Youtube Tuesday 27th March – Peacock Paste Trilogy

Youtube Tuesday 27th March – Peacock Paste Trilogy

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Beautiful sunny day here in the garden.

Perfect day for planting a row of trees, in fact.

The new neighbour (city boy moves out to the country) recently decided to cut down all the lovely old trees on his side of the fence, to make way for the 2-storey extension with balcony that he intends to build. 

So a nice young man, a tree specialist who Farmer Dave has employed, is planting a fresh row of young but already well established trees all along the fence again – on OUR side. 

The wind chimes are all hanging here in the kitchen, 

waiting to be hung in the new trees, and then we’ll just wait for the tinklinklinging to start. We love it, don’t we Dave?! 

We’re ready to flick the switch on the new motion detector flood lights too, so the neighbours will have no trouble finding the loo in the night. That should stop them farting in church, as Dave says….

And this is how feuds begin.


The lovely Maria has done a cracking little video using the brand new fineline stamps which I launched on TV this weekend.

If you bought them, then here’s a super 3-way demo.

And if you didn’t, then you should!

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Love & Hugs,



27 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday 27th March – Peacock Paste Trilogy

  1. Ha! Ha! Love the sound of the wind chimes in more way than one ! You will be able to enjoy seeing your trees grow. Say no more about the flood lights too ! Hope you’re having a better day today, will catch the you tube later xx

  2. Oh I love your style! Wish I had the b…s to do stuff like that, as it must feel so satisfying. If you don’t like trees, don’t move to the country.
    Will catch up with you tube later, after the school run. Hope Wurka and Holic are staying away and leaving you in peace. Annette X

  3. Ohh I do love reading about the exploits in the Gray household
    I too love wind chimes other half hates them so I hung one on the guttering outside the conservatory door I listen to. Them tickle while I craft.
    I've not ordered the peacock stamps (YET). Got the groovi plates on their way off to watch the video now so have a lovely day. X

  4. Sad for there to be bad feeling about the trees, but planting your own is the way to go Barbara, and the wind chimes will make a very pretty sound, also some nice garden lighting never goes amiss…lol. Hope you are having a good day. x

  5. Was drinking my cup of tea whilst reading your blog! I nearly sprayed tea everywhere when I read about the floodlights lighting up the way to the loo! I must have a very vivid imagination! So funny Barbara!

  6. So sad when established trees are destroyed and I'm so pleased you've planted some. Wind chimes sound great…I can almost hear them! Peacocks on order…couldn't resist as they look fab!

  7. New trees are the way to go, with lots of lovely bird boxes. Can't wait to play with my peacock stamps will watch the You Tube videos to get me going with ideas. Oo that could be an idea for you, a lovely peacock, they make a great (loud) noise…or a rooster and some chickens. Xx

    1. Just what I was thinking, mind you there are some peacocks wandering around where some friends live and they get into everyone’s gardens and destroy the plants so maybe not such a good idea xx

  8. Great demonstration from Maria. Best thing is I can replay as many times as I like, when I like to remind myself of the techniques. Neighbours can be a nuisance but I hope you will be enjoying the tinkling of the chimes soon. My neighbour has a short hedge of cupressus which she will not trim. When my husband was alive he use to cut it but sadly he is no longer here so the hedge is getting rather out of hand. Such is life. I hope you are benefitting from the break from the office. xx

  9. Loved the you tube video by Maria, I ordered the stamps on Saturday & I already have the inka gold paste from the open day last year so will be ready to play as soon as they arrive. Mica powders & versamark also waiting !! hope they managed to get all the trees planted before the sun went in as it was very chilly in the shade.

  10. Brilliant -love it. Such a shame that the trees are being cut just as the birds are nesting. I have a feeling there are local rules against it in some areas.I hope yours grow fast and soon have a lovely lot of twittering birds for a dawn chorus next year. Chimes don't seem to put them off. A neighbour has chimes on his house right next to a bird box where blue tits are nesting already. Do keep us up to date with the 'feud'!! Will your roots affect his foundations ?? VBEG 🙂

  11. Hi Barbara
    Don't you love people who move to the country then complain about the church bells ringing and the smell and of course the trees, the trees on your side will blot them out and your wind chimes will sound lovely. I've missed all the new items, we've been to Edinburgh for a family wedding, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. Our flight home was redirected to Birmingham, just a bit late for the Nec unfortunately, but it did make us chuckle for a second or two before we got in the taxi for the 3 hourdrive to the airport we should have landed at! Looking forward to watching the you tube.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. How did your miss blog this morning tree being planted sounds lovely love watching trees a birds singing away in them. Sound like a good start to your day let’s hope the rest of your day was as good hugs Joy xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    I can’t understand why some people want to move to the country, when all they do is complain about country life! We have allotments not far from usand there used to be a couple of cockerels in one of them. Every morning they used to crow (as they do) and it was lovely to hear. However some people moved up from Manchester and complained that they were being woken up. The poor bloke who had the cockerels had to get rid of them! Ludicrous! I’m surprised that your neighbour was allowed to cut down the trees if they were fully grown unless they were dangerous to the house. I love trees and hate it when I see them chopped down. Let’s hope your new ones will grow quickly. Just heard about the death of the last male white rhino – how sad – as a species humans have a lot to answer for. On a happier note, Maria’s video was good – already ordered the stamps and plates and am expecting the plates tomorrow so I can play. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’re all ok. Thank you for your good wishes yesterday. Spent the morning in bed as I felt so awful – aches and pains to go with the headache, runny nose etc. Felt a bit better this afternoon fortunately. Covered in Vick at the moment so I can breathe ( not a pretty image for this time of night, hope you don’t have nightmares!!!) . Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  14. Of course we will have careful where the CCTV cameras are pointed, what with Floodlights and all year round Flashing Christmas Santa and his strobe effect Sleigh plus Reindeer…..not forgetting the newly acquired 20ft high inflatable Snowman (now half price on Ebay) complete with sound effects Ho Ho Ho ! Good night, sleep tight !

  15. I tried very hard to leave a message right at the beginning but Blogger decided it did not like me. I hope you are taking the chance of this time away from the office to get out in the fresh air and see all the wild flowers coming into bloom after the snow and relax. xxx Maggie

  16. Hello Barb, sorry to hear that the city boy is giving you grief, hope the flood lights get the message across, and that your new trees grow quickly. The video is fab, the stamps are beautiful. I may just treat myself and buy myself an early birthday present. Take care all. Bx

  17. We used to have a neighbour who thought she owned the road as well as her own property.She used to rant and rave about cars parked outside saying they should ask her permission. Did we heck and Fred was quick to put her right. Hope your trees soon grow and the summer breezes blow. Love the stamps only managed one set at the weekend but I am sure the other will follow soon. xx

  18. Peacocks are gorgeous, stamps and groovi plates. My Maria Maidment set arrived at lunchtime so I've spent the afternoon working with them. So many plates to use, so few hours in the day!Hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow x

  19. Had no internet yesterday, so have only just caught up with YouTube Tuesday – but well worth the wait! Thanks for some great tips on using Inka Gold – I bought some after seeing some wonderful mixed media work, but hadn't realised how versatile the product is.
    Shame about the bad feeling with the neighbours – hope it doesn't get you down.

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