It’s ‘ard, innit?

It’s ‘ard, innit?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got in myself, and to be honest I need to eat, not make art!
So I will leave the office earlier mañana, and do some art instead.
This evening I shall just wind down, and tell you what’s going on.
So Brother Steve – he who is in charge of Groovi production and the Warehouse – comes into my office this morning for a chat.
We don’t have to speak. We just look at each other and know.
And we rolled up laughing. 
“Blimey Steve!” said I, “Is it me, or has it gone mad?”
“Nope, It’s definitely gone mad,” he laughed. 
“There’s only one thing for it – apart from permanent night shift. And he started punching the air…
Gimme an L! L! Gimme an E! E! Gimme an N! N!!!!
Len’s our dear friend who rolls his sleeves up and piles into Groovi production in another location when we need help. But it was so funny when big Steve suddenly turned into a cheer leader. 
To add to the comic relief, he caught the back of his jeans on something in the warehouse, or as he put it, ripped the arse out of ‘em – literally. Without putting too fine a point on it, the seat of his pants was flapping in the breeze; I reckon it must have been a bit chilly round the willy!
My lovely department, the design crew, were hard at it upstairs, pedalling like fury, too. So I thought I’d cheer them up…
“Good news guys. Tomorrow we’ve got some people coming for a chat. One’s a website developer, so that’s ‘andy, and the other one’s a graphic illustrator, so that’s ‘andy too.”
“Both ‘andy then?” chipped in Jim. 
“Oh yes,” I added, “and Lucy has got a journalism background as well.”
Jim: “So ‘ang on. There’s two Andy’s and a Lucy?”
You can imagine the response. He was dead serious, too. Give me strength!! It’s only mid-January, and Jim’s already fried !!!
So yeah. I am going to have a cuppa, and make some suppa.
And it is ‘ard, but it’s fun too.
Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “It’s ‘ard, innit?

  1. That did make me chuckle. I know Len and Heather who help at the Leyburn open days and the shows, if there is only one Len I didn't realise he makes Groovi too!
    Glad you are looking for more help, you need to keep everyone's workload manageable xx

    1. Hello all. Quite a bit of snow here today, a good excuse to craft instead of going to the gym! I hope it's gone by the weekend as I will be off to Maria's class – yippee xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      We had a lot of snow, so nonswimming for me. Actually I haven't set foot outside as I was terrified of slipping again! Hoping it's all gone by weekend as for me it's Linda's Groovi on Sunday. Hope you're ok, love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Ooh goody, will see you on Sunday Alison, Anne and I are booked on Linda's workshop too! We've got snow too but the roads are clear now so fingers crossed no more before Sunday.

  2. Hi Barb,
    That was a good one! Made me chuckle. Like Chris said, I'm pleased you're getting in extra help and I didn't know Len made a Groovi either but it's good that you have people like Len and Heather that will always help when they can. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Very snowy here last night & early morning with lots lying. No swimming or stepping outside for me – don't want to slip again when op is in sight! Hope you are all ok and keeping safe, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  3. I always love your great sense of humour Barbara! Poor Steve! So pleased that Len is able to give a hand, just when you need it most. I met Heather at Leyburn and she told me all about how you met – that was a meeting really meant to happen. Such a lovely couple. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I have been awol (and must catch up) for the last week. My sister and her husband came over to spend a week's holiday with us – they flew back to the cold this morning! We are still being very lucky with warmer weather than normal here. We enjoyed showing our visitors our little bit of paradise, and they loved it too. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased you’ve had a good time with your sister and brother in law. I’m jealous that you’ve got warmth – all we have is the white stuff!!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. All that glue and tape in your establishment, and you left him flapping in the wind? Oh boy, that did make me laugh. Reminded me of the time our social work manager ripped his trousers and came into my office so I could staple them for him before a meeting!!! x

  5. Good evening Barbara
    Ohh tonight’s blog has made me laugh. The mental picture of poor Dave with his backside hanging out of his trousers and you both laughing out loud..
    what a great company you are you will get there you always do
    And all your loyal customers are behind you 100%

  6. That was funny. Laughter helps a lot. The thing is Barbara you keep bringing out all these gorgeous products and we want to buy them. Hope Steve can find time to get some new trousers. xx

  7. You gotta laugh Barbara, especially when Steve ripped his trousers, it sounds as though it really was one of those, but hopefully Len's input will help to take the heat off. Hope you have had a nice relaxing evening. x

  8. Oh you made me laugh! Just had a lovely evening with the kids as they came home tonight as they are going to Aviemore tomorrow for a conference. We have had a giggle as Heather was packing her case and was getting slagged off for having lists of clothes on her phone. Her fiancé thought this was so funny but I guess if you have clothes in two places it does make sense. Fraser was laughing as it took her two hours to pack three outfits into the case as he had taken less than five minutes. It is always good to laugh so keep going and laugh more.

  9. Good job you can laugh ain’t it poor Steve if was as windy there as here would been when drafty bless him good old Len lots be them two such wonderful
    People so January has come with its usual sped in clarity towers don’t think things ever slow down business wise is good hope you got fed tonight sleep well xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Oh you have made me laugh, poor Steve and his chilly willy! I hope he gets time to buy a new pair of trousers. Good old Len stepping into the breech and how andy to have help on the way too.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Really funny blog, thanks!

    IF YOU'RE NERVOUS OF SLIPPING ON ICE – I used to be the same – until my bro bought me a pair of over-the-shoe ice grippers from Maplins. Cost a tenner and now i'll go anywhere, they (and I expect other similar ones) are fantastic.

  12. Hello Barb, what a funny blog post, had a good laugh. It certainly sounds like you all had a busy day, but that the Clarity team is gearing up for full steam ahead in 2018. Hope everything works out. Take care all. Bx

  13. Oh poor Steve and his chilly nether regions! I can just imagine the laughter from you both. Hope your 'andy's and lucy' work out, sounds like they'll be great additions to the team and good on yer Len, being able to step onto the Groovi train and lend a hand to keep things moving. xx

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