Snow stops play? NOT!!!!

Snow stops play? NOT!!!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Snow stopped play today at Clarity?
Not at all!
The ladies in the office drove in slowly,
Dave and I picked up Simon and Becca,
a few others waited until the roads were a little less icy and then came in,
and the boys from Crowborough caught the train in.
There you go.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
The Beast from the East indeed!
The press and media do like to hype it up, don’t they?!

The only bird in the garden who looked the least perturbed was our resident owl!

Dave’s Christmas gift to me – a hand carved owl.
Our little friendly robin was well happy in his new birdhouse which Mum and Dad gave us for Christmas!
What beauty ! What sheer loveliness!
My little Wendy House looks like the perfect place to sit and ponder. 
Minus 11 Degrees ???? 
You’re on your own pondering!!!!

But nonetheless, the roads are rather treacherous round these parts, and there’s no need to put yourself in harm’s path unnecessarily.
But so pretty!
Didn’t our young Film Director Simon, he who films and edits all our YouTubes now, take some super shots yesterday in the garden?!

Young talent. It’s all round us. I love watching the young people at work grow with the business. 
All the negative stuff you read about the youth of today is quite judgemental and unfair. 
At Clarity, we have a splendid, bright, hardworking young team.
I am so proud of them. Many of them have been with us for years and years, since they left school! They would be a huge asset to any company now. They have the right work ethic, and that’s a great thing. 
Us old farts are keeping up too, though!!
Sometimes the young peeps ask us where we oldies get all our energy from!
KEFIR!! I say, KEFIR!!!!
So whilst Dave eats raw Turmeric and crunches whole peppercorns in a bid to get the hand-arthritis under control,  
I am knocking back Kefir, Vitamin B12 and iron, 
and working on losing a stone before the wedding!
I think cutting out wheat has helped my energy levels too.
And my love handles!!
time to stop, before I get too graphic!
Be safe, stay warm.
And don’t drive unless you have to.
If you are worrying about the weather and the Parchment retreat next Sunday Monday and Tuesday down here, it’s fine.
I have had a word with God, and he will let it all melt Sunday morning.  Result !!
Seriously though. Weather forecast says it will warm up considerably on Sunday…
Love & Hugs,.

35 thoughts on “Snow stops play? NOT!!!!

  1. Stunning photos – great to hear that all of the Clarity Elves managed to get there ok today. We have even had a little bit of snow down here in Cornwall today. Mind you snow at The Lizard made the National News, as they did get it much worse than us. Keep safe and warm and good luck with the Parchment Retreat. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you are all keeping snug and warm and crafting. I made a very simple Groovi card today, for my cousin who has had a fall and broken her hip. I only did the line art, and some embossing using Tina's diagonal pattern grid – it looks beautiful. I used some words off 1 of the Word Chains border plates – sending lots of hugs – that seemed much more appropriate than saying Get Well Soon, as really she isn't going to. I arranged those in a square in the centre and my resident critic (Neill) told me that it was the nicest card I had made! Not sure whether to be pleased about that or not. What about all those cards where I spent ages doing the white work? Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Hope things are alright in the South West! It hasn't been good here today and tomorrow is looking bad. I'm sure you've made a lovely job of your card and yes I think the sentiment is better than Get Well Soon for her. I'm sure Neill didn't mean to upset or co fuse you! Stay safe and warm, love Alison xxx

    3. That's a lovely sentiment to send Gilly, hugs are always appreciated. Men! They do think they are saying the right things don't they and don't realised they've put their foot in it! Xxx

  2. Yes I checked forecast and looks better for the weekend. Glad you have had a quiet word though just in case. Everywhere looks lovely in the snow but can make life difficult. My grandad used to say it was the only time his garden looked like his neighbours. Bless him he was a gem. X x

  3. I have never checked the forecast so frequently. I suspect the worst part of my journey could be the country lanes to the kennels. All the rest will be main roads. I have plenty of emergency supplies for the journey, with blankets etc. Fingers crossed that everyone gets there safely. Well done to the team at Clarity. They are golden. Safe journey for you at the weekend. xxx Maggie

  4. Snow looks beautiful especially when thecsun is out and the sky is blue. Would love it more if I didn't have to worry about getting to work! Cor rather cold today, had to dig out the car, only went forward and back on the drive just to make sure it wasn't frozen to the spot! Don't think I've ever checked the weather forecast so much. Stay safe, and wear lots of layers. Xx

  5. Super photos. As Gilly said we have even had snow here in Cornwall, quite a lot here in Newlyn, came right up over the top of my boots. I could see the Beast approaching across Mounts Bay and it must have snowed for about 4 hours. We live at the top of a steep hill and our lane never gets gritted so we are marooned until it melts. So many cars have been abandoned on the main hill that I can’t see how the gritters will even make it up there. However I had a lovely walk up through the three fields behind us and took some nice photos. I enjoyed yesterday’s you tube and have ordered the snippers, thank you for the generous discount. Hope everyone stays safe and warm xx

  6. Evening bloggy friends, have you all had fun in the snow, or like sensible people stayed inside keeping warm? Luckily school was closed today so I did the last one for most of it. Open tomorrow so back to the dilemma of walk or drive in the morning. Stay safe and warm everyone. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      You never know it might be closed again tomorrow too! I think most around us will be. If you do have to go in, please don't take any risks and stay safe. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  7. For all of you luck people going to the retreat…have a safe journey and I know for certain you will have a fantastic time.

