Groovi Go! In a Bag!

Groovi Go! In a Bag!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie today, to show off Dave’s latest answer to storage.
At Clarity, whenever we want foam, sponges, storage folders, lightwaves or anything else which requires outsourcing, (aka hours of patience, tenacity and the ability to haggle like a farmer),  Dave’s the man! So on his behalf, I would like to flag up this delightful top quality, half-pint size travel case 
– perfect for the Groovi Go ! 
What a delightful little bag for all those Groovi Go bits and bobs and 3-part plates etc you got for the kids a couple of months back!
The first thing I figured out was that my I-Pad fits like a glove.
They can be sent in time for Santa if you get your order in quickly. 
In fact, don’t tell Dave, but if you buy the Groovi Go! Starter Kit before Midnight Tuesday 19th December, I will get our Clarity Elves to pop a Storage Bag in for FREE.
We can still ship Wednesday, but after that we’re finito for a week.
Thursday is our Christmas Ding Dong Lunch,
Friday, Clarity is CLOSED. 
Mrs Santa said we ALL need a day off.
Love & Hugs
Mrs Santa

16 thoughts on “Groovi Go! In a Bag!

  1. Looks really good, hope I get something like this from the big guy when he calls….it won't be for the lack of hints I'll be dropping…..hope you all have a wonderful christmas..xx

  2. Totally agree with Mrs Santa…well deserved day off for the 'elves'! Finally put our tree up and decorated too, just final touches to add. Oh yes and still got all the presents to buy… food shopping all done apart from the fresh veggies but whether or not I can cook is another matter as the bloomin oven has given up the ghost today after 'tripping' the electrics out….Grrr!! Ah well AO here we come, at least I'd not yet cleaned it!

  3. Hi Barbara & Ladies not forgetting the Men, Well you have been busy Barbara , looks like you had a wonderful time on your train journey and looks like you had a lot of fun.
    Well Mrs Santa certainly deserves some quality time with Santa and family, Hope you all have a wonderful christmas & new year .
    Looking forward to seeing what you have instore for us all in the new year.
    Does anyone know if there are any parchment classes near us in Leicestershire , it would be good to know.
    All my best wishes to you all.
    Lynn xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    What a brilliant piece of storage, well done Dave. What a good offer too. Oh yes you do all deserve a good lunch out and an extra day off you all work so hard. I’ve just caugh5 up with yesterday’s post, what lovely shrink plastic decorations, they look good don’t they. Oh yes, please do another TV demo, I could do with a good laugh!
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Great pouch, lots like the one for the light wave. Could we have them in bigger sizes in the new year so we can store the A4 folders in them please? Bet Dave already has them in the pipeline. Xx

  6. Hello Barb, what a great storage bag, well done Dave. Oooh Barb, that is a good offer, I bet the orders will flood in before the end of Tuesday. I bet the Christmas lunch is going to be a real celebration with a great team, and you deserve the days off. I'm off after Tuesday too, and just cannot wait for the break. Take care all. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara, I'm totally gutted, just finally found your blog through UTube, as I'd ordered the starter kit from Hochanda on Monday morning. If only I'd been here a couple days earlier. Awh well I'm more chuffed that I've got ya blog to read daily so that makes up for it lol. Just a quick question if it's OK, I'm obviously a newbie with Groovi and I'm eager to learn, I'm wanting to get the Clarity ii books, but not too sure which one would be best to buy 1st, also do you know if they are available in ebook format? Your such an inspiration, thanks for all you do along with the Clarity team. Happy Christmas and a Groovi New Year xxx Nessa xxx

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