All Aboard for the UK Award!!

All Aboard for the UK Award!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Firday’s blog a private peek, right?
So I wanted to share Wednesday evening with you.
We had a marvelous time, Dave, Sheila, Steve and myself.
It was a Murder Mystery on the Bluebell Railway.
We had to dress up to the nines and be at Sheffied Park Railway Station at 6.30pm prompt. There, we witnessed a murder.
It was pretty comical and very entertaining actually.
Then we climbed aboard the most beautiful old steam train, 
took our seats in the Christine Pullman carriage, and slowly chugged out of the station towards East Grinstead.
During the next 3 hours, we were served a fantastic silver service
 3-course meal,

 whilst being able to interview the suspects, who were completely in character and so convincing.
We got right into it it, I can tell you!
Blimming theories were flying around.
Did we get it right? Did we nail it?
Of course we did !!
With Inspector Gray pictured here, and Sheila – who went into note taking mode from the minute we got there – we couldn’t go wrong!
Our team, along with about 3 other teams, named the murderer, the weapon (down to which poisonous flower made him croak) 
AND the motive.
What a treat. What a treat indeed!
The ambience, the food and the entertainment were superb. 
I would recommend it to anybody.
It’s not cheap (about £95 a head), but worth every penny. 
It was fun to tog up in a long evening dress too.
Quite a caper finding bow ties which would go round the mens’ necks and cufflinks which didn’t have Mickey Mouse on them!
We NEVER do anything like this !

All good, innocent fun though.
The occasion?
Steve and Sheila have been together for a year, 
so we thought a special treat was in order.
Whilst you’re here, I have a big favour to ask you.
If you think that this here blog is worthy of a different blog award, not just a craft blog award, but a general UK blog award, will you go vote for it?
I know we won’t get even in the top 100, because now we are diving into the deep end of the pool with the BIG BOYS, but hey!
Who knows? There are plenty of us crafters who could make a splash too.
Would be great to get some recognition on a wider platform.
Speaking of Platforms, check this out.
Stepping back in time…
Love and Hugs

24 thoughts on “All Aboard for the UK Award!!

  1. Glad you had a good time and I'm not surprised you got it right. I would be hopeless at anything like this. Congrats to Steve and Sheila – don't they make a lovely couple? Already voted for your blog. Xx

  2. Lovely blog Barbara and Yes it is good to dress up occasionally. You all look great. I would vote but nothing happens when I click on picture. I will try again tomorrow. Off for an early night, it has been a long day xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Looks absolutely fabulous and it sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Have to say, you all scrub up very well indeed! My vote has been cast! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and managing to stay safe and warm through this cold snap. Put my washing out yesterday and when I went to get it in, it was frozen solid – I had it standing up on its own in the kitchen, it looked so funny! Wished I thought to take a photo to it! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  4. What a great combination, four lovely people, a beautiful train and also using the 'gray' cells to solve the murder Did you like that? Enough of this silliness. You all look fabulous in your posh togs and a great celebration for Steve and Sheila. x

  5. I have already voted. How lovely to be able to dress up, I have not even got a long dress now. That looked an amazing evening and well done on getting the clues solved. Think I would be useless.XX

  6. Hi Barbara
    What a great evening, I do love a murder mystery. We’ve had dinner on a train before, the watercress line, and all dressed up for it but a murder mystery would be great, I do like a good murder. You all look lovely and congratulations to Steve and Sheila. Just off to vote.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Glad you had a great evening, as you all deserve a good night out. Unsung heroes like Steve (working the night shift to make more plates!) often get forgotten.
    I have voted for you. Have a good weekend. Annette

  8. Hello Barb, that looks like such good fun, and it is good to get all dressed up, was there any doubt you would all name the culprit, glad you had a fun time. Congratulations to Steve and Sheila, and may you have many more years together. Take care all. Bx

  9. Hmmmm…just voted for you – I hope you are 'Arts and Culture'. Did I get it right?

    I like reading about railways – my No. 1 Grandson (age 16 months) is off on the Bluebell today – The Santa Special.


    Maggie (Yorkite)

  10. You all look very smart. congratulations to Steve and Sheila. It sounded a wonderful trip. Some of my friends went on a similar trip on one in Manchester. (Ramsbottom actually ) it was a Victorian theme.
    I would enjoy those trips as I love trains. Xxxxx

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