    So pleased team Clarity all managed to get in today.

    Stay safe everyone

  8. You have a splendid team around you because you nurture them, Barbara – you have a passion for what you do and it transfers to your whole company. I used to work for someone who was equally passionate about what she did and, although the money wasn't great and the hours were long, it was the best place I've ever worked. She inspired her team to give their best, and I'm sure that's the secret of Clarity too.

  9. Beautiful photos. I have had a snow day today as my boss was working from home today and could look after her own children. It has been fun watching the snow fall and cover the roads. The snow plough came by earlier and cleared the road before it was covered over again. There is no public transport until at least 10am tomorrow and the schools are closed once again so I will be enjoying another day at home and getting ready for my demo at Craftaholics Annonimous on Saturday making 3D frames from 12 inch papers.

  10. Well I've had a few days enforced rest and recuperation, wound check and dressing change on Friday and a class on Saturday. Then travelling down on Sunday. Op stopped play? Nope. See you on Monday Barb xxx

  11. It’s good to have a loyal team with you, it goes to show they enjoy their jobs too to make the effort. Thankfully gone have the days when, on the odd occasions we got snow bad enough to affect the buses etc. I walked in to work, an hour each way in the snow trudging along getting warm ! Fingers are crossed for everyone going to the retreat that it’s all gone or on its way by then. X

  12. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful photos, and well done to all at Clarity for getting into work. It hasn't been good here at all today, so I haven't even ventured out of the door. Instead, I've been doing a bit of a Groovi whilst watching the snow getting deeper and drifting a bit. Stay safe, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all managing to stay safe and warm. I've been doing the two wedding cards I have been asked to do – at least I've got them traced out and first layer of whitework done. Dave went into Durham by bus and when he got there, the driver told him that they weren't sure how the service would be later in the afternoon, so he stayed on the bus and came straight home! Bus struggled to get up the hill into the village so I think he was pleased that he had come home early. I do like to see the snow when it's fresh and if the sun is shining but only if I don't have to go out in it!! Stay safe and warm everybody, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  13. I'm afraid that these days, as a country, we are not geared up for snow any further south than, and although it is silly to take chances if it really gets very icy, especially for us older generation, you are right Barbara, the press make it sound far worse than it is generally speaking. Glad you at Clarity were able to navigate the difficulties and reach Clarity Towers. x

  14. Snowed in here too, happy we can be safe and warm in the house. No buses past us since early (very!) this morning and as I can't get car out of the garage we're definitely stuck in for a few days! Been busy setting up a new laptop and sorting out files, pics etc need to keep from the old one before it completely 'dies'! So not been crafting but have high hopes for tomorrow! Stay safe everyone, loving the snowy pics and have you seen the fab frozen waterfall Linda Williams has posted on FB? Absolutely stunning! Xx

  15. Good evening Barbara
    Well how pretty does your part of the world look
    I stayed in all day except for feeding the feather friends in the garden and clearing a path for my three small dogs to go out. Bless em their bellies were touching the snow.
    I hope you are right about the thaw on Sunday does it include South Yorkshire ?
    I am planning to travel Sunday morning by train don't fancy a 200 plus mile drive
    I think I need to try this KEFIR. If it give you all these positive effects
    You take care. Stay safe and warm everyone. Theresa xx

  16. We piped out to garden centre for a coffee just in case things get bad out there core was it cold my wheelchair moved inside quick to warm nice hot coffee under a heater bliss was nice to get out cause don’t fancy ice snow ins chair and walking to car so must be craft day tomorrow stay safe xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Your garden looks so pretty, you've had a lot of snow haven't you. The owl is beautiful, what a lovely present. You have such lovely people working for you don't you, I bet there was a lot of chatter and tales of nightmare journeys when they arrived. Keep warm and snug.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hello Barb, thanks for sharing beautiful photos of your garden. I do feel sorry for people who have no choice but to drive into work. I just pray for their safety on the roads. Sounds like the Clarity team have it all planned and sorted. Take care all. Bx

  19. What stunning pictures Barbara! Your garden looks beautiful in any weather and your new additions are lovely.
    We have had very little snow, but to all who have, take care and stay warm and safe. Annette x

  20. Morning Barbara, lovely photos! Love the your owl and the birdhouse. Snow looks lovely especially when still fresh with maybe those little footprints of birds. So peaceful and pretty.Love walking in the snow (if someone is with me to hold on to) but it's no fun when you have to get to work or for an appointment and get stuck in the snow. And I hate the cold! Anyway, glad everyone is fine at Clarity Towers. You've got a terrific team around you who are as dedicated as you are but then you are all like family which is great. I used to be part of such a team (best job ever) for over 20 years. It makes all the difference. Keep up the great spirit! Looking forward to your shows on Sunday. Keep safe and warm!

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