A New Gelpress Trick – or Two?

A New Gelpress Trick – or Two?

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me.
Finally came upstairs to my little artroom to play today.
I’ve had a rare week off, of sorts, and actually had time to go for a meander through Pinterest. Do you ever do that?  I start off looking at amazing Alcohol ink art, and end up reading a recipe for carrot cheesecake! I love doing that. Just roaming through Pinterest, soaking up the creativity. Every now and then I see something which sticks, something which I want to try emulating. Yesterday, I ended up in a section which mixed alcohol ink and paint with stencils, and thought to myself – THAT I must try.
So thank you to the talented, creative artists who put me on this trail – I had such a super afternoon!

But look! Not one but two prints!

Both using Alcohol ink and paint, even the same colours, but in different measure. Isn’t it interesting how something can be so the same but different?

And then there’s the mop up pieces….

Couldn’t decide which one of the two prints I like best,

I sandwiched them in a double-sided glass frame.

Hands up who fancies trying this!
Well, next week I will do a step by step, so you can join in.
And maybe I’ll have a word with the guys at Clarity Towers and put together a special offer on the Alcohol inks.
You do go through a bit doing this! But it’s so worth it!
I could keep going now, because every print I pull I learn a little bit more and gain a little more control over the inks and paint.

But it’s time to switch the lights off up here 
and lay the table for tea.

Love & Hugs,

PS . Which stencil did I use?
The A4, the large Woodland Animals stencil by Mel.
It is sublime, superb, perfect.

Thanks Mel – I know you read the blog every day …

36 thoughts on “A New Gelpress Trick – or Two?

  1. Love it! Well love them both! And clever how badger has his stripes!
    I've had a lovely inky afternoon today thanks to you! Wink wink say no more!
    Have a lovely relaxing evening!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. They look amazing Barbara! I love looking at Pinterest too – but as it's highly addictive try not to do it too often! Looking forward to the instructions next week! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – sorry been awol, not been feeling so good. Last night Neill had a trip in a Paramedic ambulance to A & E – his heart had decided to go into AF so he had to be monitored overnight. He came back home this morning and it would appear that his heart has now settled. He has been told by the Dr in A&E to get an appointment with his own GP next week. At the moment they are quoting 2 weeks time! We shall have to see. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

    2. my husband had a few trips same AbF is not nice scary at time. know stable after having afibulation not sure is spelt it right done just over 3 years ago were they scare inside the heart was done twice hope your husband soon gets sorted soon xx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Oh gosh! That must have been awful for both of you. Glad to hear that things are better now although it's disgraceful that Neill has to wait 2 weeks for an appointment! Hopefully, they'll be able to get him one sooner. You take care too. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

    4. Hi Gilly how scary for both of you, glad to hear Neil seems to have settled down again. Fingers crossed for an earlier appointment. Sending hugs to you both. Xxx

  3. I really must give this a try, but lack of space really limits how messy I can get. In the meantime, I shall just enjoy and admire your beautiful work.
    I was out all day today, so still haven’t had the chance to watch Rosie (sorry, I said Maria yesterday),but I shall hopefully manage it tomorrow, as I am too tired to appreciate it tonight.
    I still haven’t had a play with the new plates I bought at the NEC, but must admit to stroking the papers. Indian Summer is just gorgeous! Have a good evening. Annette X

  4. This looks great a step by step would be great, I have this stencil and this is t be first time I have noticed the fox, he really standstands his ground and shows up in these pieces

  5. Love Pinterest but can loss hours looking around there same YouTube watching technics. Looks great look forward to video next week 😍😍. Are Ally pally tickets arrived today katie is very excited and on count down xxx

  6. I can lose hours on Pinterest too. There are so many wonderful creative ideas out there. Looking forward to the gelli plate video. I haven't used mine in ages as I've been so immersed in Grooving x

