Time to play.

Time to play.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Have had a really great day playing today.
Was actually prepping for the 2-4 Artshow on Hochanda on Sunday with Paul,
and got really messy, inky – and downright grungy !
(Oooh! I say! Steady on old girl!)
On Sunday I do hope you can join me for a stencil-stamping session. I shall be using these new art nouveau stencils,
and a new lovely collection of Art Nouveau Stamps which I drew myself. I am always chuffed to have found the time to take something from pencil in hand to finished product. 
I do hope you like them! I shall show you them tomorrow, if I may?
Anyway, here’s a lovely gallery of sensational samples by our über talented design team using the new stencils. 
They really are very, very creative…
Sam Crowe
Anne Ruffles
Dee Paramour

Carol Panksztelo

Barbara Lancaster

Maria Moorhouse

You can see that they have mixed in the new stamps too.
There’s a whole set of Art Nouveau Greeting stamps, too.
Anyway, it is late, and I would like to stop now,
so I won’t drone on.
Really looking forward to showing you some of the things I’ve come up with on Sunday.
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Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Time to play.

  1. Love these Barbara. Really looking forward to getting these once I get paid in my new job starting later in the month. I love this style and have lots of similar styles jewelry, wallpaper, and a glas panel in my front door. It is such a classic style.

  2. These look perfect. The team have done a great job as usual . I will have to sit on my hands though as still recovering from spending a lot over Christmas and a new laptop this year. Sadly as a pensioner I can't do overtime for extra money xx

  3. Hi Barb – love the wonderful samples and look forward to seeing your stamps tomorrow. I am so pleased that you managed to fit in the time to design them – so important for you. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – winter is now arriving here! The mandarins have almost finished for this year, but now the almond trees are starting to blossom. It is a truly wonderful sight! The white blossom comes first, followed by the pink. It is early this year and the weather is due to get colder, so we are hoping that they will still manage to fruit. They are probably the most valuable crop here 16 euros a kilo, against 50 cents for the mandarins! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      The almond blossom sounds beautiful! It is quite cold here at the moment and possible snow and sleet showers tomorrow. Sending love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Been making a card using the Groovi versions of these today. Love the style of them I must say. Really looking forward to the shows to see all of your ideas and of course the wonderful samples. The ones you've shown us here are fabulous as ever. My Celtic Collection arrived today ( wonderful) so used the new plate mate – so much easier than having to hold the Parchment in place! Thank you for making this. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all ok. Been making a birthday card today using the Art nouveau Groovi plates. Really enjoyed it but I've been so tired today that I still haven't finished it. I think the exercise and early rising has caught up with me! About to watch Requiem on tv which is supposed to be very scary – I might end up sitting behind a cushion!!!! Love and hugs, Alison xxxxx

    2. Hi Alison are you out from behind the cushion yet? Haha. Good to hear you like the new groovi mate, I was thinking I wouldn't need it as I like the bigger plates but do find it tricky sticking the parchment onto them so might have a rethink. Xxx

  5. Love this style, got the Groovi plates just need to play with them, but will have to forgo the stamps and stencils (for now) as have my eye on the ODS with Linda. Gorgeous samples from the fab Design Team, they never fail to bring us beautiful, inspiring designs xxx

  6. Hi Barbara. Hope you have recovered from you trade show. Thought about you as I returned home on Wednesday via Frankfurt from San Francisco. Wondered if I might see you, didn’t realize you drove there. Great to get two of your lovely letters, with the stamps. And I can now watch you on TV at the weekend.
    And see what I would like in the sale. Love xxxxx

  7. Great stencils Barbara and super samples from the Design team as usual, must give it a miss though at least for now as just bought the groovi plates of this and must look at the sale. I like the idea of the new plate mate too for the A4 plates, oh dear there is still so much I like. Hope you get some relaxation this weekend.xxx

  8. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is ok. Forecasting cold and maybe snow early next week, hoping we dont get it. Need to get out and drive again as Pete has his op later this month and I've been putting off driving as scared stiff and still suffering this dratted sciatica. Take care and keep warm. Love and hugs to you all.xxx

    1. Keep warm Pam. Oh bless you, that's a lot of pressure on you having to drive again, but I know you will need to transport him around. If it's too much, is there a local taxi firm you could use or a friend with a car and time on their hands instead. Take care xxx

    2. I know what it is like Pam. I drove 5 hours home from Dorset after driving the whole holiday. I found it so hard that we bought an automatic in O ctober and it has made such a difference xx

  9. Hello Barb, oh the new stencils are beautiful, and the stamps too. The samples are beautiful, so much talent and inspiration. Really looking forward to the shows. Take care all. Bx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Oh these look great stencils, the design team artwork is wonderful, thank you for showing us. Looking forward to seeing the stamps, I think we are in for a treat.
    Love Diane xxx

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