Time to get Groovi with some Grids!

Time to get Groovi with some Grids!

Hi there.
Paul here, 
stepping in for Barbara as she makes 
her way home from The Big Apple!
So today is You Tube Tuesday and we have not one, but two tutorials from the lovely Rosie.
In the first video Rosie talks about our Groovi Grids.

In the second video, Rosie shows us how we can make 
our own patterns for the beautiful lacework.

So don’t forget we have 20% off the following products
from midday today until midday next Tuesday.

1-needle, 2-needle & 4-needle
In the second tutorial, Rosie talks about a download which you can find below:

Straight Grid – Download Here
Diagonal Grid – Download Here

Also, just a reminder that the lovely Maria Moorhouse will be live on HOCHANDA tomorrow at 12 noon and 4pm with some beautiful Groovi Plates, Stamps and Stencils.
I love all 3 of the different floral designs Maria will be showcasing, 
Lily of the Valley
Spring Bouquet
They are perfect for 
Mothers Day, 
 Birthdays and so much more.
Happy Crafting!
Paul xxx

15 thoughts on “Time to get Groovi with some Grids!

  1. Hi Paul and Barbara thanks for filling for Barbara nice to hear from you looking forward to see Maria on tv tomorrow . Safe flight home for Barbara big hugs sure you will need it after leaving beautiful Grace behind xxxx

  2. Hi Paul – I hope that you are well! Barbara – safe journey home! Looking forward to Maria's shows, but will have to watch on catch up later. Need to go and look at the YouTube videos now. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – thanks for your comments yesterday. We are now saying our goodbyes here, only tomorrow left before we set off across Spain – on the first leg of our journey. Expecting to come across lots of snow! Lots of love, Gilly xxx

  3. Hi Paul nice to see you. Hope everyone's behaving!! Will have to watch on my phone tomorrow as I think the catch up will have expired by the time I get home. Safe journey Barbara xx

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing Maria tomorrow, and thanks for being the go between today Paul. Hope Barbara is having a good journey home. x

  5. Hi Paul,
    Lovely to see you here and thank you for filling in again. I too love the plates – have them all and use them a lot as well. Will hav3 to watch the shows and videos once we get home on Thursday. Thanks again, Alison x

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a beautiful day here up in Portpatrick. Done loads of walking 20,000 steps which for me is an astronomical amount! Absolutely worn out now and sore knees! Probably have a rest tomorrow as the forecast is dire with extremely high winds, so might just have to sit in the hotel lounge and read. Wouldn’t dare go out in those winds as I’d probably get blown over ( you know what I’m like!) . Stay safe everyone, sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  6. Lots of lovely Owls have appeared recently. Coincidentally Book of the week on Radio 4, Owl Sense, by Miriam Darlington. Separating myth from reality. Interesting.

  7. thanks Paul, loved the You tube videos & the downloads for the grids. Just a quick point the links are opposite to what they say but I am sure most people will download both. Thanks Rossella for doing this weeks videos as well. Hope Barbara has a safe journey home & now looking forward to Maria's 2 hours on the TV.

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