  7. Hello. My name is Susan and I'm a Pinterest addict! I try to limit myself to half an hour at bedtime, as it's quite a nice way to switch off from the day, but we also have a business page, so I schedule time in the week to do those pins. Really looking forwards to your step by step x

  8. I love Pintrest, much better than FB at times, no bitchy back stabbing on it as you only post pictures. I can loose hours on it if I'm not careful, bit like watching You Tube, go on looking for something in particular and end up watching really random stuff! Loving the look of the inky painty art today, will wait for your step by step before attempting it though. Finally got my big 8×10" gell plate, fresh and new in it's packet. I have opened it and given it a good sniff, but that's about it…is that odd? Oh well, will break it in over Easter. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      At least you've opened the packet!!! That's a start! You'll be able to play with it in the Easter holidays – you'll be breaking up soon I assume. Love and hugsAlison xx

  9. Been following blog but unable to comment! Really enjoyed the last programmes on rewind. Really cheers me up as not in a good place health wise and waiting for scans is endless. Good wishes to everyone. Especially those not feeling well x

  10. I love spending time on Pinterest and have been so inspired so many times with what I have found, very often accidentally!
    I have created a journal from my inspirations and found lots of quotes that I drew in the journal, which have helped bring me back to being me again. Pinterest is a wonderful procrastination tool when there are lots of things needing done.
    I hope that you will feel recharged after your week out of the office and when you return that you will be invigorated with all the ideas filling your head.

  11. Love Pinterest. So much inspiration, just sets you off on an idea. Trouble is there are so many things I want to try. Interesting results from your afternoon's play, look great. Glad you spent some time for yourself in your artroom. xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Love your pieces of artwork. Have to admit though that I haven't a clue about Pinterest! I'm definitely in the minority here! Mind you, I do love YouTube! I start watching something and then the next thing I know it's an hour later! Looking forward to seeing the instructions next week. Mel's stencils are fabulous. Hope you are beginning to feel the benefit of your time off now that you've spent some time in your lovely craft room. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Gorgeous day here today although I've spent most of it indoors one way or another. Dave took me up to Newcastle this morning. Unfortunately there was an accident on the motorway so we detoured but stupidly went on the wrong road! Eventually got onto the right one and then going through Gateshead got every set of red lights ( never realised how many sets of traffic lights there are in Gateshead!). It took us nearly two hours to get into Newcastle – a journey that normally takes about 40 minutes. Dave wasn't a happy bunny at all. I spent a couple of hours doing retail therapy and he went for a walk along the quayside so cheered up! Never got to play with my Groovi plates but there's always tomorrow isn't there? Sending love and hugs Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison, that's some journey isn't it. When I visit Maureen she's always saying there's endless roadworks. I've only been on Pinterest a few times so you are not alone, Emma showed me a brilliant hat she would like me to knit for her- it looks like a brain! Sending hugs xxx

  13. Smashing stuff, love them all. Alcohol inks still remain scary to me so I'll look forward to the blog. Also loving Pinterest & investigating Oxide inks which have interesting results. I must keep repeating my mantra "STICK TO THE BUDGET GIRLIE"….

  14. These two pieces look wonderful Barbara and am looking forward to seeing how you did them. I do look at Pinterest frequently and it is very easy to spend a lot of time surfing, and as you say so much different stuff to look at. x

  15. A tutorial? Heck yes, I'll even bring an apple and clean the blackboard for you Miss! This is fabulous Barbara, I love everything about it xx

  16. Hello Barb, wow, so many prints pulled, can't wait to see the technique, and hopefully have a go myself. The nature stencils are beautiful, and this is one of my favourites. Take care all. Bx

  17. Intere sting results, look forward to seeing how it's done although probably won't try it as appear to have a bit of an allergy to alcohol inks and have tried working with gloves on but don't feel comfortable in them. Still will wait and see how the step by step pans out. Had hubbie at hospital this morning then, as the sun was shining, we had a bit of a run out and went for lunch…ate far too much but it was lovely xxx

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