Member’s Half Price Sale Starts Today!

Member’s Half Price Sale Starts Today!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Sorry there’s no project today. 
Been playing catch up with business, as you do when you swan off to the Fatherland for a week.
But I did want to let you know that the Clarity Club Member’s 50% Sale has started today.
 It runs all month. There are lots of our own-branded products on half price, from stamps and stencils 
through to Groovi and parchment.
So head on over to the website and have a look.
We will try not to run out of anything. If we do, we’ll make more.
And if you’re not a New Design Club member, then perhaps now is a good time to join!
If you are new to the Clarity community, then let me ask our club members to leave a comment below, and let you know about the club, and whether it’s worth joining.
I would always say YES, 
because I think it is brilliant value for money! 
Time for a nap….
Love & Hugs,

29 thoughts on “Member’s Half Price Sale Starts Today!

  1. Definitely worth joining the Clarity clubs. I am in the groovi club. It costs £5 per month. For that you get a baby plate and instruction sheet for two different projects using the new plate. You also get 10% off orders from Clarity and then there is the members only discount that happens twice a year. Oh and not sure if it’s members only but there is also a Grey Friday in November. Ideal for stocking up on Christmas presents. Tina

  2. Yes definitely worth joining. Especially if you are just starting out or new to Clarity. I belong to the diamond club which includes all 3 clubs; stamps; stencils and groovi. That is all for £15 a month but you get one of each item a month so you quickly have a start of a good collection. You also get 15% off all goods over £10 and free postage + members half price sales twice a year and Gray Friday towards the end of November. Anyone gets a great discount on Gray Friday but if you are a member of a club you get your club discount too……. boy! What’s not to like 😍

  3. The club is smashing! Great value for money, special offers, discount, members half price bonanza and Best of all, Barb’s lovely newsletter, a glimps in to the clarity madness and fun. Why would you not want to join in ! Thanks for sharing Barbara. Much love Jx

  4. The Clarity Clubs are great, a surprise every month with a project sheet to give you some inspiration as to how you can use them. 2 members 1/2 price sales a year plus 10 to 15% off all orders depending on how many sections you are in. Just have a look at the website for more information or give Jeaninne a ring. Now for a look at the sale myself!!

    1. I thought it would be a good idea to join so I did. I have had an email confirming my membership,but I haven’t heard anything since I came by chance to this site today. hope I have some communication soon.
      enid crouch

  5. I agree the club is great, I’m in all 3 and it’s great to have the package drop through the letter box each month and to open up a surprise and read Barb’s newsy, fun, letter. Let alone the discount on the Clarity goodies. I’ve never been disappointed. X. already looked at the sale and I’ve got a little list, not placed it yet but I will be. XUIKeyInputRightArrowUIKeyInputRightArrow

  6. I am a Clarity addict and also belong to all 3. I love getting the e-mail to say my monthly treats are on the way and it brightens the dullest day seeing what is in the envelope. Don't hesitate – join in the happiness!

  7. I have been in the club for first club issue was just stamps back in the day no. 35. Although I also have a few back issues prior to that.
    My latest edition is no. 135 so 8 think that speaks volumes that I think it's well worth it. I joined the stencil club when it first started as I also did with the groovi club.

    I look forward to receiving my little present every month. There are some fantastic projects and since the introduction of the A5 pull out leaflets in think the projects have gone from strength to strength. You never need be out of inspiration. So when Mo and Jo go AWOL dig out your folders and have a read sure to be inspired.

    Keep em coming Barbara xx

  8. I'm also a Clarity addict and belong to all 3. Worth every penny. The monthly goodies are always good not to mention the discount and members sale. All brilliant. The Clarity crew are lovely and treat us all as friends. To all you non-members, the message is clear – come and join us. You won't regret it and the rest of us look forward to welcoming you.

