Happy bunny! No. Five happy Bunnies!

Happy bunny! No. Five happy Bunnies!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I wrote this blog, then it got gobbled up.
And now I have to write it again.
Deep breathe. Maybe a little shorter than the original. 
I HATE it when this happens.
Right. Take it from the top.
Great day at work today. Very productive.
All set for Frankfurt, TV proposals on track – yep. 
It’s all going swimmingly – despite the Blogger gremlins.
I really wanted to get home early and have a play with the second of the three stencils which Mel has designed for us. I think it kept me focussed at work, so that I could get home sooner than later!
Remember the Woodland Animal Montage we looked at this weekend?
Well, here’s No. 2…
The Earth has Music for those who Listen.
How delightful is this?
I know I ought to be keeping these a surprise for the Sunday 2-4 Clarity Art Show on Feb 4th, but I just HAD to see how they work!
Let me show you how simple this technique is, too, and how you can get 2 pieces of artwork out of the same process.
Place the stencil face down on the 8″x10″ Gelpress plate
Brayer Paynes Gray Golden Open Acrylic over the stencil and plate.
Carefully peel the stencil off the plate and place it paint side down on a scrap of A5 inky copy paper.
Place a piece of clean copy paper over this, and run it through an 
E-Bosser or similar embossing machine aka mangle.
And don’t forget about the paint still left on the Gel Press plate!
Next masterpiece coming up!!!
Blot the black around the edges with copy paper.
Pick a paper, any paper, and flip the Gel press on the Mega Mount over onto the paper.
Rub the back of the paper to transfer the paint, and pull your print.
Voila !
It was so easy, I ran through it all again, to be sure to be sure 
– and to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke.
No fluke. And now I remember why I hang onto every scrap of inky paper I ever make!
The second time, on the negative print below, I didn’t rub so hard,
…and was able to pull a cool ghost print.
So yes. Fantabulous stencil again. 
Thank you Mel. You make my job such a pleasure.

Love & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “Happy bunny! No. Five happy Bunnies!

  1. What a lovely stencil and you've used beautiful colours. Ghost print is great too. I'm just sorting out all my stencils and NDC things, so many I need to use. xx

  2. Another great stencil. Thanks for re-writing the blog – it must be so frustrating when your hard work just disappears into the ether. I guess it's the same feeling I get when my cakes sink in the middle! x

  3. Fantastic! I wondered what was going on… Was reading it one minute….I clicked the wrong button and then I tried to go back and… Gone! I am so glad you were able to rewrite it!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Must be very frustrating when the blog disappears for no reason but thankfully you were able to recreate it for us. I love the new stencil and the results should be obtainable now you have explained the process. I need to dig some my other stencils out & give it a try before the new stencils are released in 2 weeks time.

  5. I love this one too. My sister has a big birthday this year (50) and loves bunnies so this would be perfect! Glad I finally got to read the post. Sorry you had to write it all over again; frustrating!

  6. Hi Barb,
    Oh! How frustrating was that for you! I hate it when that happens. My comments seem to vanish at times or they won't work, I don't know if it's the website or what. Anyway, thank you for repeating it for us. This stencil is another little beauty and I love what you've created. Well done as well to Mel. Really looking forward to Maria's shows on Wednesday as I want to get my hands on the A4 plate mate and that Celtic alphabet looks fab. My new club goodies arrived today – love them all, thank you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're ok. Better day in that no snow but still very cold. It was still icy underfoot this morning as well. Trying to get our exercise routine up and running again – we hit the gym this afternoon and are both feeling goosed and a bit stiff, but we did it. Swimming tomorrow and Thursday and hoping to get some stamping done as well – I'm trying to make a selection of stand by cards in case I forget or can't get around to making over the next month or so. Got 8 done so far but would like maybe another 8 as well. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  7. It's funny, I read the first one and commented too, but I thought it was strange that this popped up again! However when I read it, I can now see the reason it's popped up again! Pictures are brilliant!

  8. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a pain having yo retype it all again, that's do frustrating. Thank you though, it's such a beautiful stencil it deserves to be seen. Mel you are a superstar. Love the images you've created, the bunnies are very cute, enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Chris,
      Go on be a devil!!! You sounded like me – I was the same in Aycliffe car park – i wasn't very confident at all I can tell you. Hope you're ok, love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Love the stencil. I would need a video on this because I'm so lost with lay the stencil here and there and then —— you lost me . Haven't really done any pulling prints etc. Hope I'm not alone . Jan

    1. No, you're not alone in this Jan. I have held off from buying a gelli plate until I become more proficient with all the other stamping and stencil techniques. But I must admit that the artwork of the last few days is making me want one in a big way! Sara.

  10. This looks exciting, not had much use out of my gelli press. This stencil looks great too, well done Mel. Determined that I will start using my stencils and gelli press again, have so many not used. What are we like.xx

  11. I really love this stencil and love what you have created. Amazing!
    I have been playing with my art journal today and have created a couple of pages and I am happy with the results.

  12. Hmm gremlins in the works me thinks…I commented on y'days post very soon after it posted, looked back earlier today to catch up with other people's comments and mine wasn't there. Anyhoo, this stencil is great…fab sentiment,clever lady is Mel! Like Alison I'm looking forward to Maria's ODS on Wednesday/Thursday,recorder will be set in readiness as love Celtic art!

  13. How beautiful is that – and what a neat trick with the gel-press. As you were explaining how you'd done it, I kept thinking that surely one or other would have the writing back to front, but of course it all worked out perfectly! Mind you, I can see me getting both of them the wrong way round!!

    Frankfurt – ah yes, it'll soon be that time of year again, won't it – my other half works for a Christmas display/decorations company, and they're gearing up for the Frankfurt trade show too – think the Christmas trade show must be in a different Hall, but it's on at the same time, so I know how busy and stressful it can be in the run up. Hope yours goes well.

  14. Fancy your post just disappearing Barbara, and you certainly have staying power writing it all again. I love what you did with this stencil too, so there is one more that we haven't seen yet I think, so a little still left to tempt us with…lol. x

  15. Hi everyone, I've been card making for years and have always kept it clean and tidy – the more I watch you Barbara I just want to roll my sleeves up and get messy creative. Think I need to invest in a Brayer, inks and stencils. I'm a great believer of that a project in progress can never go too wrong as u start off with no idea of direction, it's about enjoying what ya doing – I'm in need of this to change things up a bit. Your a star and I think your such an inspiration. I want to learn all Barbara techniques looking forward to 4th February 2/4 on Honchanda. I've got you already booked in my Diary for 1st Sunday of the month and I record all your shows, so then I can go back and read-watch if I'm stuck for some ideas. Thanks again to You, Dave and Clarity Gang xx

  16. Dear Barbara. I haven’t sent a comment for ages, I am still in Danville, California, but only until Sunday then back home. Love this stencil, have quite a few but not too sure how to use them as I don’t have the gelli press
    I have brought the one of the dancers which I want to make before I leave, for my grandson. Will have to see what I can do. Hopefully I will get to see Maria on Wednesday. I have managed to see a few shows.
    I have two new stamps to look forward to on my return . Thank you xxxxx

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