Friday The Clarity Easter Egg Hunt Competition has begun!

Friday The Clarity Easter Egg Hunt Competition has begun!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Easter already? Where is this year going?

It’s a busy weekend for Linda, Paul and myself.
Lots of live TV shows on Sunday and Monday on HOCHANDA.
I do hope you find time to keep us company!
We are making a bit of a weekend of it actually. If you’ve got to work on the Bank Holiday, you may as well enjoy it!
So we are all staying in a swanky hotel up near the studios.
Upgraded to posh rooms, and the table is booked for our evening meal on Saturday too. 
And why not ?!?!? How else was I going to get Linda Williams to hop about like the proverbial Easter Chick on Easter Sunday AND Easter Monday!!! Not only has she designed some spectacular Flowers and Lace Groovi plates for your pleasure, but she is even going to show us how to use them! Wayhay!

The least I could do was treat her and Rob to a posh weekend and a slap up meal !!
Wait till you see what she has in store for you. My word. 
It’s not hard to figure out how she gained the Master Tutor title.

I’ve even had a modest go at making a card using one of the new plates for the Sunday blog. It’s no masterpiece, but I am happy with it, and if only a few of you pick up a few tricks through it, then –
Mission accomplished!

Now for something completely different…
 the lads at work have came up with a little competition for you to do whilst putting your feet up this weekend….

An Easter Egg Hunt! 

Here’s what to do:
1) Visit our website and find the 10 products with easter eggs

2) Jot down the product names

3) Email us your list of all 10 items to the address below:

FYI –  the products in the image above are NOT the products to look out for on the website!!!

If you find all 10 eggs, then you will go into a prize draw.
And if I pull your name out of the Easter Basket next Tuesday, you will win a wonderful Crafty Easter Hamper, picked and packed by me myself personally. (So the way that works is I walk through the warehouse loading up a box!) 
And if I know me but a little, the box will be well worth winning!!!

So instead of piling on the pounds eating chocolate eggs, 
how about going on a virtual Easter Egg Hunt on the Clarity Website? You KNOW it’s better for you!!!

Love and Hugs,

55 thoughts on “Friday The Clarity Easter Egg Hunt Competition has begun!

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a busy but fun weekend. The new plates are lovely and I look forward to seeing what has been created with them.
    My weekend is going to be filled with the kids coming home from uni and decorating the church tonight in readiness for Easter Sunday.

  2. I've found 9 of the eggs so far. There is one more hiding somewhere I will find it �� Have a lovely weekend Barbara and your great team. Look forward to watching the shows and all the demos with Linda's lovely plates x

    1. Who thinks up these competitions!!!!!! I spent hours egg hunting last evening and finally found that last elusive one!! Thanks for offering such a fab prize Barb. but I now have a long Wish List (£170!) all ready for Ally Pally!!!!

  3. Beautiful plates, I’ve been good for a while so probably deserve an Easter treat ! I’m up to 8 eggs at the moment and it’s a bit of a relief looking through the website to see that I haven’t got absolutely everything when it sometimes feel I have ! Although a bit of a temptation when looking for those eggs ! Have great shows, I’ll have to do some on catchup due to Easter Sunday lunch and cooking for a few ! XX

  4. Sent in my email, can't wait to see if I win. What a fun way to do it! Saw a few things I added to my shopping list too as I was egg hunting. Have a lovely time in your swanky hotel, will be watching the shows. Xx

  5. Morning Barbara, what a wonderful competition, I found all 10 of them and have emailed you, took me a while though, but a great experience. You all deserve a Swanky Hotel and meal together, go for it and spoil yourselves, open up a bottle and toast to the success of the new plates – now that is of course a forgone conclusion, I bet you have some sell outs. Am off to Louise class tomorrow and we will be working on Linda's 123 plates, love these and I must say that the samples that people have put on facebook are absolutely amazing. So looking forward to Sunday and Monday, what a wonderful time I will have watching the shows and taping them also, I always seem to miss something and then when I go back I get what I missed (mind you I could watch you all on the shows day long. Oh and I just wanted to say that the You Tube with the pens and sticky ink was brilliant.

    Happy Easter

    Stay safe, healthy and happy hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. There is one egg eluding me at the moment. I am on a mission to find it now, becomes a challenge with me. Having gone through the website a couple of times though I have found lots of items that I like and have not got. Oh dear the ever growing wish list. Enjoy your weekend even if you are working, at least you should have some water this weekend when you all get together. xx

  7. I'm like Lynne I am up to 9 and am struggling to find number 10 but I will do it!! Enjoy your swanky weekend – why shouldn't you. I have also spotted stuff I haven't got but obviously need. Lol. Xx

  8. Really looking forward to watching you on telly and also seeing Linda create magic with her wonderful plates! So very beautiful and so many possibilities.
    As for eggs I'm off to look…. Just for a bit of fun!
    Have a lovely day today.
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. BRILLIANT!!! I am soooo glad June has found all 10 eggs! I thought for a minute the lads were playing that cruel trick we used to play with the kids at Easter in the garden. You know the one…. Go on! There are 10 eggs in the garden children. Go find them. (But there are really only 9) Hours of peace…..hahaha

  10. I have found all 10 & email was sent yesterday afternoon, number 10 was a tease, really need to keep your eyes peeled !! great idea though as I too found several things that have gone on my to have list. Have a wonderful weekend & I am sure the new plates will go down a storm as always. Need to go & set the programmes to record before I forget !!

