Yikes!!!!! Shrink plastic!!

Yikes!!!!! Shrink plastic!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The countdown is on for Christmas, and so today was THE day for cleaning, decorating the house and getting the beds ready for when the family land. The thing about letting the house go for weeks without cleaning is that when you do eventually brace yourself and roll your sleeves up, you get a real sense of achievement, with an undercurrent of “Yikes”
You know that old Yellow Pages ad,
“…and you don’t want to know what they’ve done to your bathroom!” Yes. It was one of those moments.
Anyway. All lovely and smelling of roses now. 
So HURRY HOME children!!! And I’ve already told Dave he’s not allowed to use the upstairs bathroom till Christmas now. 
But I have really enjoyed today. Cut a beech branch from the garden, suspended it in the kitchen and dressed it with all my old German ornaments. Then Dave came home with a fabulous tree, and I dressed that. Titivated and decorated for a few hours, then plugged in my latest Audible Book by Phillip Pullman, the Tiger in the Well, and set to cleaning and hoovering. 
Now that’s my idea of a very pleasant day. 
Then I came up here to chat to you and blog an idea I had whilst putting up the decs….
I do enjoy a bit of shrink plastic, don’t you?
So let’s have a play.
Stamp one of the 4 large Christmas rounds 
Santa Round
onto a sheet of translucent shrink with a Black Archival.
Cut them out, leaving a slight edge around the outside.
I was thinking about a good friend of mine, so thought I would make a bauble with her name on it. Micron Pen.
Punched a hole in the top.
One minute in the AGA on a teflon tray. Perfect.
No need for colour. Just lovely as is.
Look how much smaller it gets when you shrink it!

See the Brenda Bauble?  I hung both from the same hook, so they look the same on both sides.

If I had more time I could make a whole family tree!
Wouldn’t that be neat?
Time to go watch a film, kick back, do nothing.
Or listen to my book. It has me gripped!
Love & Hugs,
PS I think a Shrink Plastic Revival session on telly is what’s needed! Let me sort something out!!

26 thoughts on “Yikes!!!!! Shrink plastic!!

  1. I still have to brace myself for the "big clean" before Christmas and then again on Hogmanay as you can't have a dirty new year!
    Today was spent at the church at the Christmas tree festival. It was lovely to hear the local kids singing their carols while all the tree lights twinkled behind them. It was a truely magical afternoon.
    I love shirk plastic and I love to see it twist and curl until it shrinks. Enjoy the rest of your day. I am going to decorate the cake for my Dad's 80th birthday which is today but we are celebrating tomorrow with a family lunch.

  2. That made me laugh I say just the same to my other half before we have visitors so he is restricted to the end suite. What I want to know is why I still clean madly before our closest friends arrive when I've known her for 60 years and we've known them as a couple for 45??
    Good idea about the shrink plastic I've got some somewhere …. xx

  3. What a great idea for creating family keepsakes!! Might have to have a root through my crafty stash & give it ago. As for cleaning & preparing for family arriving I need to pack away my craft table to make room for a bed !! 7 days to go thankfully!! Enjoy your family time.

    1. I knew somebody else would remember that. I cried with laughter. The clip is on Youtube, along with some others and some Barbara bloopers. Just type Barbara Gray and Dean Wilson into Google. Had to watch it again in the middle of writing this. They had so much fun together. Love Deano.

  4. All the shrink plastic demos I have watched and I have never tried it. Will put it on my 2018 to do list. Julie turned up this afternoon and gave us both a little Santa decoration that Joss had chosen for us, he asked to buy them for nan and grandad, so they will be on our tree very year now. Keepsakes. xx

  5. Oh yes shrink plastic so who will be your helper on Hochanda haha . Still laughing over you and Dean chasing it around look forward to that hehe. Sound like a good productive day feels good don’t it hugs lots love they soon will be home xxx

  6. Evening Barbara! I love those stamps and they look great in shrink plastic too! You've given me a great idea for something too!
    Enjoy your evening…. You can relax in the knowledge that your house is all ready for the kids to come home to!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. Oh Barbara, I am so excited for you that your kids are coming home for Christmas. I wish I could have all mine here too. What a lovely week you will have, knowing you have done the prep and can look forward to the family all being together. Enjoy! Annette x

  8. Brilliant, what a great idea. Was that our Brenda from the blog you were thinking of? I often think of her and wonder how she is. Thank you for the idea, think I'll have a go and make them for the family to hang on their tree. Finished the grandchildren's crackers today, blue for the boys and pink for the girls. Bet you can't wait for Grace and Mark to arrive.xxx

  9. Since I’ve just finished decorating my tree, albeit it’s been out from the shed since Sunday last, I have had no impetus to,decorate it this year. However, today was a euphoric experience as by adding each little decoration – and there are many – I have relived previous times and places and remembered pupils and friends as I placed all these decorations on my tree – Fraser’s decorated blown egg from Brunei – 1979, Bill’s German wooden decorations – 1982, Anis, Siba, Rami’s decorations – 1991 and all the others that are of particular significance. And this has been a great and up lifting day. As for shrink plastic, I’ve a number of those I tried for the last show but they are still here on my table, looking a bit squiffy!;~}

  10. The shrink plastic idea is really great for these hanging decorations, and the rustic look of the branch brought in from the garden is perfect in your kitchen Barbara. You must be really looking forward to a great Christmas with all the family too. x

  11. Hi Barb, how brilliant is that idea, love shrink plastic and your experience with it on tele with Dean is always good if you need a laugh. Your hanging beech branch looks beautiful, lovely vintage decorations. Bx

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