  9. Definitely worth joining the design clubs. Each month we get lovely surprises and quite often it's something I would not normally have chosen so it makes me try new ideas and projects. Thanks Barbara. x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Glad to leave a comment. I'm definitely a Clarity addict and am a member of all 3 clubs. Definitely worth every penny. I look forward every month to my 'happy envelope' dropping onto the doormat and spend the next half and hour or do reading the newsletter and the project sheets as well as admiring my 3 gifts. Simply love it! I would recommend the clubs to everyone as the discounts, members sales are just the icing on the cake – you will get your money back easily ( as you become more addicted to this wonderful firm!) sending love and hugs to all Alison xxxx

  11. I have just placed an order in the members sale and would definitely recommend joining the club(s), even if only to save loads of money. However, I love receiving my monthly Groovi plate and inspiration sheet and it gives me the chance to try new designs which I probably wouldn’t try otherwise. Great fun and for only £5 a month.
    Glad your journey home went well Barbara and I can’t wait to hear about your planned new ventures.
    On a personal note, I went to the O2 last night, as my granddaughter was singing in the Young Voices choir. 7800 primary school children singing – it was spectacular and lifted the heart!
    Have a good evening. Annette x

  12. Hello Barbara

    The clubs are definitely worth joining. Apart from anything else it feels like you are joining one big happy family.

    Each club is very good value at £5 per month each. The stamp, stencil or Groovi plate is worth every penny and you get a leaflet with two step by step projects. Together with 10 or 15% discount, dependent on how may clubs you join, plus the twice-yearly members only half price sale it is a no-brainer.


  13. It's brilliant belonging to the Clarity Clubs, looking forward to your goodies each month. The project sheets are amazing and give you so much inspiration. Well worth the £5 for each club not counting the the 2 half price members sales in February and August and the special offers Barbara keeps putting out each month. Oh and almost forgot her super newsletter letting you know what's happening in her life, details of workshops, open days etc and usually there are a few laughs in their too. Look what you are missing if you don't join.

  14. I joined the Groovi club when it first started and I'm really glad l did. I always look forward to receiving the plates each month and when making my parchment cards l always look back on the plates l have received in previous months to add on to projects. The other bonus is the fact that each monthly plate has two projects for you to copy, very inspirational.Kind regards Sandra

  15. The clubs are great value for money and you save on Clarity goodies too, so it's a win, win really. I've been a member for years and will definitely renew again this year x

  16. Oh yes, the clubs are terrific value for money. I am a member of the stamp and Groovi clubs and so enjoy receiving my monthly package. Great members discounts and sales as well. Lots of inspiration every month and a lovely chatty newsletter. Off to browse through the members sale now xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I've already had a peep and there are some brilliant bargains to be had. As for the clubs, well worth the money. Lovely folders to hold the monthly installments in, a beautiful stamp and groovi plate in my case which is only available to club members and best of all a chatty letter from Barbara each month with lots of news. Then there's the discount on all orders and of course the brilliant sale twice a year. Oh yes the discount also applies at the Clarity Stand at craft shows as well as Clarity events. All in all a bargain. Hope tomorrow is a bit more relaxing for you.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Well worth it! Something to look forward to arriving in the post….makes a change from the usual bills dropping through the letterbox. In my opinion, great value for money xxx

  19. I'm in the diamond club, great value for money, especially with the member discounts and sale. Always look forward to receiving my monthly club goodies through the post, it's like having a birthday every month. xx

  20. Simply fab…the club that is, any one of them but better still all three (Diamond membership)! Discount on all purchases direct from Clarity, fab project step by step guides using the lovely top quality stamp, stencil or Groovi baby plate included – many of which are exclusive to the appropriate 'club' all delivered to your home with a newsletter written by Barb in her inimitable style keeping you up to date with what's been going on and what's coming up peppered with little insights into family life too. Seriously… worth every penny in my opinion. Xxx

  21. Hello Barb, the club is tremendous value, and you get great offers, discounts and the fab newsletter with your club stencil/stamp/Groovi plate every month (whichever ones you subscribe to), with the 2 detailed projects for each. It is so worth it, so if anyone is debating, I would say go for it. Take care all. Bx

  22. It is sooo worth becoming a member. The sense of belonging to a wonderful group where help and inspiration is a phone call or a message away. The exclusive plates you get to receive and play with are fantastic. The value for money is terrific, and then this happens – an extra 50% off! Woopee! Thank you Clarity for bringing parchment back into my life. Xx

  23. I would highly recommend joining at least one of the clubs. The excitement you get when the envelope pops through the door is unbelievable, you never know what that month will bring. The information sheet to accompany your item is so useful with two ideas for you to build on. Just go for it, you won’t regret it.

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