Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Week off? So is this how it works? The minute you give yourself permission to relax, you lose all your get up and go? Dearie me! Should have just kept on truckin’ ! 
Never mind. Back to work proper on Monday, 
so I will be full of beans again then…

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

What were YOU doing 28 years ago today?
I know what I was doing! And the event which took place on 23rd March 1990 changed the course of my life forever.
Grace was born!


Grace by name, Grace by nature.
They certainly do change your life, kids, don’t they?!
One minute you’re the centre of your universe. 
The next minute you’re not – and you never will be again! 

And just in case there was ever any notion about getting back in the corporate career saddle, along came Mark two years later – almost to the day. His birthday is April 1st! 

Choices, choices, choices.
I’ve made some good and some bad over the years, but choosing a family over a career was definitely one of my best ones.

At Christmas, Mark gave me a glass terrarium, a lovely thing.
It has been sitting on the piano empty and forlorn, waiting patiently for me to add some love. And some alpines. And a little moss.

Wonderful. Look!

What a little work of art this is.

Not being a gardener, I googled what they are supposed to look like, and took it from there. Very happy with the result. 

So there we have it.
28 years ago, after an emergency C-Section, I wouldn’t have felt like creating a terrarium – that’s for sure! 

So I must be feeling ok !!!

Love & Hugs,

30 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE !!!

  1. Glad you have enjoyed your week off and I love your terrarium and those gorgeous daffs just set it off beautifully. Happy birthday to your lovely Grace – a chip off the old block. Xx

  2. Glad your enjoying your week off. The terrarium looks great ! A very happy birthday to Grace . Always look forward to reading your blog it’s always a good read . Enjoy your evening x

  3. Hello Barbara

    Children give us some lovely memories over the years. Some sad ones too but we keep those tucked away, not forgotten just kept at the back.

    Happy birthday, Grace.


  4. It is good to look back sometimes and realise how much we have to be grateful for. happy birthday Grace. Creating your indoor garden will give you lots of pleasure. Have a good weekend ready for whatever Monday brings. xx

  5. Happy birthday to Grace! She's definitely a chip off the old block!!! Beautiful girl!
    And as for 28 years ago I was probably reading a bedtime story to Amy who would have been approaching her 1st birthday! If she had come on time her birthday would have been the same as Grace but she decided she wasn't ready and hung on til April!
    Scary how quickly time seems to have gone!
    Glad you've had your week off and I bet once you get back on it you'll feel the benefit of your r&r.
    Have a lovely evening!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  6. Love your little garden and the daffs. They are such happy flowers and always cheer me up. Happy birthday to Grace – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 🎂Have a good weekend and enjoy the rest before returning to work. Annette X

  7. Happy birthday to Grace. Children are so precious whatever their age. Sadly for me motherhood did not come my way due to relationships rather than medical. I'm now with the most wonderful man on the planet but am 70 and the time has gone. Even now I sometimes cry at being cheated out of something I wanted more than anything else. Hey ho, there are plenty of people worse off than me. Glad you have enjoyed your week off, Barbara. Look forward to seeing you at the Open Days. Love and hugs. Xx

  8. My children are definitely my world. I love them to bits, not an easy task at times bringing up kids but so rewarding. Now they are giving me grandchildren, our youngest son and his lovely girlfriend are having our fifth grandchild in August. Grace is gorgeous, such a friendly girl, I chatted to her at one of the Open Days. You have done a great job of raising your children. They are a credit to you. X X

  9. How ever old they are they will always be our babies. We can only hope we have shown them the right path to follow & that they know that we are there when they need us. Love your terrarium, you will think of Mark every time you look at it. Happy Birthday to Grace. Enjoy the weekend before heading back to work on Monday !!

