Snip at the Tip! OUCH! You Tube Tuesday

Snip at the Tip! OUCH! You Tube Tuesday

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
YouTube Tuesday today!
This week Rosie and I have tackled picot cutting.
All you need is a good clean pair of glasses, a steady hand and your weapon of choice!

Hope you enjoyed that one and that it was helpful.
The one thing you DO need is the right scissors.
AT Pergamano (that’s us!) we sell 3 types:
The Exclusive ones (the ones I used)
The Pergacutter (the tweezer type Rosie used)
The Ringlocks (for larger fingers)
So for the next week we are offering a 20% discount on all 3 types 
and the A4 picot foam – plus your usual Clarity Club discount.

20% OFF

Must dash. Time to build a snowman before it all melts!
Love & Hugs,

19 thoughts on “Snip at the Tip! OUCH! You Tube Tuesday

  1. If I built a snowman with the snow here, it might make 2 inches in height. We have gone from blizzard to brilliant sunshine which melted the snow. Just hope that things improve before Sunday. As far as the snip tools are concerned, after I stupidly wrecked the scissors I had used for years, I had to try them all to find something I could work with. Even now, it depends on what mood I am in. xxx Maggie

  2. Snipping! Bane of my life – sometimes it's good, other times its not – but I do enjoy trying! I use the exclusive scissors and the snips but prefer the snips as I seem bale to 'control' them better. x

  3. I will go and watch the video – as I am only at the practising stage. Slowly, slowly – as long as it takes. I hope that you enjoyed building the snowman Barb! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – thank you for all of your input into where I should store things in my Pergamano Bag. I have had an email to say that my Members Sale order is on it's way – there just may be 1 or 2 things included that will need to go in there – not sale items! Stay safe and warm all of you – not had any snow yet, but it is below freezing! Not ventured out today. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Enjoyed the video and did have a chuckle with you when Rosie was describing her magnifier! I use either the Ringlock ( which I love) and the snips ( usually for speed. I do sometimes struggle with seeing the holes to snip and am practising using a daylight magnifier at the moment , but haven't quite got used to it yet. Hope you got the snowman built and that he hasn't melted. Love and hugs,Alisonxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Woke up to about 3 inches of snow and we decided to risk going swimming as the main roads were clear. As we were swimming we could see that there was a big snowstorm going on outside. The paths around the leisure centre were really slippy and I did slip once and felt my knee go – it was a good job I had the brace on otherwise I would've been back to square one! Not venturing out tomorrow as it is supposed to be bad and then worse on Thursday! We always say that March is the worst month for us – we have even had snow in April and May! Anyway, stay safe and wrap up well if going out. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  5. I have only had the chance to watch the start of the video and will watch later when I won’t be disturbed. However, I had a good laugh at the magnifier discussion. Funnily enough, I recently remembered that I used to use one for cross stitch back in the day and managed to unearth it. It is brilliant for picot cutting and it is one time when being well endowed in the chest department comes in handy, as I have a built in shelf to rest it on!
    I hope you managed to build your snowman, but it could have been difficult, as the snow is so dry and powdery. Luckily we have had very little, but wherever you are, stay warm and take care. Annette x

  6. Evening bloggy friends, lots of snow here tricky journey to work! The children had fun today though. Make sure you wrap up warm if venturing out, remember your ice picks. Xx

  7. I would like to say that the ringlock scissors are for any size fingers. I have long slim fingers, but due to age etc, late 60's I need something comfortable. The ringlocks because they are more substantial are extremely comfortable. I have all three styles, love the snips, struggled with the scissors but can use them and then discovered the ringlocks. If you get the opportunity try out all three before you decide, observe how the joints on your fingers act with each pair, it makes a great difference, especially if you have arthritis or any joint problems. Hope this helps and doesn't offend. Happy snipping.


  8. Another great video – it's lovely to see that you have so much fun making these films.

    I'm a leftie, too, and I find the Perga Cutters work best for me. Still developing my technique but I generally find it easier to twist or tip away from me, rather than toward. It's just as you say, there's no right or wrong (apart from that key point of cutting over the waste – to begin with, I was getting that all wrong!)
    Great offer on the various cutting tools – I'm half considering investing in a second pair of snips, so that Mum and I can snip away together!

  9. Loved video my snipping isn’t good between my bent finger painful shoulder and eyes 👀 struggle to do it if made some scissors with the big rubber handle like Tim Holtz one would help withholding them that would be good and magnifying light may work I wonder if that’s possible for scissors hummm 🤔 . Just a thought might night not much snow yet here coming down heavy in Peterborough my niece just sent picture so clod though xxx

  10. Loved the video you two made me chuckle. Don't know about Hinge &Brackett More Laurel & Hardy
    Sorry but you both just made a dull day brighter and I learned more too.

    Cheers. Theresa x

  11. Hello Barb and Rosie, what a laugh with you two. A very informative video. I have not ventured into attempting cutting yet, because I have a patience issue when short of time, but who knows what the future brings. Take care all. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara
    I'm going to sit and watch the video today, it sounds like I'm in for a treat. I might just have a go and snip along with Barb! I found some scrap parchment when I was sorting yesterday so I've got lots I can practise on. Hope you managed to build a snowman and have a snowball fight, it brings out the inner child, as long as you don't have to get anywhere in it! Stay safe and warm.
    Love Diane xxx

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