YouTube Tuesday – Basic Brayering.

YouTube Tuesday – Basic Brayering.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in to YouTube Tuesday!
Today it’s BRAYER TIME.
So many of you have asked about how NOT to get stripes,
that a little video just highlighting the remedy follows:

I hope that helped a bit. 
There are plenty of other brayering Youtubes if you go the the Claritystamp Youtube channel, they are all listed. 
Here are all the products I have used in this week’s VT, 
which are 20% off until next Tuesday. Now’s the time to stock up on a new brayer and some card!

And here is a simple project, using what we learned in the first video and applying it to a landscape.
But this time I show you how to combine using permanent ink…

If you have time, look up the Harbour video I did a while ago. Just a variation on the same technique here using the Clarity Card.
The brayer has always played a huge role in my crafty life!
You can easily see why…
Love and Hugs,

26 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Basic Brayering.

  1. I watched all three videos and it is great to be reminded of the things that I have done in the past but have forgotten some of those clever tricks, so thank you Barbara. I have never tried the cotton wool clouds before so maybe that will be one to use next time I do a little scene. You make it look deceptively easy but I know that it takes a lot of skill to do it as effortlessly as you do. Practice makes perfect is such a true saying. x

  2. It is so good to get back to basics. Superb video. Beats me this afternoon. I have been trying to make a groovi pattern on a flower! (cut out crosses etc) Now all I can see are dots. Leave that for another day, I reckon. Eyes aren't what they were!
    Thank you for all the videos and tips
    Love Anne (Reading)

  3. Thanks – really enjoyed this YouTube Tuesday, and it's always great to have a refresher lesson! The good news for me is I have every ingredient to go and have a practice tomorrow. x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Watched the video on brayering and really enjoyed it. I'm one of those who end up with stripes but I will give it another go. I have to say, you always manage to make it look so easy! I'm going to rewatch the harbour video after I've posted this. Thanks for the lesson, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Swimming this morning and then I did manage to get a few cards made using the cornflower, snowdrop and edelweiss stamps, so quite pleased about that. Turning really windy outside now but definitely warmer than it has been. Looking forward to Maria's shows over the next couple of days ( not sure Bank manager will be though!) love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxc

  5. Hi Barbara – I look forward to watching the brayering You Tube videos. I also love to watch you doing this. Lots of fond memories of first watching you doing it on C & C. Big & Juicy Ink Pads? Look forward to watching the Groovi shows on catch up. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope that you are all as well as can be. I have been busy over the last couple of days making a Groovi card for Neill's birthday, which is tomorrow. I discarded the 1st attempt – is it just me who does this? I got 1 of the letters wrong – used a b instead of a d! Then I remembered that I had got the A6 Groovi Go D-boss alphabet plate – I LOVE it now! 1st time I have used it. A friend here is cooking a meal for 6 of us – for Neill's birthday tomorrow evening, she is SO very kind! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      No it's not just you who does that! I've got the D-Boss alphabet too – very clever! What a lovely friend you've got – enjoy your meal. Wish Neill a very happy birthday from me.
      I think I might be very naughty! I've wasted more parchment trying to do 8×8 squares without being an,e yo stick the parchment down so I'm really looking forward to getting the new big plate mate for the A4 square plates, & I love anything Celtic so that's me goosed!!! Love and hugs Alison xx.

    3. Hi Gilly happy birthday to Neil for tomorrow. No your not the only one to give up on a piece of work, I keep my whoops ones though to practice on so they don't go to waste xxx

  6. Fingers crossed this post actually comes through! Great videos today, love the brayer and the tips were very useful for beginners like me. Must get it out more often, think my painty brayer has more use than my inky one. The reduction on the card is very handy as I can stock up on the essentials. XX

  7. Yay! Have tried for a couple of days to get a comment to post and they keep disappearing after I click publish… Oh well, seems OK today. Sending hugs for everyone and hoping you all manage to avoid the worst of storm Gemma over the next couple of days! XX

    1. I think Georgina might be on its way – it's very windy here! My comments wouldn't publish at all, it took 5/6 attempts before they would – same on Sue Wilson's blog. However, over the last couple of days it seems to have sorted itself out – think it must have been a glitch on the site, so hopefully yours should be ok as well. Don't spend too much tomorrow! Love and hugs to you and Phoebe,Alison xxxx

    2. Donna I was getting that last week, it even logged me out of my google account and wouldn't let me sign back in but only for Barbara's blog, very wired. I did an update to my iPad and it seemed to cure it thank goodness. Xxx

  8. Watched the helpful 'how to' brayer video, got the projects to look forward to! Will set recorder in morning before setting off for hospital (nothing major) and then can sit back, relax and watch Maria's shows. Trying to be good but time will tell if that lasts as love Celtic designs. Take care and stay warm xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Oh how lovely, it's like watching a ballet while wearing comfy slippers, everything in perfect harmony. I will never tire of the magic you create with your Brayer, I must get mine out and have a play again. I tend to use the brushes these days but the Brayer effect us fabulous. Thank you for the you tube, I'm sure it will be watched many times.
    Love Diane xxx

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