  10. Your week off would have done you some good, by Monday you will realise it I expect. A beautiful teŕrarium looks lovely with the daffodils. Bet you wonder where those 28 years have gone, I know I wonder where the 47 years have gone since we had our daughter. Grace is so much like you Barbara, Happy Birthday Grace.xx

  11. Many happy returns to Grace. I hope you've had some "me" time in your week off, and that you will feel the benefit of some rest when you get back to work next week x

  12. Nothing in the world can beat the joy of having children and that pleasure never diminishes. I have 3 children 47, 44 and 39 plus 2 grandsons 18 and 15, 5 reasons to make each day count. Like most people I have no idea where the time went, In my head I'm still 18, although my mirror tells a different story, but I can live with that because I like you and a great many other parents feel truly blessed to have had children. Love the terrarium, really nice present i always think they're very restful to look at. Hope your week has recharged your batteries.

  13. Beautiful children, beautiful mother. I chose family over career. Now also think it was the best option.
    Struggling today over major health issues and decided to watch a youtube on the shader tool! First one I watched, well I think she was scrubbing the kitchen floor. Fast and furious and not like the second video I watched with Rosella. Gentle stroke the parchment and leave, and leave and success. If you want a shock watch the first and you are sure to go straight through your work. Where do theses things come from. Maybe I am just blind and it was speeded up.
    Going to be positive tomorrow, forget the next day, the tests, the outcome and live in the present, as it is a gift someone once said.
    Have a good weekend Barbara, Dave, Clarity et al
    Anne (Reading)

  14. Nothing more special than are children and looking in proudly as they growing into beautiful little people then in to adults were does the time go my first Baby Rebecca will be 39 this May hannah is 37, Sandie would have been 32 and Katie will be 29 in may time goes to fast but the next precious time is the grandchildren you get on the gun and pleasure of seeing them grow but none of the sleepless night, seeing there happy smiling faces coming to see you the excitement from them and love is wow undiscriblable you have it all to come look bong your mini garden glad you sound like your beginning to unwind and relax already to stay all over again very happy birthday beautiful Grace lots love xxxx

  15. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Grace. Hope she has had a lovely day and not suffered too much with the snow. My son and daughter-in-law are in Manhattan at the moment. It is wonderful having children, just wish mine weren’t so far away. Hope your feeling better for your break. Caught up with your blog today, can’t believe people steal from a craft show. Glad you caught some of them. Xx

  16. Happy Birthday Grace,you certainly look happy in the photo! My first child was born on the 15th of November 1970, his sister was born on the 15th of November 1971,so they shared their birthday although they weren't twins! Whenever I was asked for their birth dates people assumed I was making a mistake when I started off with "15th November" for the second one!! Glad you enjoyed your week off.x

  17. Ahhhhh.. Happy Birthday Grace (and doesn't she look more and more like her Mum!)


    Maggie (Yorkite)

    PS put my first bit of GROOVI on the Clarity Worldwide page yesterday

  18. Hello Barb, wishing Grace a belated happy birthday. Such a lovely girl. I can certainly say after an emergency C section, the last thing on your mind would be a terrarium, having had 1 emergency and 2 planned. And 2 children born under Aries, there must have been some interesting times with them growing up. I am an Aries myself, the day after Mark, so I know how determined they must both be. Have a great day all. Bx

  19. Hi Barbara
    If you've managed to plant your lovely terrarium thus week then it was a good week off, the get up and go vanishing is just a sign you are tired and yes will return with vigour on Monday, Sod's law isn't it. Happy birthday Grace, she's a real credit to you Barbara and such a beautiful young lady. I'm sure you had a good natter to her on FaceTime and a few fond memories to think about with a smile on your face. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. What beautiful photos of both Grace and Mark and a very Happy Birthday to Grace. Bringing up children has its ups and downs, but many more ups and it is great to see when they are all grown up and are doing the things they really want to and enjoying their lives to the full. What is more important than helping to see this happen, but look what you have done as well, you have certainly never sat back and watched the world go by that's for sure. x

  21. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Grace. Hope she has had a lovely day and not suffered too much with the snow. My son and daughter-in-law are in Manhattan at the moment. It is wonderful having children, just wish mine weren’t so far away. Hope your feeling better for your break. Caught up with your blog today, can’t believe people steal from a craft show. Glad you caught some of them. Xx

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