  11. I'm another after going through the website only found 9 and that was going through 5 times. Must get my eyes tested. Still will havd anothrr look. Does make uou realise yheres more you absolutely need, ha ga. Have a great weekend with Linda etc and enjoy getting spoiled in the Hotel. You well deserve it all of

    1. I was beginning to think there were only nine Pam but have seen that others have found ten. So back to the search hate being defeated. Good Luck in your search. xx

  12. Thank you for saving my ‘hips’!!! A virtual Easter Egg hunt is exactly what I need.
    I’m really excited about your new release plates this weekend. So wishing and your team a fabulous successful weekend 😃. I’m off!!!!

  13. Oh thank you for confirming that there are 10 eggs (we used to play the find 10 trick too!) Have found 9 so far, have spent the past couple of hours sorting my laptop out after installing new antivirus that really messed it up – however all now sorted and back to normal so will attempt to find egg No 10! Looking forward to seeing you all over the weekend and enjoy your little bit of luxury at the hotel – you all deserve it! xx

  14. Had great fun looking for all the eggs. Got a list the length of my arm as I oooed and ah’d my way through the sections. Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend x

  15. I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and Monday Barbara, and who can blame you for having some extra comfort over the weekend. Well, your egg hunt is proving more difficult than I thought and I have spent ages looking and still two I am leaving it for now as I value my x

  16. Cannot wait for Sunday's shows. Certainly takes my mind off being ill looking for Easter Eggs. Lovely blog yesterday and love to dear Brenda. I taught autistic children for years and now work with an autistic gentleman. They are really lovely people and totally misunderstood by many. I care and I am sure many of the bloggers do. Thank you for bringing it everyone's attention.
    Well off to hunt again and make my mind wander about
    Happy Easter to everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

  17. Hi Barbara,

    Loved the Egg Hunt!!!

    Will watch the Hochanda shows sunday and monday.

    HAPPY EASTER to you, your family, the Clarity team and all blog readers

    Rolf xxx

  18. I just wrote a whole comment and my google account lost it! Anyway, after several hours looking for the 10th egg, I finally found it and on one of my absolute favourite products! I must say that it was great browsing the website and finding products I hadn’t really looked at, especially the stamps, as I am not a stamper. What an amazing selection of beautiful art. Wish I was 20 years younger and with a big bank balance, so that I could start a new hobby!
    Sending best wishes to Brenda, whose daily comments I have missed reading. The present she made you is so lovely. Have a great weekend, travel safely and enjoy the hotel treat. I am looking forward to the shows and dying to get my hands on Linda’s new plates. Annette X

  19. Hi Barb,
    I don't blame you for having a bit of luxury, I'm sure you'll all love it. Really looking forward to the shows – recorder set. Sent in my email for the egg hunt. Brilliant idea! The last one was a bit of a tinker to find I must say, but found it in the end! Have found some things that I do want now though! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  20. Hi bloggy friends,
    Sent my answers in now it's just fingers crossed! Just watching The Silent Child and I'm surprised at how much of the sign language I actually remember from when I did my Level 2 British Sign Language. Feeling so sorry for the little girl. Can't understand the parents at all! I used to teach all of the Year 7 classes basic sign language and they loved it! You could see them walking around school signing and finger spelling after they'd done their session. It was brilliant to see. Sending you all love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  21. I've submitted my entry. The tenth one was hard to find. Good luck to everyone who enters and Happy Easter to everyone, Barbara and the Clarity Team. Looking forward to the shows xx

  22. Hello Barbara

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I think I know to which hotel you refer as I only live about 10 miles away! The tenth egg was finally found and my entry has been sent. I looked through the website so many times I was going cross-eyed, lol. Can't wait for Sunday and Monday, the plates look amazing and I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us on Sunday afternoon!


  23. So glad to hear that it was not only me who went through the website countless times trying to find that tenth egg. Finally found it and emailed in my list. So here is everyone’s laugh for the day. I told husband that I was looking for eggs in order to enter a contest to win £150 of product. Being from Canada, he thought I meant 150 pounds (75 + kilos) of product and asked who was going to pay the postage on that. Hope everyone has a great Easter and look forward to watching the shows this weekend and ordering more Groovi. One can never have too much. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  24. The new plates look great, I will enjoy watching the shows tomorrow.
    Lovely to hear you keep in touch with Brenda, what a gorgeous gift,she is very talented. I always enjoyed reading her blog posts as they were so interesting.
    Off to look for eggs, have a lovely Easter everyone xx

  25. Really love the new plates. Can't wait to get my hands on them! Haven't looked for any eggs yet, too many other things going on at the moment. Have a lovely time at the hotel.xx

  26. Hello Barb, the new plates are beautiful, Linda is so inspiring, and her work is stunning. Can't wait to see what you do with them too. As for the Easter egg hunt on the website, there is one elusive little blighter, but will have another go later after the painting stint in the house today. Good luck everyone. Bx

  27. How egg-citing! Now my computer is back from the techy hospital I'll be able to join in with the hunt. We had the Easter bunny in the town centre today, kids doing egg hunts all over and a band playing in the high street – great fun. Happy Easter to all x

  28. Hi Barbara I have just found 15 egg in the Easter egg hunt . I would love to win this it would make me happy it would make me very happy at time , hope you are well and must of you and your family keep safe in these hard times all the best Barbara .

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