Looking forward t seeing your messy creation too xx

    1. Hello all. Craft gear tidied safely away as we're off to our daughter's tomorrow and bringing the boys back on Monday if they will come !! Hugs to all xx

  4. Not yet watched the video, but have the glitters and sticky ink love that the glitters are so subtle yet so sparkly at the same time! Doubtless I'll pick up a few tips from Rosie later. Just a thought re the glitters…don't be tempted to decant into a different container as the original bottles are part of the antistatic process. HTH! xxx

  5. This sounds like the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle and quite easy to use. I don't do parchment work at the moment but can see that this is excellent stuff. Hope you had a great time at the theatre Barbara. x

  6. I have sticky ink and a mapping pen but have never used it! Tut, tut. Love the fine look of the glitter on parchment so may have to invest in the pots. Received my members envelope today, lovely as always, thank you. Hope you both enjoyed the show last night. Xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Really good video today. Love the glitters and the sticky ink with mapping pen , although I think I put too much ink on as Rosie seems to get a lot further than me with one ink dip! The advice to put the lid on the ink is very good as I remember spending ages on a card and then tipping ink all over it instead of glitter!!! Gosh the air was definitely blue that day! Thank you for the offers again. Hope you and Dave enjoyed Of Mice And Men last night. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Had a good day today, swimming, Metro Centre and then a good laugh when my friend came to see me wanting some knitting advice. We well and truly put the world to rights (& we got her knitting sorted out too!) A really good afternoon! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  8. Great video again today, I bought the glitters, sticky ink and a mapping pen from the NEC, after seeing Linda demoing it, though not yet got round to trying it out. Hope you both enjoyed last night at the theatre, a bit of well deserved down time for you both. xx

  9. Thank you for the tutorial I’ve had the mapping pen and sticky glue ages now I know what to do must go and put the glitter pots into my basket xxx

  10. Roughly how long does the sticky ink take to dry? (I appreciate it will depend on temperature of room & thickness applied….I propose using it as fine detail just as Rosella did in today's you tube video. Jane

  11. Hello Barb, what a great video, the products are brilliant, especially the sticky ink, which I am sure will be great for other projects, not just parchment craft. Take care all. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Just watched the video, full of useful hints and tips as usual, especially putting the lid back on the glue before you start the next stage! I'm the proud owner of the glue and pen but haven't used it yet. Silly isn't it but it's almost a pluck up the courage to have a go thing, but I will do it. I think I would have added too much glue though as Rosella makes it go so much further than I would have thought. Hope you enjoyed the theatre.
    Love Diane xxx

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